The Royal Knights


The “Royal Knights” (ロイヤルナイツ) are one of the most prominent groups in the Digimon franchise and their origin dates back to 2001 in the Digimon Tamers complementary material. In Dukemon's official profiles it was mentioned that it was a "Holy Knight" member of the "Royal Knights" protectors of the Network. At the same time two other Digimon, Magnamon and Omegamon, were also mentioned as being a "Royal Knight" and Dukemon's profiles pointed out that Dukemon was part of the same group as the other two Digimon. Although they have been in the franchise since 2001, Chiaki J. Konaka states that the Royal Knights setting was created after Tamers' development and so this concept was not applied to Tamers and is essentially irrelevant to him and the anime no matter how much Bandai/Toei wanted to refer to the group since that moment. It is possible that the idea of the Royal Knights was created as a reaction to the constant creation of "Omegamon-like characters" started with Omegamon and later expanded with characters like Dukemon.

Speaking of the origins of the group, it is said that Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, savior of a Digital World in a time of crisis, was the founder of the group. Later Imperialdramon himself said that it really is only "said to be the founder of the Royal Knights". Later explanations indicate that Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, an ancient holy knight who saved the world, is only as an icon for this theme, a "protective existence that they believe to be the creator of the Royal Knights".

The Royal Knights are a group of 13 Holy Knight Digimon that act as protectors of the Digital World with the highest rank of the Network security. It is said that the group was actually born with Omegamon and the establishment of thirteen members was made when Alphamon was revealed, but they only reunited as 13 Royal Knights when Huckmon evolved into Jesmon. The Royal Knights are considered the Guardian Deities (守護神/Shugoshin) of the Digital World and the group consists of Omegamon, Magnamon, Dukemon, Dynasmon, LordKnightmon, UlforceV-dramon, Alphamon, Craniummon, Sleipmon, Duftmon, Examon, Gankoomon, and Jesmon. However, the Royal Knights even when all members have been revealed do not usually act together and each of them have their own sense of justice, while others simply do not like to appear as a group, especially Alphamon. Yet what makes a Digimon a member of the Royal Knights is their willingness to protect the Digital World and its inhabitants. About the number of members, Kenji Watanabe and Maekawa indicate that the "13 Royal Knights" is not yet the total possibility for members of the group as they point out that the "Knights of the Round Table" had versions containing around 50 Knights, indicating that they still There is more to be worked on including different generations of Royal Knights with Jesmon and can act as an intermediary between the current general and the next.

Despite a looser definition of what Gankoomon would be like a Royal Knight, a more direct definition is given that the Royal Knights are a Holy Knights order formed to help Yggdrasil manage the Digital World. The Royal Knights obey Yggdrasil's will, but because they have different opinions about what justice is, they often interpret Yggdrasil's will for their own personal agenda.

Because of this the group sometimes acts in disunity with a few members being able to lead the group with their ideas and strategies, especially Duftmon who is known as the Royal Knights strategist and so he would be able to lead the group even with each member having different opinions. Interestingly, Alphamon points out that Magnamon is also a leader among the Royal Knights. Speaking of him despite being a member of the group, Alphamon is more like a control system. Thus Alphamon has the function of controlling the other Royal Knights, preventing them from distorting the Will of Yggdrasl too much and thus advancing uncontrollably. For this reason Alphamon does not usually appear unless necessary, which includes times that Yggdrasil itself sends it to control the other Royal Knights.

As a group the Royal Knights are often very popular with many Digimon following them. Even in other Digital Worlds they are recognized and summoned when their protection is needed. However, this makes some Digimon confused when the Royal Knights act in ways they don't expect, such as when they do something considered "evil."


The Royal Knights are a group of 13 Holy Knight Digimon that follow in the footsteps of the Ancient Holy Knight "Imperialdramon Paladin Mode" that once saved the Ancient Digital World from collapse. The group started with Omegamon and with the addition of Alphamon it was decided that the group would have 13 members. The 13 are reunited with Yggdrasil to help the entity manage the Digital World and so the Royal Knights are the Guardian Deities of the Digital World.

However, the Royal Knights are not a united group and have their own definitions of justice and so they may have different opinions on how to solve a problem with a few Royal Knights, in particular Duftmon, but also including others like Magnamon, that are smart enough to unite the knights into one goal. Because of such disagreements, Alphamon acts as a deterrent force to the Royal Knights so that they do not act uncontrollably.

