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This blog aims to explain the history of one of the most important characters of the franchise, Yggdrasil. I apologize for the delay, I've been traveling these days and I've played a lot Digimon World Re: Digitize and I ended up wasting my time; Anyway, I hope you like it.

Story: Period X

This period (which corresponds to Digimon Pendulum X, Digimon Chronicle, Digimon X-Evolution, Digimon D-Cyber and Digimon World X) was the first moment that Yggdrasil appeared in the franchise.

In this state the digital world will puncture and a massive explosion on the cosmic scale will occur!
~ Digimon Chronicle site

Here Yggdrasil did research in the Digital World, at a time the Digimon came up and this was a benefit for Yggdrasil who would now study the evolution of the Digimon. However because of the large amount of data accumulated by the process of evolution the Digital World system became overwhelmed, because of this the Digital World would explode, Digital Hazard would occur.


To prevent this, Yggdrasil started the Ark project. With this he created the New Digital World, a new universe that existed independently of him and saved the historical data on his own without relying on Host Computer, The New Digital World would be divided into three terminals (Known as Ulud, Versandi and Skuld) that would Organize the data in a suitable way to each type of Digimon that would exist there, to move through the three terminals is necessary to move beyond the time itself.


In addition Yggdrasil selected 1% of the Digimon that existed to go to the New Digital World, for that he activated the Program-X that would erase the unselected Digimon. However some Digimon that were not selected were able to adapt to the X-Program and with that they developed the X-Antibody, thanks to that they could survive the genocide of the X-Program and went to the New Digital World.


In this way the Digimon was born with the X-Antibody. With the X-Antibody the Digimon become resistant to the X-Program eraser effect and release the occult power that existed in them, it is said that they are so powerful that their counterpart without the X-Antibody can not be compared to them. However large doses of Program-X is still able to affect the Digimon with the X-Antibody, so the Digimon decide to fight for their survival in the New Digital World.


However the Digimon with the X-Antibody are beings that arose without the authorization or desire of Yggdrasil. Therefore they are beings seen as strange molecules and must be exterminated, for this Yggdrasil activated the Royal Knights to fight the Digimon with the Antibody X.

Digimon Chronicle/Pendulum X

Digimon X-Evolution and Pendulum X / Chronicle tell the same story, however in two different ways, one with humans and the other without humans. It is not known which is superior to the other in terms of canonicidiade since Bandai has never pronounced on this and events of both have been used in future works, so both can be used (at most Pendulum X / Chronicle would be the primary canon for being Created directly by Bandai Namco). Here I will talk about what happened in Pendulum X / Chronicle.


However, it is not all the Royal Knights who only follow the orders of Yggdrasil blindly. The Royal Knight Dukemon fought the Digimon with the X-Antibody and saw in them the desire to live, the survival struggle in which all living beings participate. With this, Dukemon decides to treat the Digimon-X as normal Digimon.


At the Ulud Terminal there are several legends from the ancestral period of the Digital World. However also new legends arise, being the main one the "Ouryu Legend" that speaks of a Dragon Digimon that did not exist in the old Digital World. Ouryu is the "Savior Dragon" and is awakened by the "Aqua Orb", it is said that he will save the World with the power of a God. It is said that the "Aqua Orb" is somewhere in the waterfalls of the "Leaf Forest".


Here Omegamon while facing the Digimon with the X-Antibody encounters DORUgoramon, both face each other in a great battle and Omegamon ends up being cornered. Even though he knew he was committing a sin and becoming a strange molecule in the eyes of Yggdrasil, Omegamon decides to submit to the X-Antibody to gain more power. In this way Omegamon becomes Omegamon X and manages to defeat without difficulty DORUgoramon.


The darkest darkness wraps over the fallen dolgoramon's body ... Even if it dies, "X antibody" asks Digimon for further evolution. As a result, "Death-X Evolution" was invoked as if to awaken from hell!! Whether the body is decaying or not, there is a crazy virtual creature that supplements Digicore indiscriminately with instincts and keeps "active", even if there is no will.


The management system of NDW judged that the data of Death-X DORUgoramon could not be analyzed "it is too dangerous and the presence of a threat", and urgently transferred it to other than the present world "Versandi Terminal".


The management system removes the life data "DORUmon" from Death-X DORUgoramon an forwarded it to another place. Even though "empty shells of the data" continues to work, it appeared in the world of the future of NDW!!


Since it doesn't have its own Digicore, this type of program cannot be classified as a Digimon, and although it appears solid, it has no actual substance. If it detects a Digicore it will absorb it into its body and disassemble it, then reassemble it in a perpetually repeating set of processes named "Process 0" through "Process F". Although it is a simple program, it is conjectured that defeating it is within the realm of impossibility. Unless there are Digicores nearby, it will go into stasis, but as long as there are Digicores it will not cease.


"The influence of more X antibody should be excluded decisively!" Holy Knight "Omegamon" aims at the gray sword to the monster that appeared at the Skuld Terminal and slashed it. He used the ultimate force, "Omega InForce," which allows him to see the whole future and activated the "All Delete" that allows him to erase anything, but after a moment he realized that all of this was useless against Death-X-Mon.


It is in this situation that reveals the mysterious Royal Knight who never appeared before. The sacred power behind the Digimon who had Antibody-X is active in a new Evolution-X, thus arises the Royal Knight Alphamon with his Tamer.

With DORUmon having obtained a new evolution and Ryudamon obtaining an additional force for the combat, both survive the experiences of being "Digimon Prototipo". After both pass through the NDW's past and present, they now move back through space-time to their last adventure, they go into the Future (Skuld) to survive together in the New Digital World.

