Once again, I do know that this is accepted on this wiki, but I wanted a big compilation of proof

On March 23, 1993. Chapter 415 of Dragon Ball came out, and one of the most infamous statements in versus debating history came out


There has been argument and controversy over this quote, but here I will prove Cell is in fact, Solar System level. Furthermore, this will be a reflection on how and why Dragon Ball should be debated.

Part #1: All sources suggest Cell can destroy the Solar System

First off, we have the Anime-Comics Guide


Now one thing people can argue is that

1. This guidebook is affiliated with Daizenshuu, which has Boo as a corebuster

2. Daizenshuu is inconsistent

3. This guidebook overall is not reliable

These are all valid points, that is why the the main guidebook for the Manga exists also

3359946-5978898322-page (1)

This guidebook was made specifically by Bird Studio’s, Akira Toriyama’s main studio that he made and supervised over

The DBZ Kai website also suggests Cell can destroy it


Also, many games suggest Cell is a Solar System buster


Cell states he was going to blow the Sun away, as well as Earth in this game. Now you might say, “This is not solar system level”

Well, I will use inverse square law to prove this variation of the statement is

The radius of this explosion would be 92,955,807 miles

That is a surface area of 108583269701301090 square miles

The Sun has a surface area of 6389565920000 square miles

108583269701301090/6389565920000 = a 16993.841375268429815338692053122x gap

The energy to destroy the Sun is 50 Septillion Megatons of TNT

50 Septillion Megatons of TNT*16993.841375268429815338692053122 = 849.692069 Octillion Megatons of TNT

Which is solar system level, as the energy to destroy the Solar System normally is 535.372849 Octillion Megatons of TNT

So that statement is solar system level

But here is a variation, where the Solar System *is* actually destroyed

Cell Destroying Solar System

Cell Destroying Solar System

So 2 describe and show Cell destroying the Solar System. I know these are noncanon, but that is not the point. The point is that since nearly all sources show Cell can destroy the Solar System. They agree he can destroy it.

Part #2: Debunking the claim that Cell was lying

First off, I have spent time reading the Cell Saga, and here is what I gathered

He does not overestimate himself, he actually usually underestimates the enemy. He was not lying when he said this

Chapter 376 Vegeta will obliterate Cell (VIZ)
Chapter 376 Vegeta will obliterate Cell (JAP)

You could claim here he is bluffing and underrating Vegeta, but then why do other people who don’t like Cell agree he would win?

Chapter 376 Even Androids think Cell will win (VIZ)
Chapter 376 Even Androids think Cell will win (JAP)

But Cell does bluff and lie sometimes, to deny that is ridiculous, but why does he lie? Is he just an arrogant liar? Most likely not, he has only lied to get the androids and become perfect, this is stressed multiple times.

Cell wants androids

Also, he will only give out name-calls and bluffs when he knows he is screwed. He is pretty respectful to equal opponents

Chapter 397 Cell respects strong opponents (VIZ)
Chapter 397 Cell respects strong fighters (JAP)

And when he tried to get Gohan to SSJ2, was that just pure arrogance? It was partly arrogance, but even Cell realized Gohan had potential. It is just again he believes that level of potential isn't enough; he is underestimating Gohan's full potential.

Chapter 404 Cell recognizes Gohan's strength 2 (VIZ)
Chapter 404 Cell recognizes Gohan's strength 2 (JAP)

So he simply wanted bring Gohan to his full potential. He wanted fun, and he once again underestimated the Z-fighters, and did not overestimate himself. Once he had Gohan injured, he had no use for him anymore. Gohan was mentally broken also, so Cell would not try to do that. Cell had no more use of this planet, or the entire solar system. Cell is that type of person to just get rid of it at this point.