Still, the 13 Royal Knights are one of the most powerful beings in the Digital World and they are considered to be legendary beings, protectors of the Digital World who are often summoned to solve problems involving the Digital World as a whole.


Alphamon is a Holy Knight Digimon member of the Royal Knights who, because it’s rarely alongside of other members of the group, is known as "Aloof Hermit" and is the "Royal Knight" assigned to the place called the "Empty Seat", hence it’s also called as "The Lord of the Empty Seat". As already explained, Alphamon is the one who controls the Royal Knights acting as the force that prevents them from acting uncontrollably.

Alphamon has a very powerful existence that is demonstrated by its various abilities. An example is the ultimate power, Alpha In Force (「アルファインフォース(最初Alpha-獲得Gain-力Force)」). A mysterious power that allows Alphamon to reverse time. This power can be used during combat to restart an attack, allowing Alphamon to perform as many attacks as it wants as it always makes time go back when the first attack is made so that at the time the attack is made, another attack starts and this repeats indefinitely until the opponent is defeated. Because of this it is said that the opponent will only see the last attack made, since it is this attack that will stop the loop. Apparently Alphamon can also use this defensively, being able to reset opponents' attacks to take advantage of the unlimited amount of time reset to escape the attack.

Alphamon also has control over magic in the and is able to cast magical circles with Digimoji descriptions useful for defense and attack. With these magical powers, Alphamon is able to emit a strong magical light that is used to form the light sword Seiken Gradalpha, a sword based on Grademon's Souken Gradalpha.

Still referring to magical enchantments, Alphamon is able to cast a magical circle larger than the heavens to summon a legendary being from another dimension, Digitalize of Soul, but to use that power he must be facing at least two enemies at once. Therefore, under normal conditions "Digitize of Soul" is a technique in which Alphamon conjures a magic circle to shoot beams of green or purple energy.

Another example of Alphamon's magical power is the creation of its most powerful sword, the Ultimate-Battle-Blade-OURYUKEN. After Death-X-mon kills Ouryumon, Alphamon conjures a magic circle of Digimoji that allows it to resurrect Ouryumon and perform a Blast Evolution that converts all of this Digimon's data to form a sword that concentrates all its power. Alphamon is able to cast this sword freely, as well as able to convert Ouryumon into this sword. Ouryuken is a powerful sword that can damage Alphamon itself, Death-X-mon and even the core of Yggdrasil. It is described as being able to ignore target defense and its use is capable of distorting spacetime causing dimensional holes.

Alphamon is a warrior who has fought in great battles due to his great power. During the events of Digimon Chronicle it is described that Alphamon transcends spacetime, an explanation of how it is able to move between the different terminals of New Digital World, a feat that is described as being able to transcend time.

Alphamon is also a powerful data manipulator being able to create a Chimairamon to face their enemies, as well as being able to create and enhance Evil Ring for them to take effect even on the Four Holy Beast. Alphamon also has control over mental data being able to control other beings with its will, as well as inserting their own data into other beings to become one with them. This, however, has side effects that can be amplified if Alphamon is not "in sync" with what Alphamon would use as a host.

As already explained with Alpha InForce, Alphamon has a control over spacetime. Alphamon is able to physically destroy spacetime and thereby create wormholes, a capability that only powerful digimon like Clavis Angemon or the Four Holy Beast has. In addition, Alphamon is also able to share these powers with other beings. Alphamon is also able to freely teleport between servers as well as induce teleportation on powerful beings like the Four Holy Beast so that they are unable to respond to it. Interestingly, Alphamon is sometimes related to Clockmon data and sometimes Alphamon has demonstrated the ability to stop time just like Clockmon. Alphamon is also said to be able to blows the opponent right out of the flow of time with its attacks.

Like other Digimon, Alphamon has the ability to absorb data. In a special case we saw that Alphamon can absorb Culumon's Digi-Entelechy, the power of the "Light of Evolution" that helps other Digimon to evolve.