PenX 3.0 p01.jpg

Lying after the defeat, Omegamon reflects on Death-X-Mon and comes to the conclusion that his opponent was not a Digimon, but death itself. And the one behind its creation was Yggdrasil itself.

During the fight against the creation of Yggdrasil the Ouryumon ends up dying. Using his powers Alphamon ressussita Ouryumon with Blast Evolution and turns his ally in the supreme sword to fight against Death-X-Mon.

PenX 3.0 p06.jpg

After the combat Alphamon and Omegamon-X meet, the two begin a combat, but the winner was never revealed. What Yggdrasil did after that is also unknown. Many of the events of Pendulum X are unknown because of the rarity of Pendulum's, so use the events of the Digimon X-Evolution to explain some things behind the Digimon Chronicles / Pendulum X. Let's start talking about X-Evolution now.

Digimon X-Evolution


The story begins with the same base from the Digimon Chronicle, Yggdrasil caused the X-Program and Project Ark and uses the Royal Knights to complete the plan as some Digimon with the X-Antibody have been saved. In the case Dukemon already begins doubting the orders of Yggdrasil and so much at all cost to make that Omegamon perceives the failures of Yggdrasil. However in the beginning your attempt just fails.


Here it is revealed that due to the presence of the Digimon with the X-Antibody, Yggdrasil decides to re-activate the X-Program in the New Digital World in order to exterminate them with them once and for all.


During a discussion between Omegamon against Dukemon and other Digimon it was revealed that Yggdrasil was actually initiating a second phase of the Ark Project, in which case the X-Program would end the existence of all Digimon, not just those with X-Antibody.


After a while Magnamon takes orders from Yggdrasil and captures DORUgamon, it is at that point in history that it is revealed that DORU is actually a lifeform that did not come from the Digital World, DORUmon is actually an experiment from Yggdrasil. After receiving DORUgamon, Yggdrasil removed him from that place and using the remains he was able to create the Death-X-DORUgoramon that was creating several Death-X-DORUgreymon.


Then again a calamity arises, the Death-X-DORUgreymon begin to attack the Digital World and destroy everything they see ahead, a great fight begins and in the midst of it DORUgamon evolves into DORUgreymon, because of its resemblance to its counterpart Death-X many wonder what the meaning of their existence, DORUgreymon himself wonders what it is. In this situation Magnamon reveals that everything that happened was predicted by Yggdrasil, so the whole situation did not pass the confirmation of the prediction of Yggdrasil.


In the middle of all this, Dukemon manages to escape from the data space and returns with an X-Antibody (Dukemon has the eighth sense? :V). With its power above normal the situation began to improve, but only for a short time. Meanwhile Omegamon decides to challenge Yggdrasil and plans to go to their meeting to clarify everything that is occurring. Dukemon then decides to send the DORUgreymon himself to the Yggdrasil Realm to request a conversation with Yggdrasil.


DORUgreymon arrives at the Royal Knights, Omegamon agrees to take him with him to request a conversation with Yggdrasil, but for this DORUgreymon would have to defeat the Royal Knight. Obviously the challenger has no chance, he did not want to hurt Omegamon and their level was quite different. However in the midst of combat DORUgreymon manages to evolve into Alphamon, after seeing the emergence of the Hermit Knight, Omegamon decides to follow Alphamon to Yggdrasil.


It is then that the situation of danger arrives through the whole Digital World, Yggdrasil to see so many problems out of control decides to destroy the Digital World itself, with that the space-time begins to shatter leading to the end of everything.

Meanwhile Alphamon and Omegamon go to Yggdrasil, in the middle of the path they are confronted by Death-X-DORUgoramon, just as in the Digimon Chroncle Omegamon can not beat him and Alphamon ends up defeating the opponent.


When they both reach the Yggdrasil room they are confronted by the last defense, Death-X-Mon. Again, Omegamon can not do much of anything and Alphamon ends up having to summon his supreme sword, however he ends up realizing that they are in fact the shadow of each other, so Alphamon sacrifices himself to kill Death-X-Mon. Then Alphamon delivers his X-Antibody to Omegamon.

With its new power Omegamon activates the Delete Everything and erases the existence of Yggdrasil, next to all the Digital World. Then out of nowhere absolute Yggdrasil can return and with that the Digital World is restarted.


In the New NDW (New New World Digital?) Dukemon and Omegamon conversion on the attitudes of Yggdrasil, they come to the conclusion that Yggdrasil was desperate for it all and in the end, Yggdrasil himself had the same desires as the Digimon X-Antibody.



So ... What's the purpose of Yggdrasil all this time? The answer may seem awful as simple as it is, the answer is to live.

Analyze from the beginning, Yggdrasil has always been like a researcher. He created the Digimon and spent ages studying them to learn their way of life, which is basically struggling to survive and evolve. However the evolution of the Digimon end up taking data from outside the Digital World, so the initial analysis of Yggdrasil that there is always the same amount of data in the Digital World ended up failing. Because of this her world would be destroyed, Yggdrasil did not want to die for it, so for this she preferred to kill the Digimon.

Superficially all we see in this period is the relentless pursuit of various Digimon who are suffering from prejudice and are dying because of an evil god who does not accept their existence. In this way many see Yggdrasil as the villain of all this history, but in the end the Digimon with the X-Antibody are not different from Yggdrasil, both want the same thing. In the end it was Yggdrasil who finished all this, as Magnamon said from the beginning Yggdrasil knew the result of all this history. In the end the Digital World would be restarted, everyone would come back to life and the New Digital World would become something that would not face the problem of overpopulation again.

