Usually when someone thinks of Digimon what comes up in memory is the story of virtual beings that exist inside the internet and occasionally end up appearing on Earth for no apparent reason. And generally when people appear on this Wikia may be surprised why there are many Tier 2 and even Tier 1 computer beings.

And in fact this is understandable, because what people think Digimon is ... is not a real lie. Digimon is a multimedia franchise that went through the hands of several people, who often had complementary or contradictory ideas. And this led to at least two explanations of what the Digimon existed within the franchise simultaneously. One explanation was larger and somehow contained the other within itself, but this “bigger” explanation was very different from what would be expected of the Digimon franchise, and its secrets long remained hidden within various alternative medias, thar aren’t released English. Here I will comment on the two explanations of what Digimon is, giving a greater focus, of course, in the most unusual that compose much of the profiles on this Wikia currently.

This blog will be the first to start the great reviews that the Digimon franchise will receive in the future, in general these blogs may explain better about the Digimon Franchise for you who are reading, which will facilitate the understanding of it on this Wikia. I must remember that the content of this blog is intended to be applied within the classification of this Wikia, which may or may not be consistent with different methods of classification that exist on the internet. So remember that what is written here is formatted so that it is understandable and useful here, and may require modifications to be transcribed elsewhere.


DIGIMON: A COMPUTER VIRUS ~ Original Digimon Staff Ideas

The original Digimon concept was established by the "Digital Monster Series Planning & Development Team" (デジタルモンスターシリーズ企画開発) starting from the idea of monsters that exist as computer data. They take shape through the data available on the computer network from various sources, such as mythologies and animals. A Digimon would be what is formed when a wireframe model is attached by a Hacker to a computer virus that exists in cyberspace.

We ended up with the name Digital Monster, from the idea that they were ‘monsters that live through data...I thought having Digimon be monsters that were formed by taking data from various ‘mythologies’ or ‘animals’ was a nice idea.
~ Kenji Wataabe

At the beginning, when the first toys were released, the setting was that “a Digimon is created when you attach a wireframe model and a texture to a computer virus program”.
~ Kazumasa Habu

The world view of when it was developed in LCD Toys, Hackers attached a wireframe texture in computer viruses that were generated in cyber space, this led the lifeform to become an self-evolving A.I in the form of a "Digimon".
~ Kazumasa Habu

This world view was initially developed superficially in the V-Pets in the instruction manuals of the toys that contained information of each Digimon, something similar also was available in the official site of Digimon. Information was also put on the V-Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump, however as the material of the time was little so there was not much to write. As a suggestion from Shueisha, the Digimon franchise material should expand. The WiZ team does not see how this can be possible using the V-Pets, utilizing the desire to expand into the gaming market so home games would begin to be produced to expand the worldview that would be used in the upcoming Digimon toys , the Digimon Pendulum. The first product to be finalized was "Digital Monster Ver.S: Digimon Tamers" for Sega Saturn which introduced the basics of most early Digimon lore concepts, so a more in-depth analysis of the Digimon world was put into the Digimon World game and soon the new Digimon storyline within the Digimon Pendulum scenario.

Habu: How was the worldview created? Before the anime, you did the game "Digimon World" (Released in 1999 for the PlayStation). Did you use it to develop the worldview?
Watanabe: "Digimon World" began to develop when we talked about wanting to play a game. In "Digimon" at that time, although it did not have a great developing worldview, there was vaguely something that we could consider a setting. Then, with the consultation of producers of home games of that time, we decided to create a "File Island" that would be the setting of history. Just as the LCD Toys were being made, as we were doing the Digimon Pendulum, we developed it using the setting we created so far.
Habu: As did Digimon World there was an expansion. But what about the "Digital Monster Ver.S: Digimon Tamers" for SEGASaturn (Released in 1998 for SEGA Saturn)? I also think that "Hacker" was already a key word, did you guys feel like bringing the LCD Toy setting to this too?
Watanabe: I was asked to draw some characters, but I do not remember developing the game setting.