Alphamon also has several sealing techniques. One of them uses Alphamon to seal his own Digicore, he can also seal the opponent after attacking the weakspots from the 12 Earthly Branches which can be difficult on his own, so he asks someone else to help with part of the process while the sealing is completed. Alphamon can also enter a magical state by casting a magic circle that allows it to purify a soul while sealing it into the core of the Digital World so that it never wakes up again.

Alphamon also has Power Nullification. An example is when Death-X-mon tried to format the Digital World, in the middle of this process Alphamon nullified it and started the sealing process.

Alphamon also has protection skills. One that is widely used is to create force fields that he usually uses to protect the weakest from life-threatening events, as he did by creating a force field to protect his partner from the Digital World Format. Alphamon had done it before in Digimon Chronicle. In addition Alphamon has great regenerative abilities and can regenerate from a destruction caused by Death-X-mon (Which completely annihilates the opponent's Digicore). Also, after having its wireframe destroyed and Digicore given as a gift to Taiga, Alphamon was able to rebuild after that and later appeared to defeat an Yggdrasil’s avatar. Alphamon can’t lose its special abilities and has great resistance against instant death, poison, confusion, sleep and paralysis skills.

Alphamon can also use Debuff skills. With "Character Reversal", Alphamon is able to reverse opponents' characteristics in this way by changing what is considered weakness or resistances. Also have field skills, "Guard Break Field" and "Attack Break Field" are able to reduce the durability and attack, respectively, of the technique's targets.


Dukemon is a member of the Royal Knights who has a paradoxical existence. He is a Virus Digimon marked with the Digital Harzard symbol that has manifested at its fullest in an earlier form of him, Megidramon which is the very embodiment of that power. Dukemon is an awakened and evolved form of this entity, becoming a Holy Knight Virus Buster member of the Royal Knights acting as a guardian deity of the Digital World. The body of Dukemon is covered by armor made of 99.9% pure Chrome Digizoid which guarantees a high durability. He is also able to summon the holy lance "Gram" in his right hand and the holy shield "Aegis" in his left.

Dukemon is able to freely transform his right hand into the Holy Lance"Gram" and is able to control it even when it is out of his body. The lance can be used for melee attacks, which is called the "Gram Strike". Dukemon is also capable of absorbing holy energy that he fires from the "Gram" in the attack known as Saber Shoot. But, the most common use of Gram is with the “Royal Saber” attack, a special move where a strong blow is dispatched from the holy lance.

Dukemon is also able to summon the holy shield “Aegis”, which Dukemon uses to protect itself from opponents' attacks. As a hoyl shield, Aegis is able to fires a beam that purifies everything, a attack called “Final Elysion”, this purifying power is able to fight darkness and erases negative effects on Dukemon's body

Dukemon also has a connection to Zero ARMS: Grani. Originally called the Ark, it was created using Digimon's Digicore as a base and is an artificial life form designed to simulate the evolutionary process of the Digimon. Grani was developed using Chromo Digizoid that covers its Airframe, to finalize its creation it was necessary that Dukemon shared part of its data giving thus the final form of Grani. Dukemon rides Grani increasing air combat capability, usually Dukemon uses Grani to approach opponents at high speed while attacking them with Royal Saber.

Grani has been further enhanced with Yuggoth Blaster, an updated version of the Yuggoth Program, originally used to erase Digimon and Digital Fields.

In combat Dukemon can use "Acceleration Booster" to double damage to opponents. Defensively, "Guard Charge Field" is capable of increasing the durability of Dukemon as well as allies close to him. With "X-Heal" Dukemon can heal himself as well as his allies. He can also use holy power to attack the opponents with "Saint Knuckle".

Dukemon has a big hidden power within himself, he is able to momentarily release this power and Grani is able to assist in this process by merging into the Crimson Mode. Dukemon's full power is awakened, such power manifesting through its body leaves the armor with a crimson color. At the same time, the power of Digital Hazard remains sealed within your Digicore, but Dukemon's power begins to manifest in other parts of his body creating wings of pure energy. In this form Dukemon is able to deal even more damage against his opponents and has resistance against all forms of status disorder.

The power emanating from Crimson Mode not only creates wings, but also creates two formless weapons, it's just pure divine light energy. "Blutgang" is a sword of light and "Gungir" is a lance of light. Dukemon uses “Blutgang” to cut the opponent into pieces, an attack know as “Invincible Sword”. On the other hand the holy lance, Gungnir, although it can also used for melee, or energy, attacks, it is primarily used for the "Quo Vadis" attack. With this technique, Dukemon ignores his opponent's resistance and divides it into individual electrons that are then confined to oblivion in another dimension.