Thus, Yggdrasil could be considered the great hero of this story, although he commanded a whole genocide, he always knew that in the end everything would turn out well for him and the other Digimon. It could be that everything was a big coincidence and Yggdrasil just wanted to save his own life, anyway if Yggdrasil did not act so the Digital World would end up being destroyed by Digital Hazard. The choice of Yggdrasil was the best, so the world would not face the problem again and in the end everyone would be back thanks to the reboot.

Digimon Savers

The first mention of Yggdrasil occurred in episode 24 of the series and was made by the Olympos XII Mercurymon. At that moment the Digimon confronted Suguru, it was a great battle where a near draw occurs, after knowing about Suguru's goals in this world along parts of its history Mercurymon decides to help his new friend to realize his dream of creating a world where humans And digimon could live together. For this Mercurymon said that it would require the approval of Yggdrasil, the omnipresent God of the Digital World.

After this conversation Suguru spent many years traveling the Digital World to find a way to contact Yggdrasil, he managed to become friends with a Bancho Lemon, and one day they managed to find a Royal Knight, Craniummon. Using the powers that a human can transfer to a Digimon through the emotions the two were able to surprise the Royal Knight and with this surprise Yggdrasil. For the first time the Tree Server form was seen by someone in the Digital World.


However, at one point the Kurata researcher initiated an attack on the Digital World using the Gizumon units, they had the power to break the Digimon of the Digimon and absorb their life force, thereby preventing the process of restoration of the Digitamas.

It was then that Suguru's execution day arrived. The Royal Knights ask his last words, then he said he did not want to die and wanted to live with his son helping him to grow up. After that Bancho Leomon appears and decides that he himself is going to kill his friend, however this was just a trick for Suguru to use the power of his Digivice to be able to fuse his soul with that of Bancho Leomon, so that both could prevent Kurata.

However Yggdrasil possessed the soulless body of Suguru and with that the two could not reveal to anyone what happened, otherwise Yggdrasil would destroy Suguru's body.


After a while Kurata, controlling Belphemon, destroyed the dimensional barrier that separates the real from the digital, causing the Digital World to collide with the Real World. With this Yggdrasil again acts against the humans, this time she and Craniummon analyze all the events and arrive at the conclusion that the Humans should rather be exterminated.


Masaru and the other DATS members arrive in the Digital World and find Craniummon and the Server Tree. La they confront Craniummon and get a chance when they activate the Burst Mode, but soon after other Royal Knights arrive and thus all the humans present were defeated by a blow of Dukemon. Soon after Yggdrasil appears there in Suguru's body, so Masaru discovers that his father's body is there, but he does not understand what happened.


asaru and the others face several Royal Knights until everyone there achieves the Burst Mode. After that they go to meet Yggdrasil, when they get there they notice that the server Tree's cipes resemble optical cables, so Tohma analyzes that if Yggdrasil is the host computer of the Digital World and controls everything that happens there. So the reason for Yggdrasil's actions is because she thinks of humans as if they were a hostile virus that is threatening her world.


At the top of the tree Masaru manages to find his father's body, there he tries to talk to him, but all he receives from Yggdrasil are cold words of reassurance about his divinity about the Digital World and that he has a debt as a God of the Digital World And that it was his duty to erase the Real World.

It is then that Masaru tries to attack Suguru to try to connect with him through his punches, however he was unable to reach the body of Yggdrasil. After several attempts Masaru is thrown out of the tree and begins to fall. As he falls Masaru begins to give up and accepts his death, however he hears the voice of his father telling him to use the infinite power of his Digisoul, it is then with the help of his friends that Masaru manages to hit Yggdrasil and make him fall.


Yggdrasil is irritated and decides to attack Masaru, however Bancho Leomon appears and causes a great explosion. Yggdrasil falls and Bancho Leomon explains to Masaru and the others the whole story involving him, Suguru, Mercurymon, Royal Knights and Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil quickly gets up and leaves to attack, however Bancho leomon holds Yggdrasil and asks that Masaru and Shine Greymon kill him, and so also kill Yggdrasil. The attack is executed and a big explosion occurs, the Royal Knights feel such energy and say that Yggdrasil is dead, however ....

I am a God.png

Yggdrasil did not die, the only thing destroyed was the body and soul of Suguru next to Bancho Lemon. Now using an avatar 7D6 Yggdrasil can complete the divine punishment, the punishment that those who challenge a god must suffer. With this a battle begins, the members of the DATS have no chance against Yggdrasil and soon all are defeated by the immense power of Yggdrasil.


However humans do not give up, yet motivated Masaru tries to start a new attack on Yggdrasil, but the goddess does not give time to them and goes to the real world. There she meets Craniummon and sees that even her Royal Knights are betraying her orders, but Yggdrasil decides to leave Craniummon alive so he watches the Human World being wiped from Reality.


Garudamon tries to face Yggdrasil to prevent the destruction of the Human World, however he is easily defeated. Yggdrasil tries to kill Chika and Piyomon, but the crystal is destroyed by Shine Greymon who arrived back to Earth. Shine Greymon, Mirage Gaogamon, Rosemon and Ravemon turn into Burst Mode and attack together to try to destroy Yggdrasil.

Death not exist to a God.png

Although a large wound can be seen in Yggdrasil, this did not cause problems for her since she can regenerate infinitely. For Yggdrasil death does not exist, her life is eternal and she can always return indefinitely.


Yggdrasil quickly defeats the four Burst Mode and again attacks the world, she states that her will is the will of the Digimon themselves who want the punishment of humans. It is at that moment that Ikuto disagrees with Yggdrasil and states that Digimon understands humans, Masaru uses his Digisoul and tries to keep both worlds in balance, the others repeat the act. Immediately many Digimon correspond to the desires of humans, the Digimon react easily to the feelings and there is no feeling greater than the attachment to life. In this way they all rally against Yggdrasil with the desire to live.