Chapter 399 Cell would destroy Earth 2 (VIZ)
Chapter 399 Cell would destroy Earth 2 (JAP)


He rarely, probably never, lies just for no reason, he never bluffed for no reason. It was always to make him gain an advantage. Cell more often than not underestimates his opponents, he is not an utterly overly arrogant character that overestimates himself. That is why he ended up losing to Gohan. He gives respect to his opponents when they deserve it, and mocks them with insults when not. He does not care if the Earth destroyed it, the only reason it is still around is due to the potential of the Z fighters being a good fight for him

What would this all add to? He was not lying when he said he will destroy the solar system, as it is against his character for him to lie at that moment

Part #3: Proving that Cell has the power to do so from earlier sagas

So he was not lying, but you could still say he meant he will destroy the Sun, as it would scale with Freeza being large planet level, and that maybe he was to destroy everything by a chain reaction. I will accept this, but no lower. Cell is either 4-C or 4-B, no more, no less. Anyways, Freeza is in fact close to star level. This calc shows why:

Freeza was calculated to have a Supernova equaling 626.946 Sextillion Megatons of TNT, that is already dwarf star level+. This is in his first form, he is much stronger in his later forms. So much so that he would be small star level+ to possibly star level in his 100% form.

And to say Cell would only be star level would be insane. And since I proved it was against his character to lie during that moment and that he was either going to destroy the Sun or Solar System, he would have to be Solar System level.

Now people could deny this calculation in many ways

     1. People would say Freeza’s Supernova feat is an outlier

No no no, for one thing. This feat has appeared in every single media, it is Freeza’s most iconic scene. To say this is an outlier would hurt his character. And the whole plot of DBZ

     2. It is a calculation that defies Akira Toriyama’s intentions of Freeza being only large planet level

With this logic, Cell should be a Solar System buster, as all media intends him to be solar system level, do not use that logic. Plus, Akira Toriyama’s train of thought was that Freeza can eat planets as a small snack. Not that he is only planet level.

     3. Even with scaling, he cannot destroy the Solar System

This is wrong also, power levels never scale linearly

For example, here is King Piccolo’s power level


Note that it emphasizes that he is city level (The small nuclear bomb part is inherently inconsistent with blowing away a city, and the feat of destroying a city speaks for itself), in my opinion, Muten Roshi’s Kamehameha was a gag-PIS feat. Or his MAX form is much higher than King Piccolo’s power output. His power level was 260


Piccolo could easily destroy the Moon, this requires 29.6 Trillion Megatons of TNT


And Piccolo’s Power Level was 329

So with only a 1.2654x power level gap, DBZ characters can go from city level to moon level. That is just one example

Here is another example.

Vegeta was going to destroy Earth


This is backed up by Goku urgently trying to stop it, and guidebooks also back it up:

Daizenshuu 2 Page 187
Vegeta planet busts
Vegeta Spanish 1
  • Spanish: "El haz de energia que lanza de las manos puede destruir un planeta del tamano de la Tierra"
  • English: "An energy beam throwing by the hands that can destroy a planet about the size of Earth"
Vegeta 2
  • Spanish: "Si con una fuerza de combate de 10 000 se puede destruir un planeta, es inconcevible lo que se puede lograr con un millón"
  • English: "If with a combat power of 10,000 you can destroy a planet, is unthinkable what can be achieved with one million."

This is non-canon, but I want to include this. Filler backs up planetary Vegeta:

King vegeta destroys planets

King vegeta destroys planets

Vegeta Destroys Arlia - Faulconer Revival

Vegeta Destroys Arlia - Faulconer Revival

I will just assume Vegeta’s Galick Gun equals the energy to destroy Earth. To destroy Earth, you need ~53.5 Quadrillion Megatons of TNT.

As stated, Freeza’s Supernova equals 626.946 Sextillion Megatons of TNT. However, to put my point home even more, let's show what Vegeta's minimal GBE would be:

With 10x gravity, it would have a GBE 100x that of Earth.

At a low end, it is a 100x power disparity

626.946 Sextillion Megatons of TNT/53.4416826 Quadrillion Megatons of TNT = a 11,731,404.6x power disparity. And what is the power level gap between Vegeta and Freeza?

Freeza’s power level is 530,000


Vegeta’s power level is 18,000


So Freeza is only 29.444x more powerful than Vegeta Power Level-wise. Yet his attacks are millions of times stronger.

So power levels are nonlinear, it can be easy to assume Cell, whose power level is probably in the high hundreds of millions to billions, could be solar system due to the power level gap.

Part #4: Proving that it would be consistent with the Boo Saga

So earlier feats point to Cell being solar system level, but the Boo Saga does have a pretty major anti-feat going on that people point at to prove Cell cannot destroy it

Kid Boo destroys Earth, which leads to a terrified Goku

Well, for one thing, this feat probably did have the intent that Boo was strong, but it was absolutely mostly about how Kid Boo was a loose cannon that does not charge his attacks, try to destroy with a chain reaction, or anything like that. He wants to see a big boom as fast as possible. Also, Goku was tired out by this point and did not want to exert himself, so he could not stop it.