Crimon Mode has several healing techniques. Using "Dispel" and "Restore" he is able to cure himself and allies from negative status and debuffs and "Final Heal" a better version of "X-Heal" . With "Burst Counter" he protect itself and its allies with flames that perform counter-attacks. With "Mach Rush" he attacks all opponents with physical attacks that never misses and with "Shining Laser" he attacks with pillars of holy power. When an opponent's, with attributes equivalent to the Crimson Mode, power increases, the power of Crimson mode increases proportionally and this boost does not disappear even if the opponent's power returns to normal. Also, he cannot be send to the Dark Area by BFR powers.

Dukemon is also able to use X-Antibody to awaken its full potential. Its armor that was once coated with Chrome Digizoid is now hybrid being made up of Blue Digizoid, Red Digizoid, Gold Digizoid and Chrome Digizoid with the highest purity that has been ever cataloged. Through X-Evolution, Dukemon's Gram is now a lance of light that emits the sacred power of this Digimon, it can increase Gram's size and thus perform long range attacks, which is known as "Seig Saber". Dukemon is also able to create portals and share its power with other beings. It's also able to loses its special abilities.

There is still another X-Antibody form of Dukemon. Primarily known in the "Witchelny" Digital World, Medieval Dukemon is a "Legendary Hero" that said the world when the Sorcery was still immature. Medieval Dukemon also holds the alias of "Whirlwind General" due to it governing the Digimon known as the "Vortex Warriors", who, among all the magical systems of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind, battle using weapons made by Wind Sorcery. In combat he uses the most powerful magic lance, Dynas, that concentrates the power of the Wyvern. Medieval Dukemon is a mysterious being who is said to transcend time and still exist. For so many mysteries about him, he is usually treated as the "Fantasy Warrior", although it is said that he sometimes appears and disappears into a forest on one of the continents of the Ulud Terminal. In combat Medieval Dukemon uses "Rage of Wyvern", fired from Dynas, and "Final Crest". He can also implants new Digicores inside a Digimon that has had its essence removed.


Magnamon is an Armor Digimon that harnesses the power of Digimental of Miracles with comparable, even superior power than Ultimates. Its body is covered with a Digizoid Chrome armor guaranteed by the Digimental that gives it the "Metal" attribute, this armor makes Magnamon be the top defensive power among the Royal Knights.

It is said that the power guaranteed by the Digimental of Miracles is capable of making Magnamon always get out of any situation no matter how difficult it is. This "Miracle Power" is a power used in special situations that can manifest itself in different ways, from boosting power, resurrecting the dead, making evolutions, or simply doing something without explanation what is happening.

In combat Magnamon can attack with powerful physical blows such as Magnum Punch or Magnum Kick

To attack at long ranges Magnamon can use "Plasma Shoot" where it emits sphere-shaped plasma or releases missiles.

It is also able to quickly compress space itself and immediately expands it followed by a large golden blast that attacks enemies, an attack called "Shining Gold Solar Storm".

However, his most powerful attack is "Extreme Jihad", where he emits the utmost power of the Digimental in the form of an energy wave from its entire body, however due to the consequences that unleashing all this power can have on Magnamon's body, the technique is currently sealed and should not be used.

As with other attacks, Magnamon is able to emit a surge of golden energy from its body that is able to increase the power of itself and its allies, the Light Aura Barrier. "Purification" is able to restore health and status disorder and "Revive" is able to raise the dead.

X-Antibody makes modifications to the integration of Chrome Digizoid's armor with Magnamon's body, making the armor resemble Magnamon's muscles that become more resilient when Magnamon "twitches" them into "Gold Digizoid" armor. almost absolute resistance, similar to Huanglong Ore, which is capable of even resisting data disintegrating attacks.