The real knights also appear and claim to doubt the nature of Yggdrasil as a God, many Digimon are giving their all to save both worlds and Yggdrasil is not accepting it. Dukemon, who was trapped by Sleipmon, also returns and claims that Yggdrasil was not absolute, it is at this point that Yggdrasil begins to lose his mind.

Yggdrasil begins to talk about herself, she reveals that it is a WIZ 9000 system whose function is to analyze the Digital World and the Evolution process (basically the same thing said in the Digimon Chronicle), but because of the human researches were compromised. Then the current system must be removed to make way for a new system, so Yggdrasil starts killing all the Digimon.


Yggdrasil begins a new attack, but is counterattacked by DATS agents who are carrying all the desire to protect everyone, this allows the Digimon to evolve even without the Digisoul Charge. Tohma, Ikuto and Yoshino help Masaru to advance against Yggdrasil by destroying the crystals and the lianas, in the end Masaru and Agumon manage to reach the whole of Yggdrasil and prepare to punch, however Yggdrasil tries to trap them in their lianas and begins to attack They with a great energetic discharge. Chika sees this and begins to despair, she wants to help her brother and the Digimon, as well as other humans, it is then that a miracle happens:

Human feelings have allied themselves with the Digimon's feelings to support the Digital World, while the power of Masaru and Agumon grow exponentially demonstrating the infinite power that exists between the union between a Digimon and a Human. The two destroy together the 7D6 body and Core body, after destroying the Core a light enveloped the whole place.

Masaru and Agumon appear in a light-filled place next to another crystal of Yggdrasil, there Yggdrasil says he understood the desire of the humans and Digimon and decided to give a chance to a world where both beings can live in harmony. However Yggdrasil would let the humans and digimon make this world, she would stand and watch what would happen. If someday Humans and Digimon lived together, it would depend on themselves.

After that Yggdrasil did not appear in the episode, but it is known that she repaired the Dimensional Barrier and brought Suguru life back.

Digimon Next


Yggdrasil, as the God of the Digital World, has a power over almost any other Digimon, so if Yggdrasil went crazy - as in Digimon Savers - it would be the end of the world. Even though the chances of this occurring being 1 in 10000, Yggdrasil had to be careful and so she created the Arbitrators being a security device, they would be so powerful that they would be able to destroy Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil Consciousness.png

Yggdrasil was still wondering about the relationship between humans and Digimon, possibly referring to what he observed in Digimon Savers (Note that Digimon Next and Digimon Savers happen in the same world according to the Storyline of Digimon Story, which may indicate that the Yggdrasil was able to observe humans after the events of Digimon Savers) and so decided to leave the Digital World to go to the Real World. For this the Yggdrasil system created a human avatar called Norn using the main consciousness of Yggdrasil.

Barbamon Yggdrasil.png

With the body of Yggdrasil without conscience Barbamon, of the Seven Great Lords Demon, went to him and began to argue with him. It was easy for Barbamon to convince Yggdrasil that the Digital World was suffering and so it should be recreated to help the revolution Yggdrasil merged with Barbamon, so Barbamon became an avatar of Yggdrasil.


Both Barbamon and Norn are real parts of Yggdrasil at this time, although one tries to be "more Yggdrasil" than the other, both are released parts of Yggdrasil.


As predicted by Yggdrasil, the Arbitrators were able to defeat Barbamon. However Barabamon did not give up on his plans, using all the energy of the Dark Area and his body he was able to bring N.E.O to life.

Yggdrasil Return.png

After a while Norn reveals that her body was the main matrix of Yggdrasil, the rest, like Barbamon's body, was only a shadow / avatar of it. So if Norn was destroyed the shadow would also be, however it was Barbamon who died and he was just confining the actions of Norn, as soon as Barbamon is gone Norn can recover all his performance as the real Yggdrasil.


Yggdrasil witnessed the Zero Genesis of N.E.O, possibly helped many beings to survive this, and with that he thought that nothing else could be done. He won and the new universe would begin.


Using a link made by Marine Angemon, Yggdrasil sent the souls of the Digimon and Humans into the future with the hope of defeating N.E.O.


After the Digital World was recreated, Norn acts in the post of Yggdrasil and remains in it in a period of peace.

Digimon Story Saga (NDS)

Digimon Story: Sunburst/Digimon Story: Moonlight


Yggdrasil does not have a direct and very important appearance in this game, but she is mentioned by the villain Grimmon stating that with the power of YMIR the Digital World would be rewritten by him.

Digimon World Re:Digitize



Yggdrasil does not make a direct appearance in the game, it is only mentioned by a member of GIGO Company. The character makes reference to the events of Period X talking about Program X and to the fact that it deletes the Digimon, thus being a terrible program.


As told by Gankoomon in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, in times of peace Yggdrasil rests at the top of the Infinite Mountain. As you could see the last events involving Yggdrasil in the end ended peacefully, but peace in a moment is over. The GIGO Company created the Vitium Project, where a data control program was developed, but somehow this program came to life, generating a conscious being of knowledge and almost unlimited powers. However she was unable to control her powers for a long time and so there was a space-time instability that threatened to destroy the worlds. In order to contain the advance of instability, Yggdrasil reactivated Program X.

Seadramon and Program X.png

The activation of Program X is quickly noticed by many Digimon, among them Digimon who survived the last calamity involving this program. (One example is the Seadramon that says "Yggdrasil, how many times will you repeat that?") Many Digimon do not understand the motivation of Yggdrasil , Omegamon X and Dukemon X wander the Digital World behind an answer to that.