Although the Digimon concept was determined from the beginning as an self-evolving AI that appeared in Cyberspace, is said to have been in the Digimon Pendulum and after that was written in detail about the world in which the Digimon live. Volcano Ota said, “The Digimon Pendulum, which was serialized at the time by V-Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump, needed articles with more content and building a world was needed.”. He said that gradually the world view would be built in response to the publishers requests. The idea of the world was further expanded with "Digimon World" for PlayStation software and this was solidified with the later animation.
~ 4Gamer about the Digimon Staff Q and A Livestream

As Digimon was evolving within the games and toys new methods of expanding the franchise were used. In particular, the production of the anime called for total creative freedom with the development of the V-Pets setting so that the anime producer, Hiroyuki Kakudou, could develop his ideas. The WiZ team accepted this, but there were not many plans for an interconnection between the works although they told stories in the same world (At least in theory). However, due to Toei's insistence, the stories of games, anime and toys would eventually connect. Currently the team that created Digimon states that although their ideas are essentially in the V-Pets, they purposely leave many points open for games, manga and anime to be responsible for establishing the real meaning of each thing, and really sometimes what other media establishes may end up contradicting what they thought, but they do not think they can do something about it.

Tie-in with the Anime Series – The anime series began its run while the ‘Pendulum’ series was still being released.

Kitagawara: Though we had made plans to release iterations of the ‘Pendulum’ up to version 5.0, talks about the production of the anime series began to spring up. Production of the anime had already been confirmed in autumn the previous year, but we weren’t able to create any anime tie-in merchandise in just half a year.
Watanabe: We weren’t even planning on creating any anime tie-in merchandise in the first place, for which Toei Animation got angry at us; they said “Toei Animation isn’t creating an anime series solely for the benefit of Bandai and WiZ”. That was when I understood the meaning of multimedia franchises and merchandising for the first time. The aim was to market and sell the characters.
Kitagawara: Watanabe-san and I were involved with the anime series’ initial production stages, making decisions such as which Digimon characters should appear in the show. At the same time, I came up with the Digivice’s design as well as how to transform it into a toy product; I was the one who thought of the Digivice’s appearance and design and the Digimon that would be included in it.
Watanabe: When Omegamon debuted in ‘Our War Game’, we created a ‘ZERO’ version of the Pendulum and included Omegamon in it.
Kitagawara: From then on, we started to devote more attention to creating anime tie-in products.

Habu: You're right. I also think that if we were to create brand new Digimon, I'd want for them to have a specific role. However, even before that, I'd want to dig deeper into the Digimon groups that already exist, and include them in my games. Like the Olympos XII, for example.
Watanabe: On the contrary, I and the other folks and WiZ don't really have the avenue to do something like that. We don't really have a platform for us to express a certain world-view, so we have no choice but to rely on the games and anime series for that. While we can say "this is the world we want to portray, so please stick to the established setting", it's hard to actually stick to it. We can't put a lot of information into LCD games, so it is hard for [LCD games] to step out of the 'toy' territory to become an actual media platform.
Habu: However, because of how little information can be included [in the LCD toys], it leaves a lot of room for ambiguity, so wouldn't you think that [the world portrayed in LCD toys] also expands according to the consumers' imagination?
Watanabe: That's our intention. We set the base for the characters, and establish the relationships between them. There have been [characters] that were more neglected, but there's always the possibility that they might be picked up one day.
Habu: It'd be great if someone could organize that info.

Habu: I'd like to ask Mr. Maekawa about the various scenarios. Because there are many things in Digimon that you have not yet cared to present a detailed setting. It's incredibly how mysterious are the roles of the "Vortex Warriors", "Crack Team" and "Metal Empire Army".
Maekawa: The role of teams is really that, but if you put too much detail on a character, there's no room left to think about them. So I intend not to be so careful with the details.
Watanabe: We always talk to each other about the setting, but we always decide we're not going to make a big decision. As the games and anime are based on the LCD toys we make, another person can think about the story. When we develop the setting with a lot of information, I think about the history development team that will look at the information, we want to prevent the setting from becoming an obstacle. Of course, there are ways to explain things in great detail, but it is those who make the games and anime that must do this, then it is not our reality.
Maekawa: It's cool to define how a character is, if you turn the character into something it may end up with other opportunities to put the character on the table.
Watanabe: So while we're together, we're thinking of going to the limit. When we talk to each other, we tend to think more, but we also think about when to stop.
Habu: Do not you think that leaves a lot of room for the fans' imagination not to mention much about the setting? Speaking of fans, has not it become easier for the current generation to get involved working with Digimon?
Maekawa: Exactly! I count on a fan team to complement the knowledge I've lost. Isn't this information archiving? There is a lot of information lost from before when I work with Digimon and there is absolutely no limit to how much information a person can store. To complement, I think you can add more value to a character by asking a writer for detailed setting to work on it, for example to add deeper information.