Ulforce V-Dramon

Ulforce V-Dramon is a Royal Knight whose appearance is described in an Ancient Digital World time prophecy that indicates that a Dragon Digimon would use the holy light as a sword to destroy the evil dragon. The prophecy indicates the coming of the Royal Knights, guardian deities of the Digital World who are expected to appear at the time of the world's greatest crisis. Ulforce V-Dramon is the Fastest Royal Knight and no other member of the group can even follow his moves, his armor is coated with Blue Digizoid and guarantees the power to cleave the sky and split the earth. Ulforce V-Dramon was originally the Digimon Partner of Tamer, and by saving the Digital World he was chosen by God to become a member of the Royal Knight.

It has the Ultimate Force known as Ulforce, the ability to control and rebuild digital data at will. This power is a Holy Overwrite based on positive feelings such as happiness, pleasure, and the strong desire to protect others that is opposed to the conventional Overwrite that uses feelings such as sadness and anger. While conventional Overwriting damages Digimon in exchange for a power, erodes Digimon data and thus accelerates death, Ulforce is a healing power that allows Digimon to heal and evolve. This power is the natural opposite of Dot Matrix / God Matrix. While God Matrix is able to disintegrate data into individual 0s and 1s, the Ulforce is able to recreate the destroyed data by countering "Disintegration" with "Rebirth."

Ulforce V-Dramon has the "V Bracelet" that he can extend into weapons and shields. He is able to extend one "Ulforce Saber" from one of his bracelets, or even two using both bracelets at the same time. It is also capable of extending "Tense-Great Shield" to protect itself, the shield utilizes Ulforce's power to regenerate any damage caused by it, this regeneration is so rapid that it surpasses the instantaneous speed of data disintegration.

Through the "V" in his chest, Ulforce V-Dramon is able to release a beam of holy energy that purifies evil.

There's also others attacks. Dragon Impulse X is a better version of the old "Dragon Impulse" that's is a shock wave which has the appearance of a dragon. "Acceleration Boost" is able to double the damage that he deals, "Anti-Poison" cures him from poison and restores health, "Speed Boost" increase its speed, he can also use "Gale Storm" to create a hurricane. Ulforce V-Dramon can also read minds, project images into one's mind and sense the presence of other beings.

Using the power of an artifact, the Digimental, it is possible for Ulforce V-Dramon to evolve into a "Super Ultimate" known as Ulforce V-Dramon Future Mode, but little is known about specifics about it.

Using X-Antibody it is possible for Ulforce V-Dramon to further increase its power. In this form Ulforce has its regenerative capacity increased above the limits and Ulforce V-Dramon is able to immediately counter an incoming attack with 100% of its power.


Dynasmon is a member of the Royal Knights with his own well-defined ideologies especially his sense of loyalty, which makes him blindly obey his "Lord" as long as he shares Dynasmon's ideals even if such ideals are viewed as "evil". Dynasmon contains the unparalleled power of Wyvern and this is demonstrated in its appearance, a draconic armor made of high purity Chrome Digizoid.

Over his powers, Dynasmon has control over any of the 10 elements in Digimon. With "Dragon's Roar" he is able to project energy bursts using any of the 10 elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Wood, Metal, Ice, Earth, Thunder, Darkness and Light), he is also able to absorb these elements from the environment or from it's opponents' attacks, allowing it to use a wide variety of attacks with different attributes.

Dynasmon manifests its power of a Wyvern using "Breath of Wyvern" in which he envelops his body in a Wyvern-shaped energy aura that he uses to attack opponents. Another attack that utilizes this power is "Dragon Collider" in which it forms several dragons with its aura that cause a large explosion. This attack boasts the greatest destructive power of the Royal Knights.

Dynasmon has shown a lot of data absorption that he uses to absorb opponents and the surrounding environment. He can also shoot energy nets to trap his opponents, create hurricanes and meteors.

With the X-Antibody the power of the Wyvern is unleashed into its fullest and the armor is now composed almost entirely of the lightweight "Blue Digizoid". This facilitates his air mobility that he uses in his "Dragon's Gust" attack. In this form Dynasmon becomes the best, most skilled and most powerful of the Royal Knights in air combat.

Lord Knightmon

Lord Knightmon is a member of the Royal Knights with a very strong sense of justice, believing that the strongest should rule. Lord Knightmon does not make decisions based on the concepts of good or evil, but only on what helps to achieve its own goals, never showing mercy to the weak. Lord Knightmon is a little perverted, but always tries to battle to show pride in its combat ability.