Taiga and Yuuya go to the Real Infinite Mountain to find out the truth about all this, there they are accompanied by DORUmon and Plotmon X. There they find Royal Knights, like Magnamon, and face 7D6 Yggdrasil avatars. Further more is revealed about Program X, it is said that it is a program that spreads naturally through the air and deletes contaminated beings from the inside out.

In addition, Yggdrasil is using DORUmon's memories to make him suffer from past events involving Program X, so he can turn him into Death-X-Mon (which as revealed in Digimon X-Evolution, is a shadow of Alphamon). After Death-X-Mon is defeated, Alphamon appears to help Taiga against the 7D6 avatar that appears on the top floor of the Infinite Mountain.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Yggdrasil is considered as the very order of the Digital World, the Royal Knights have as mission to obey the orders of Yggdrasil. Because of the advancement of the Real World data network the pseudocyber space known as EDEN contained an absurd quandary of human emotional data, this drew the Eaters making them change their personality. The Eaters then approached the Digital World of Yggdrasil and began to devour their entire structure, the Digital World went into crisis and as the source of the coming of the Eaters were the human emotions Yggdrasil commanded the Royal Knights to solve the problem, many interpreted the order As being to exterminate all humans. Clearly many Royal Knights decided not to act like that.

According to Suedo, at the core of Yggdrasil is located the main unit of the Eaters (Known as Mother Eater). Yggdrasil is said to be the creator of the Digital World and being infected by Mother Eater has lost all its functionality. For example, Yggdrasil became unable to recognize any ally, anything approaching it is considered a bug that should be deleted.

To solve the problem, Suedo says that it is necessary to format the Eaters by removing the mental data from Yuugo so that the law of causality removes all events that refer to the Eaters.

In the Digital World Takumi and his friends see Yggdrasil 7D6, a genuine avatar / Yggdrasil terminal. The Eaters put an end to Yggdrasil's mind, she is now a voiceless, unwilling being.

Next to the core of Yggdrasil you can see Mother Eater's body, at this point it is already possible to say that Yggdrasil was completely corrupted, his abilities were neutralized and his calculating abilities were overwhelmed.

Takumi and the others manage to face Mother Eater and save Yuugo, he reveals that he has been compressing the Eaters for a long time. After that Suedo arises congratulating Yuugo for it, even the loss of the smaller world of the worlds would be something terrible. Suedo says he will merge with Mother Eater by taking the place of Yuugo as the Eaters' Consciousness. With this Suedo would have the Hyperdimensional data transmission of the Eaters along with the omnipotent calculability of Yggdrasil. With Suedo Yggdrasil's own will becomes controlled, next to all this SUedo would create a new world that would transcend even the level of the Digital World, with this new world miracles will be common, the ugly and sad will no longer exist, with this new world the sadness of all worlds would be erased.

Takumi, Arata, Nokia, Yuugo, Alphamon, Omegamon and Yuuko manage to face Mother Eater and win, so Takumi enters Mother Eater's mind to talk to Suedo. There Suedo is confused by not understanding the actions of Takumi, everything for what he fights is not eternal, will not bring a definitive solution to any problem. With his knowledge Suedo relates this to the existence of God, he then explains about the nature of the multiverse, overflows infinite ramifications of space and time, about higher dimensions that exist beyond the capacity to comprehend, but which is still only a part of something much greater . To prove his theory Suedo needs to disappear with the Eaters because its existence was very powerful for there, could cause problems in the conclusions. Yggdrasil has not yet been able to prove the existence of God, but this is still in the process of research and the final answer may surpass all. To disappear Suedo needs the help of Yggdrasil to format all the Eaters, there was no way to really disappear with all of them. After talking to Takumi Suedo coordinates the actions of Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil returns to its operant state and performs the cosmic reset.

Digimon Adventure TRI.


Yggdrasil appears being a character who cooperates with Himekawa in the plan to realize a Reboot in the Digital World.

Dark Gennai.png

In order to communicate with Himekawa and to act physically Yggdrasil provided another avatar that could be more useful to whom she would face, the chosen ones of Digimon Adventure of course, and for that she used Homeostasis Agent, known as Gennai, to manifest.

Digimon libre.png

Yggdrasil is trying to use the Libra, which in physical form is the Digimon known as Meicoomon, to achieve its goals. According to Homeostasis if the Libra is misused, the world can be destroyed.

Kaiser Avatar.png

In order to be able to go to the Real World without causing an alert to the Chosen that something was wrong with Gennai, Dark Gennai manifests as Digimon Kaiser.

The Will of Yggdrasil.png

According to Dark Gennai their actions are the very Will of Yggdrasil. The Digimon and Humans should never have met before, however because of the Homeostasis intervention they ended up meeting. This caused disasters by making the two worlds more and more close to each other.

All under Yggdrasil Will.png

According to Dark Gennai, the real reason for the Digital World Reboot was not a choice of Homeostasis, but this was because of Yggdrasil's will.

According to Dark Gennai the Digimon are almost eternal beings, even if they die they can be reborn. However there were some exceptions, such as if the Digimon dies outside the territory of the Digital World, however according to him the reboot brought everything back, even those who died outside the Digital World. In addition, he would be joining forces with Meicoomon who is the Key to the total destruction of humans.

Dark Gennai goes to Mei and leaves her with no exits. He then begins to torture her in order to irritate Meicoomon, after a few words and that Mei collapsed airless (Or until he died, there is no confirmation so far about what happened to Mei.) Then Meicoomon becomes desperate and evolves to Meickrackmon, to start destroying the World.

Digimon Xros Wars


Although it does not appear directly, Yggdrasil is very important to Xros Wars. After events like those of Digimon Savers, Yggdrasil learned many lessons on how to govern the world in a more balanced way, however without some direct explanation God decided to substitute Yggdrasil for Homeostasis. Homeostasis would rule the Digital World in place of Yggdrasil and would always seek the balance of all things.