Third of all, Kid Boo did not use his full power, Akira Toriyama himself stated even Kid Boo does not know his true full power.

Boo unknown power

Lastly, more feats suggest a higher level than just merely planet level throughout the Boo Saga.

For example, SSJ3 Goku’s power alone can be felt throughout the universe


Here is an depth explanation about this

Ssss (1)

Super Saiya-Jin 3 Gotenk’s screams (not hax abilities, but his physical shouts) lead to ripples in reality and making a massive hole in reality he could escape from.

There are a gazillion of “Boo will destroy the universe” statements, while I do not believe he is universal, isn’t it such a coincidence that it is stated so many times?

First here are some manga quotes


Here are some statements from Dragon Ball Kai


Here is another


Furthermore, here is what is stated in the Legend of the Manga Guidebook

"Para evitar que Bu, un monstruo con el poder de destruir el universo, vuelva a la vida, Kaio Shin y el grupo de Goku irreumpen en la guarida de Babidí. Sin embargo. Dabra, el rey del mundo de los demonios, convertido en subordinado del Babidí, pretrifica a Krillin y a Piccolo. Para salvarlos, y aun sabiendo que es una trampa. Goku y el resto de los luchadores entran en la nave de Babidí, donde deberán enfrentarse a todos sus esbirros. Tras derrotarlos con facilidad, llegan ante Babidí, que afirma que Dabra los vencerá a todos."

To avoid that Buu, a monster with the powers to destroy the universe, comes back to life. Kaio-Shin and Goku's group burst into Babidi's den. However. Dabura, king of the demon world, converted into subordinate by Babidi, petrifies Krillin and Piccolo. To save them, and although knowing it's a trap, Goku and the rest of the fighters enter Babidi's ship, where they will have to face all his minions. After beating them with ease, they reach Babidi, that affirms that Dabura will beat them all.

And last of all, straight from Dragon Ball Super, Kid Boo was holding back a Genki Dama with the energy of the universe


I personally subscribe to the universal lifewiper idea, but still, look how many universal statements he has.

There is also the sub-canon feat from Dragon Ball Z Kai where Boo destroys a galaxy over time (Whose canonicity and consistency is debatable)

Canon, inconsistent or not. That earth busting feat is stacked against a dozen universal statements, a feat where power is felt throughout the universe, a feat where Boo held back a universal Genki Dama, and a multi-solar system feat (Canonicity is debatable). So Cell’s statement holds water in the Boo Saga.

Part #5: Debunking some other arguments

There are other arguments being thrown around

Argument 1: “Cell said he would blow away the solar system. Not destroy it. So he cannot destroy the Solar System.”

To blow away the Solar System, or even just the Sun, would still require nearly solar system level amounts of energy. To move the Sun just 1 solar diameter away in one minute would equal only around ⅕ the energy needed to destroy the Solar System. Now, assuming that he really meant to blow away the Solar System. Blowing away the Sun 1/100th of an AU in a minute does not equal what he would be theoretically intending.

Argument 2: All of this is hyperbole

Let us look at the quote again


What is hyperbole?

obvious and intentional exaggeration.


an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.”

If Cell’s statement was hyperbole, it would mean it was obviously hyperbole and was not to be taken seriously


First off, notice how all the letters are not capitalized. Implied he was not yelling this, and that he states he does not simply have the power to destroy Earth, he knows what he is saying, what he is saying is not hyperbole as he means it.

Plus, hyperbole is supposed to be not taken seriously, and if Cell's claim was hyperbole, then why does everyone make a serious "oh-no" reaction to his claim?

Argument 3: Even if Cell can destroy the Solar System, it is an outlier

Which I basically debunked the crap out of above in Part #3 and Part #4, there are feats that imply anywhere from solar system to universal Boo Saga (I do not agree that Boo saga is universal, but it is the point)

Argument 4: Cell never destroyed the Solar System, therefore he is not Solar System level

Umm… Have you ever heard something about I do not know, DRAGON BALL HAVING A PLOT??? If Gohan died, and the Solar System went boom. End of story. No more Dragon Ball, which haters of DBZ might like...