Lord Knightmon uses its agility and durability in combat, often does not bother to receive attacks directly as its armor protects itself most of the time, but when needed Lord Knightmon uses its agility to easily dodge opponents attacks .

In Lord Knightmon's body there are four "yellow bands" that are used as weapons. Lord Knightmon can use the bands as swords that it constantly uses both to attack opponents and to defend against attacks. To attack Lordknightmon can extend the bands that can act both as blades, as well as if they were really malleable bands that can attack from various angles.

And then Using all Lord Knightmon's four sash-blades can cover up the opponent in an attack from all directions called the Spiral Masquerade

Using the Pile Bunker on its right arm, Lord Knightmon approaches the opponent at high speeds until there is a distance of 0 between the Pile Bunker and its opponent, and then a powerful shock wave that ignores durability of the opponent is fired in the attack known as "Urgent Fear"

Lord Knightmon is also able to create roses that it uses to attack opponents, usually making them stunned.

Being a rare case of a Royal Knight who is a Virus-type Digimon, Lord Knightmon is one of the few Royal Knights who openly used data manipulation to achieve it goals even if they were out of the normal course of nature. For example, like Alphamon, Lord Knightmon used Kishibe's body as a vessel, the body was mindless because of the damage to Kishibe's mental data caused by the Eaters. Lord Knightmon is able to freely teleport its opponents to wherever it wants and even trap them in virtual realities created by Lord Knightmon that remain disconnected from the outside world. These virtual realities can be created using pure memories and Lord Knightmon is able to manipulate them so that reality meets Lord Knightmon's intentions. In addition, Lord Knightmon commonly absorbs opponent and surrounding data when possible. Lord Knightmon is also able to create energy nets to trap opponents. Lord Knightmon can also use X-Heal to heal itself or allies, Speed Break Field to slow down the opponents, Hell Crusher and Destruction Cannon to use dark energy in its attacks, Lord Knight can also use buffs that boost its attack, intelligence, speed and agility and can even remove debuffs from itself.

With X-Antibody, Lord Knighmon wields the "Rose's Pile Bunker", a rose shield used for both offense and defense, as well as the rapier "Rose's Fencer". It's able to analyze the battlefield using the red crystal embedded in its visor, it is now able to consistently lead its army into advantageous situations in battle. "Lord of Fraternity" is an attack where Lord Knightmon expands its sash-blades, which have amassed the power of Knightmon, and tears the entire opposing army apart in a dance-like manner, while in "Noblesse of Rouge" Lord Knightmon seals the enemy's movements with a hurricane of rose petals generated from the core of its Rose's Pile Bunker to then precisely impaling their Digicore with its Rose's Fencer. In addition, its "Ultimate-Battle-Rapier Gran Rozerio (Kyūkyoku Sentotsuken Gran Rozerio)", the strongest Pile Bunker formed by combining its shield and sword, blows away absolutely everything on the battlefield with a shock wave.


Jesmon was the last member of the Royal Knights to be revealed and in fact from the beginning he was destined to become a member of the group being trained by Gankoomon since he was Huckmon so that one day he would replace his master. Taking the form of Jesmon he puts into practice what he has learned from Gankoomon and the Sistermon protecting the Digital World, so he takes advantage of his mysterious ability to identify any kind of danger that occurs in the Digital World, so he can get there faster than any other member.

Gankoomon had by his side Hinukamuy who is always emerging from his body, observing this relationship Jesmon was able to acquire three programs known as "Atho", "René", and "Por". These programs act independently of Jesmon's will and help him when needed, for example when multiple Digimon need to be saved. In combat Jesmon is able to summon them at any time, as they act independently of each other and Jesmon himself, this allows Jesmon to maintain control of the battle even if he is facing multiple opponents at the same time. Usually when opponents do not know about the three programs, they focus only on Jesmon, unaware that at any time one of the three programs can attack him while he is focused only on Jesmon. More directly, the three can protect Jesmon from enemy attacks, shoot lasers, distract, or even attack his opponents with physical attacks. They can even heal Jesmon's wounds.

Equipped in Jesmon's arms, and also in his tail, there are blades. Such blades are powerful swords that can even cut spacetime. Jesmon uses his swords together to cut his opponent at high speed in an attack known as "Tekken Seibai".