Yggdrasil, which was once the main server of God, then was gone. Bagramon, who was banished by God because of a rebellion, managed to find Yggdrasil's body during his exile, then using part of Yggdrasil the Bagramon managed to complete his body by becoming a massively more powerful and intelligent being than in the past.


Using Yggdrasil's control over the story, Bagramon was able to modify the tempo by changing what occurred. He also used all the data that Yggdrasil has access to complete his armada through space-time giving them bodies and temporary souls.


In addition using the Yggdrasil system, Omegamon was able to crack his data thus achieving the Omega InForce in base form, the power of the most powerful warrior.


Yggdrasil is an incorporeal being, so he uses Manifestation Bodies to interact more directly with the physical plane.

A mysterious host computer, "Yggdrasil" that controls all of the "Digital World" on the network. This figure is the incarnate body created by "Yggdrasil".
~ Famitsu

Note that Yggdrasil can both create a body to use as an avatar as well as take over an existing body, as it was in Digimon Next and Digimon Savers with Barbamon and Masaru.

In addition the power of Yggdrasil can freely separate through its avatars, the power of the real form of Yggdrasil keeps the other avatars in existence, so in case the true Yggdrasil is destroyed all its "shadows" will also be destroyed. However if it is only an avatar being destroyed the power of them will be returned to Real Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil Return.png

Here are the main avatars that act for Yggdrasil.

Crystal Orb


This was the first manifestation used by Yggdrasil, it appears only in Digimon X-Evolution. Little is known about it, only if it is known that it is apparently immobile and that its existence supports the existence of the universe.

World Tree

Server Tree t.png

This form is based on the Nordic myth of the Yggdrasil Tree. It appears to be motionless and serves as a base for the Royal Knights.

Suguru Daimon


After Suguru surrendered his soul to Bantyo Leomon for both to become one, Yggdrasil decided to possess Suguru's body as a warning to the two traitors, in case they dared to reveal the truth Suguru's body would be destroyed.


“ '7D6' is the created avatar of the mysterious host computer 'Yggdrasil', who governs the whole Digital World Network „ ~ Digimon Heroes

7D6 is the main avatar used by Yggdrasil in the franchise, he first appeared in Digimon Saver and has since appeared in most mentions of Yggdrasil in the franchise.

The name 7D6 is a transformation of the year 2006 into hexadecimal values, this is referenced in many profiles through the excerpt "In the Real World, it corresponds to the year 2006" which indicates that the avatar 7D6 was literally created in the year of 2006 and because of this We have not seen him before.

Yggdrasil Crystal


It resembles Crystal Orb because of the color, this shape is identical to the crystal used by the 7D6 avatar to attack.



Barbamon of the Seven Great Demon Lords went to meet Yggdrasil to discuss the idea of creating a perfect world after the meeting Yggdrasil agreed with Barbamon and so the Demon Lord became an avatar of Yggdrasil.


Yggdrasill norn mikihara by alejandr01-dajx0pf.png

This was a human-looking avatar created by Yggdrasil, it functions as the Yggdrasil's consciousness who is trying to understand human actions.

Attack Potency

Note that the Attack Power of Yggdrasil will depend on your avatars, so I will list the level that the avatars demonstrated during the story and in the end I will talk about the Will of Yggdrasil itself.

Crystal Orb

This is the avatar used in period X. At that time the Digital World was about to be destroyed and then Yggdrasil itself created a New Digital World divided into three different space-time continuums, Ulud, Versandi, and Skuld.


Yggdrasil is also sustaining this world, so if this avatar is destroyed the New Digital World will also be destroyed. Whereas Yggdrasil has created and sustains three different Space-Time continuous I believe it's fair to put like 2-C, Multi-Universal.

World Tree

This form has no destructive feat, it's just an avatar that does not move. I think you can scale it to Crystal Orb, since the Orb is the most primitive avatar ever used by Yggdrasil and both of them do the same work.

Suguru Daimon

Yggdrasil has not shown impressive feats in this form.


Avatar that has been used most by Yggdrasil throughout the franchise, the level of Yggdrasil 7D6 varies depending on the energy put into them, I believe they should be minimally superior to the avatar of the Crystal Orb.

Yggdrasil easily defeated with a blow 3 Burst Mode causing them to regress to the Rookie form and made another faint, and those Burst Mode are 3-A / Low-2C because they beat a Low-2C without difficulty, and his Is Low 2-C for a feat he does with his simple roar. I believe that with the possibility of being at least at the level of the Crystal Orb is enough to consider Yggdrail 7D6 At least Low 2-C, maybe 2-C.

  • Note:Note: Yggdrasil also stated that it could move the space-time of the Digital World and create a new world using it as its basis. I believe it's something for Immeasurable Lifting Strength.
  • Note2: The reason for considering the final events of Digimon Savers as involving 4D powers rather than 3D is that Tohma has confirmed that Belphemon's events result in the destruction of the entire space-time barrier that is beyond 3D scale. In addition Bancho Leomon has confirmed that the threats that Masaru would face, Yggdrasil and the Royal Knights, are far superior to the current calamity, which as Tohma has confirmed is a space-time calamity above the three-dimensional boundaries. This is consistent with the fact that any Royal Knight proved to be able to destroy space-time with his moves, Yggdrasil also did the same. (Also, since Bancho Leomon actually stopped a fourth-dimensional collision, I think his level should change to Adapt to this).
Digimon Beyond 3D.png

Other 7D6 Avatars can be considered 2-A due to fighting the main characters of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth.

Yggdrasil Crystal

No feat.