The original Digimon scenario is still used primarily in V-pets and other related products, and some works (such as V-Tamer, Tamers, World 2, Pocket Digimon World, etc.) still use the original scenario for most of their history, even though some points of the next scenario has already begun to influence in some parts. With the Digimon Adventure scenario the significance of Digimon and Digital World would change drastically to what is currently used in some works beyond the original scenario. This new scenario includes the old one within what is said to be "interpretations of the truth" and seeks to be a more complex explanation than occurs in the franchise. What happened in the past did not cease to exist, but on this side of the franchise the explanation for this and the occasional inconsistencies would be something very different from the original concept of Digimon.

DIGIMON: A SOUL ~ Digimon Adventure Staff Ideas

The original idea of the animation was to expand the world view that was created in Digimon World and Pendulum, so Digimon and places that were important in these products would be used in the anime. To develop the anime Hiroyuki Kakudou was called to be the director. Kakudou had the desire to develop something unique until then using as base great ideas. He had a desire to do something different from what he was doing at the time and saw Digimon as an opportunity for it. No one from Toei had any idea how to make a story using Bandai's characters, after all, until then they did not have a story that could be worked on in a 52-episode anime. It was chosen that human characters would be created which would give a greater freedom to the story, since most of these characters would be unique (Except for Taichi who had a version in the manga Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01). To develop his ideas he was asked that the anime team had total creative freedom, even contradicting certain aspects of the games as the functioning of evolution. With everything ready, it was time to develop the idea.

When I first heard of the project intending to make Digimon into an anime, it was summer of 1998. About a month prior, I was taking a hiatus from my work with Toei, drawing up storyboards for all sorts of different TV anime and making short story films day by day. It was a couple of days after I received an episode of “Himitsu no Akko-chan” to work on as episode director that Toei Animation’s producer Seki called me up and asked if I wanted to be the series director of the show that came after it. This was in late July. The title of “series director” is only used within Toei Animation, but it is about the same position as a “chief director” in regular TV anime. Since it is the director’s responsibility to assemble all kinds of people together, as a question of whether or not I was fit for the position, it wasn’t really fit for me at all. However, the reason I accepted was because of the possibility that it was a slightly different genre from what there was at the time. It was what I had seen from the Heisei Ultraman series as it changed from “Tiga” to “Dyna.” The chance to review the usual ideals and make something slightly different, or possibly a new genre that couldn’t have been done without the first “Ultraman.” I wondered if perhaps such a thing couldn’t be done for TV anime as well. Since the story of the human characters, other than the Digimon characters, would be original, it felt like the perfect opportunity. I thought to put within the story the genres of children’s books, fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure — all of the elements that we ourselves on the production team found interesting, and see how much people were willing to take in.
~ Kakudou

When creating "Digimon Adventure", only two conditions are issued from the animation side, one is "I want you to let the story do here because I will give out the toy properly." Another thing was, "Digimon evolves, but once it runs out, once it returns to its original state"... I was the one who formed the general framework of the entire series, wrapping up the story so that it goes “in this way.” But the basis of my work came from Bandai-san, who told me that they’ll release so-and-so Digimon for the market on XX month, so I would adjust the climactic points of the story and the timing of evolutions to fit their plans. (laughs)
~ Kakudou

Kakudou's reasoning arose to make sense of what existed in the Digimon scenario, especially about the concept of evolution. Kakudou thought that it would be a good idea to represent the evolution of the Digimon as something in parallel to the mental development of the human person, being that the Digimon would be the actual form of the humans to evolve.