Argument 5: It is not consistent with the intent of Dragon Ball

So aliens, planet busting, FTL ships, universes being shaken, and egyptian cats being the gods of destruction makes sense. But an android wanting to destroy the Solar System does not?

And as shown, all sources intend on Cell being Solar System level

Argument 6: Cell does not know his own power

For the record, Cell is a biological supercomputer from the future, with the cells of Gohan, who is a genius, and Freeza, who has extensive space knowledge. He should know how to calculate the energy needed to destroy the Solar System

Argument 7: Cell was trying to scare his opponents

Maybe he was, but the Z-fighters have great chi detection. They can just sense his power when charging, see if it is enough, then just call BS on him. I have seen the claim that they did sense his chi, and were scared by star-busting power, but this is grasping for straws, plus Z-characters are large star level by this point.

Argument 8: Nothing supports his statement

Except everything stated above, we have guidebooks, characters from later threatening to lifewipe the universe, and characters before already surpassing star level.

Argument 9: How could he destroy something so large?

Simple, he launches the Kamehameha, the second it hits something. There is a big boom that quickly engulfs and vaporizes the Solar System

Argument 10: But some wiki had a calculation proving Cell cannot bust the Solar System

You mean this?

Yeah thats been debunked, this calculation relies on the idea that Base Goku > Freeza from Beerus. For one thing, in the newer Dragon Ball Super, Beerus says "Goku looks weaker than Freeza." And for the record, this is from Akira Toriyama, who is the guy who proves time and time-again, that looks are deceiving. Plus, it was obvious Beerus wanted somewhat of a fight from Goku and so he riled him up.

Goku has trained for 7 year in other world, for 1 year in the Room of Spirit and Time, and for 3 years for the Androids. By this point, if he has not gotten 40x stronger, then that would be ridiculous.

Argument 11: But he can only destroy islands

Now, at this point, usually only bigger downplayers mention something like this. But basically, Cell focuses his attack power over a specific range, all DBZ characters with competency of chi can do this.

     Argument 11A: Chi Control is not real and was made by the fans to explain inconsistencies

Chi control has been blatantly hammered out by not one, but two sources.

Source #1: The Daizenshuus

The description for the Big Bang Attack says the following

Big Bang Attack First Appearance: Chapter 344 Category: ki manipulation People: Vegeta Special Characteristics: A ki wave which Vegeta fired at Artificial Human No.19. This technique, which easily destroyed Artificial Human No.19, could be said to be Super Saiya-jin Vegeta's version of the Gyarik-Ho. However, the differences between it and the Gyarik-Ho are the way of firing it and the shape of the ki. First, he sticks one hand out in front, then emits a ki blast from the palm of that hand. This ki is condensed down into one big lump and can deal heavy damage inside one specific range, in contrast with the Gyarik-Ho, which attacks a wide range. After the Big Bang Attack was fired, the ground was wiped out from the spot where Artificial Human No.19 was and onward, as if it had been hollowed out. This effectiveness made it Vegeta's strongest attack at the time. (Daizenshuu 2, p.213/Daizenshuu 4, p.111)

Source #2: Akira Toriyama himself

Yep, Akira Toriyama in person has stated characters win battles by learning to focus and control their chi size

Akira Toriyama Confirms Chi Control

     Arugment 11B: Whis retcons this by showing Goku and co does not have complete control of their chi

And? This means what? Just because Goku and Vegeta did not have pinpoint accurate chi control at that time does not mean they could not focus the size of their attacks. 

Furthermore, if you do not accept this. Then you would have to accept the idea of split durability between not just blasts and punches, but between different types of blasts also. Which just utterly complicates what Akira Toriyama intends to be a simple story. Which leads me to the last part

Part #6: The plot demands it

And lastly, here is the true reason Cell is a Solar System buster. No feats, no calculations, just one major point. What was the Cell Saga about? It was about Gohan surpassing his father and being the hero in the end of the day. Cell was this unstoppable menace that now had the power to destroy the Solar System, he does not have Goku to really help him. He does not have the Z-fighters to help. He himself has to man up and take the challenge and win. Now, if this whole premise revolved around a big lie, or hyperbole, or misinterpretation, that would really ruin the theme of the entire saga, and just make Gohan and Cell look like an utter joke.

So all-in-all, Cell can destroy the Solar System

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