It has not demonstrated direct feats of destruction, but is considered the merger of Yggdrasil 7D6 with Barbamon.

Norn/Will of Yggdrasil

The true form of Yggdrasil is a similar to Homeostasis, being that it turned God to replace Yggdrasil in his service.

010 - 011.png

And as Homeostasis exists in a Super Space-Time that is beyond all worlds, each with its own space-time axes, Yggdrasil can be considered High Multiversal +.

Homeostasis Super Space-Time.png
  • Note:Note that although Norn is also just a physical avatar, this avatar was the one that contained all the power of Yggdrasil, it is stated that if this avatar were destroyed all the others would also be destroyed, but if other avatars died this would only strengthen Norn. Indicating so she was with all the power of Yggdrasil.


Crystal Orb and World Tree

Both are stationary.

Yggdrasil 7D6 and Barbamon

Both can be scaled to the Royal Knights, which are Immeasurable due to their exploits in the Digimon Chronicle.

Suguru Daimon and Yggdrasil Crystal

The two have no feats of speed.

Will of Yggdrasil

The true form of Yggdrasil is an incorporeal and omnipresent God.

Yggdrasil Omnipresent.png

Powers and abilities

Here you will find the general skills of Yggdrasil. Note that within the Digital World there are devices such as the Tower of Time and the Stellas Memorials, instruments created by Yggdrasil to organize space-time, here also will be listed abilities derived from them.

Space-Time Manipulation/Reality Warping


Yggdrasil is a being that controls the whole reality of the Digital World, its very existence is the order that governs everything that occurs in the Digital World.

Manipulation of the Speed of Time

Time Tower Digimon.png

In the Temporal Tower is found two devices, one is the Calm Switch and the other is the Rapid Switch. Their utility is to manipulate the speed of time flow by reducing it by 3 times slower or by accelerating it by 3 times faster.

Space-Time Destruction


Like the Royal Knights, Yggdrasil is able to erase space-time.

Space-Time Barriers


Yggdrasil is able to create a dimensional barrier, it can be used to prevent contact between different universes.

Space-Time Creation


Yggdrasil is the creator of the Digital World and its space-time, it can freely create multiple Space-Times to be able to better manage the data that passes through its system.



Yggdrasil is able to create holes in space-time to suck your opponents and seal them in another space-time.

Information Manipulation

As I have explained in past blogs, the Digimon franchise works on data manipulation, the smallest base of all reality, to explain many happenings. Here we will see what Yggdrasil is able to do by manipulating the information contained in the data that make up everything that exists.

Memorial Stela

The Stela Memorials are monuments that control the flow of data through the Digital World:

Memorial Stela.png

First Part: Memorial Stelas, the terminals that continue to record everything in the island.

A giant storage that records all data that flows on File Island, as well as the Digital World.

it is the months and years that passed in the Digital World manifested as a stela.

  • The Stela Memorials are monuments that control the flow of data through the Digital World, they are the very incarnation of time.

It is said that if someone can look inside of one of these, they can control the world's entire data flow, and at the moment the balance of this overwhelming data volume is disrupted, it'll receive an amount of data that normal life simply can't endure.

  • The one who controls the Stela Memorials has complete control over everything that occurs in the entire history of the Digital World, normal beings are unable to receive such information, however we know that Yggdrasil not only created the Memorials but also controls them.

The Memorial Stelas stand inconspicuously in the corners of the Digital World as they peer into overwhelming possibilities and the bottomless abyss of information.

  • The Stela Memorial does not have temporal data of only the Digital World that exists in itself, but also represents endless amounts of information and with this countless possibilities for the Digital World (Maybe all the Memorials represent multiple space-times instead of only one?) .

Causality Manipulation


As said above someone who controls the Memorials has power over the whole story, Bagramon demonstrated this using part of the powers of Yggdrasil in Digimon Xros Wars. With these powers he rewrote the whole story, all cause-and-effect relationships were altered to make the story flow the way Bagramon wanted.

Precognition/Potential Nigh-Omniscience

Hyperdimensional Eaters.png

While many characters boast that it has boundless power, Yggdrasil is known to have potentially unlimited knowledge.

Homeostasis Infinite Know.jpg

In Digimon Xros Wars we were introduced to Homeostasis, which since it has the authority to read all the data that exist is able to have infinite knowledge, we all know that Yggdrasil also has this authority (after all it was she who created the Stela Memorials).


Yggdrasil has already demonstrated this ability in Digimon X-Evolution where Magnamon reveals that all events in the story have already been predicted by Yggdrasil.

Existence Erasure


The X-program is said several times as being able to delete / delete the target, not only that, but the X-Program is also capable of improving itself and in its second appearance it would be able to erase beings that have become resistant to program.

Power over Life

Yggdrasil is able to manipulate the lives of other living beings in different ways.

Soul Manipulation


Yggdrasil is able to scan the entirety of a living being, including its souls and so can manipulate it, for example, by sending it elsewhere through space-time.

Life-Death Manipulation


Yggdrasil is able to control the life of living beings and if you want you can remove them at will, after that he can control the lifeless container as he did with Death-X-Mon.

  • Note: This was directly stated in Digimon Chronicles, actually Yggdrasil has the power to remove life from your targets leaving only a dead shell in the place that Yggdrasil can use.
  • 管理システムは、デクスドルゴラモンから生命データ「ドルモン」を取り除いて転送した。にもかかわらず「抜け殻のデータ」は活動し続け、NDWの未来の世界に出現したのだ!!
  • The management system removes the life data of "DORUmon" from Death-X-DORUgoramon and forwarded it. Nonetheless the "empty shells of the data" continues to work, it appeared in the world of the future of the NDW.