"Atho", "René" and "Por" can create a green energy triangle shield in front of Jesmon, who then concentrates his energy on the shield and then shoots a large beam of green energy, an attack called "Un Pour Tous".

Jesmon is able to counterattack alongside "Atho", "René", and "Por" in which they attack one opponent with all 9 of their blades, this counter move is called "Schwertgeist". In preparation for the counterattack, Jesmon is temporarily immune to any damage. This may be a state that is a consequence of another Jesmon technique, OS Generics. This technique allows Jesmon to overwrite its own data to surpass physical limits to become a being beyond the laws of the Digital World. By utilizing this power, Jesmon is able to overcome the power of its opponents without suffering any scratch.

Jesmon can give himself and his allies several buffs with Guard Charge Field (Defense Buff), Speed Charge Field (Speed Field) and Attack Charge Field (Attack Buff). Anti-Bug is able to recover a bit of HP and cure someone from a Bug status and Revive is able to resurrect the dead. Jesmon is able to protect himself, or allies, with "Safety Guard" that insists that he survives an attack that would normally kill him. Jesmon is also able to attack with meteors using Meteor Fall, with fire using Wolkenapalm and multiple physical attacks with Mach Rush.

So Jesmon incorporated the X-Program into its body gaining more power that turned him into Jesmon X. Jesmon's body gained new blades, each able to move independently giving Jesmon numerical advantage even in 1x1 combat. This replaces the numerical aid previously given by Atho, René and Por, as they have now been unified into a single program, the "Tatical Arms". The Tatical Arms is capable of attacking the opponent with a powerful iron fist that stuns them, called the Tekken Danzai. Jesmon is also capable of firing the swords that are in its body at the same time, an attack known as Schwertflügel. Finally Jesmon X is able to pull out the "Ultimate-Battle-Blade Seibaken" that is in its Digicore, a powerful blade that is capable of destroying the fighting spirit of its opponents, leaving them unable to fight.


Gannkoomon is a Holy Knight member of the Royal Knights who travels the Digimon world on a constant journey. Unlike other group members it does not keep hidden and always appears when Digimon needs help. He trains Huckmon whom he intends to one day replace him as a member of the Royal Knights. After Huckmon evolves to Jesmon, Gankoomon continues to train its disciple, this time imagining that Jesmon will lead the next generation of the Royal Knights. A being known as Hinukamuy emanates from Gankoomon's body, although he remains silent he is always willing to help Gankoomon and one day Hinukamuy is expected to become evolved enough that no type of Digimon could rival him.

Gankoomon physically attacks his opponents by using punches both his own and Hinukamuy's in "Tekken Seisai". Hinukamuy is capable of casting punishment from the heavens through Gankoomon's words,"Jishin! Kaminari! Kaji! Oyaji!", calling for earthquakes, lightning and fire to appear. Also, Gankoomon can make the ground to be as hard as if it was made of Chrome Digizoid, then Gankoomon flips the ground and uses it to attack, this is called "Chabudai Gaeshi".

Hinukamuy is able to heal damage that was dealt in Gankoomon. Gankoomon is able to apply countless buffs to himself that increase his attack, defense and aim. Gankoomon is also able to attack with meteors and fire.

After sacrificing himself to save Jesmon X from the attacks of Beelzebumon X and Lucemon X, Gankoomon was almost dying. At that moment Dukemon X appeared and gave a X-Antibody to Gankoomon which made him X-Evolve. In this form Hinukamuy was assimilated with Gankoomon causing them to become one, their joint form still specialized in hand-to-hand combat. He can now use the the Ultimate Battle Technique Tengyouken, an flawless uppercut driven by an intense thrust of ki generated from its body.


Sleipmon is a member of the Royal Knights who has the appearance of a beast, which sets him apart from other members of the group who have a humanoid appearance. Sleipmon is covered by Red Digizoid which dramatically increases its resistance, especially that of its shield. Despite his size, Sleipmon is described as having a high speed and mobility that he uses in combat performing its instantaneous moves, he is one of the fastest members of the Royal Knights and most others only "try" to match Sleipmon's speed. Sleipmon is the protector of the ruins at the Digital World's North Pole where it is said to locate the secrets of the program used to create the Digimon.