During the end of Digimon X-Evolution, Yggdrasil had his body deleted by Omegamon X and with it all the reality was also erased, but even after being deleted and without reality there Yggdrasil I am still able to return to life.


Death not exist to a God.png

As it is a God, the concept of death does not exist for Yggdrasil. He has eternal life and whenever he can be threatened by something he always returns to his original state as if nothing had attacked him.



Yggdrasil managed to bring Suguru Daimon back to life, being that he had been destroyed after he had already been killed and his soul went to Bancho Leomon. When Bancho Leomon died there was no digitama that could indicate a return to normal life. Anyway, Yggdrasil was still able to bring him back to life.

Create Clones Through History


With the power of Yggdrasil, Bagramon demonstrated that he can collect data through the whole story and with that can bring warriors to the present moment and gave them temporary souls.

Forcefield Creation

Yggdrasil Forcefield.gif

Yggdrasil is able to create forcefields to protect against attacks.

Absorption and Attack Reflection

Yggdrasil Absorption.gif

Yggdrasil is able to absorb energy and redirect to his opponents.

Energy Projection

Yggdrasil Beams.gif

Yggdrasil is able to project energy.


Possession of Yggdrasil.gif

Yggdrasil is able to get into bodies and control them by making them their avatars.


Yggdrasil Telepathy.png

Yggdrasil is able to invade minds and so talk telepathically.



Yggdrasil is able to perform seals, it is even capable of sealing the Arbitrators, beings more powerful as their true form to simple Digivices Twin and Digimon "normal". Note that this reduced 5D / 4D beings to just 3D something very similar to how God sealed Zeed from 6D to 4D.


Yggdrasil is unaffected by a complete re-writing of the story.

Non-Corporeal(True Yggdrasil only)


Yggdrasil, the true one, is a formless being. It is everywhere and its presence can only be felt.

Skill that I have not yet found a specification

PenX 3.0 p01.jpg

It's not a very different thing, but I still do not know how to qualify it.

In this scene Omegamon X talks about the nature of Death-X-Mon, one of the creations of Yggdrasil. He reveals that this being is not a digimon, but rather death itself. I do not know what can be classified to create something that embodies death itself, it may already be listed here, but I want suggestions.

Skill that I have not yet found a specification 2


Yggdrasil is able to reformat his opponents, that is, he is able to remove from them characteristics that have given them some special quality, with which the opponent loses his ability and returns to a previous state of existence.


Yggdrasil Gender

Currently on the page of Yggdrasil in the Gender section of Yggdrasil is written:

  • Gender: Genderless, though sometimes regarded as either male or female depending on the media.

For many, Yggdrasil's main source of mostly male mentions comes from the game Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth:


However it should be noted that Yggdrasil in the English version is not called Yggdrasil, but King Drasil. Because of "King" in the name, the phrase in question has been modified in relation to the original passage, see below:



I do not know Japanese, however the Google Translate is enough to understand what Suedo meant in this scene.

彼”の…“彼女”かも = It may be "Him" ... "She"

With this it can be noted that there was a censure when Suedo gave the possibility of Yggdrasil being a woman, and to be honest this is not strange. In DIgimon Next we see Yggdrasil's first human avatar, Norn, and we all know that Norn is a woman.


There is no direct indication of the main Gender Yggdrasil, however as the two possibilities exist is more likely to be female because of the use of Norn.


WIZ 9000.png

This particular scene is very well known in Fandom, here Yggdrasil 7D6 presents itself as being a Digimon Model WIZ9000. The meaning of this is very interesting.

To start the easy part is in relation to WIZ, which as shown here, was the Bandai sub-company that created the first Tamagochis and the V-Pets. The reference is clear.

But the 9000 part is quite confusing, in a simpler way many relate the 9000 as referring to the HAL 9000, however other people claim that the 9000 symbolizes 2006 through a numerical conversion (I've tried several conversions and never found one that converts 9000 For 2006, I believe it is a reference to HAL 9000).

Anyway, the year of 2006 is yes important to define something for Yggdrasil. Since 2006 is the year of the display of much of Digimon Savers, it is known that by transferring the 2006 decimal value to the hexadecimal language it is possible to find 7D6. That is the name of the main avatar used by Yggdrasil.

Post Threads

  • Digimon Pendulum X, Chronicle and X-Evolution (Digimon D-Cyber and World X, they do not make direct reference to Yggdrasil, although both have the same base from that period.) = 100%
  • Digimon Savers = 100%
  • Digimon Next = 100%
  • Digimon Story Saga (NDS) = 100% (Possibly will be updated when Digimon Story Lost Evolution and Digimon Story Super Xros Wars: Red and Digimon Story Super Xros Wars: Blue are translated).
  • Digimon World Re:Digitize Saga (PSP and 3Ds) = Massively incomplete (Almost all the information about Yggdrasil is in the Decode version, it has never been translated and due to great difficulty to continue in its mission, since it is necessary to climb the 100 floors of the mountain solving many challenges besides that each floor is described as A maze of infinite size, there are virtually no videos about anything other than the defeat of the first 7D6 avatar that appears. This will be completed when the Decode translation is made available by OpDecoded.)
  • Digimon Story Saga (PS4 and PSvita) = 100% (With the release of "Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory" will possibly have updated content.)
  • Digimon Adventure Tri. = 100% (With the two new OVA's coming next to interviews that happen from time to time, new information can come at any time).
  • Digimon Xros Wars = 100%
  • Avatars: 100%
  • Powers and abilities = Almost complete
  • Curiosities = Incomplete (During the week I will continue adding new curiosities)

This post will be updated over time, unfortunately my internet is having problems for a long time and so I could not do this post in a more complete way. Anyway during the week I intend to leave all this finished. I hope you like what I already put.