I first heard about the story of a Digimon animation in August of 1998. At that point the heroes were decided to be 5 people or more, each with a different Digimon. It was to be different from the previous works for commercial reasons, but the basis of the work had to be done for appropriate reasons. Much attention is given to "Evolution" which is a characteristic of the Digimon. Normally, evolution is a change in the totality of a species. So why call a simple individual change of a Digimon as being evolution? Although I was working on it, I played it during a conversation between Tentomon and Koushiro in episode 2, but the mystery remained unresolved during the process. The question of how mankind had come to evolve had always troubled it before then, and it had previously been impossible to determine the cause of the most significant change, the development of a high-functioning brain. Even now, when a fetus is created, its skull is split into three parts and pushes itself through the birth canal. But it can’t sustain something at 1.5 times the force. However, I do not think that other parts will change very much. It seems that the number of teeth and so on are getting less, so the transition period of evolution is approaching somewhat.. So if it’s not going to be the body, then it has to be the mind or soul that changes. It’s fairly limiting to think of a human as defined by the structure of their body and brain. Other than just your body, there’s another “you” that exists. If that is a supplement to ourselves, it would be evolution to have that existence. The reason we’re still evolving in this time period starts with electronic equipment and the development of the Internet. Something that can be called another Earth, covering the whole planet, an invisible world, is being created. Although the idea of a counterpart to the soul has existed for a long time, nobody was able to make it manifest in a clearly understandable form. So in this digital world that makes up another Earth, defining their form becomes possible. That’s why for a long time, things like electrical or electromagnetic waves appeared in things with so-called higher affinity, like psychic photos and psychic videos. In 02, this is what Oikawa and Iori’s father saw in the game they played on the TV. They were perceived as youkai, and that’s what Professor Takenouchi was talking about in episode 33 of 02. That’s why Gennai, the existence in Adventure who was that of neither Digimon nor human, has a name with are deeply involved with electricity: that of Hiraga Gennai. (Even in 02, on that line of thinking, the name of Gennai’s other self, Benjamin, was from Benjamin Franklin, but it was just him because doing more would be repetitive.) The first trigger point for humans to gain partner Digimon was the Hikarigaoka incident in 1996, when it was too early for a network environment. The following year, there were two people, then four people who had made contact, and by 1999 there were eight people. And every year after that, it increased at double the pace (thinking on the lines of it being binary because it’s digital). After two decades, which was portrayed in the final episode of 02, all of humanity was finally able to have a partner Digimon. This is the ultimate endpoint of the evolution that takes place in the Digimon Adventure work. The last enemy of the first season was "the possibility of sealed evolution", but there should have been something that unleashed its power, as it’s the same thing that Oikawa manipulated through Ken Ichijouji in 02, If there is a third season, that power will be set as "something that inhibits evolution" that came from outside the earth, and this is what made Yamato become an astronaut in the final part of 02. Because it’s a place where the topic of evolution is concerned, the next goal after the moon would be Jupiter, so naturally it would have taken on a science fiction-like feeling. This has gotten long, but in regards to the series anniversary. As for why things of a digital world can materialize in a real world, the concept of soul in this work has to do with Neoplatonic emanationism, so I’ll leave that for another day. You can say that as the Digimon in Digimon Adventure are the counterparts to their partners’ souls, or perhaps another version of themselves, they had similar personalities, or they would have opposite personalities to compensate. But you absolutely cannot deny that they function as partners. Now, this concept in which another version of your soul takes an animal shape and stays near you and will take different forms based on a person’s growth also exists in another work, Northern Lights, Lyra’s adventure series that recently became a movie. It was published a few years before this in its home country, but it wasn’t published until November 1999 in Japan. You could say I was surprised when I read Northern Lights after 02 had ended! On top of that, in its sequel The Subtle Knife, there was a tool to open the gate to a different world, and I thought, wouldn’t this play the same role as the D3 in 02? I read it too much, so even though I bought the last book, I haven’t read it. I recommend the books to Digimon Adventure fans.
~ Hiroyuki Kakudou

Kakudou drew his soul concept from Neoplatonic Emanationism where everything that exists derives from a perfect and superior world, whose lower worlds are a shadow of reality and life is the result of souls flowing into the lower worlds. Although not equal, Kakudou established Digimon as spiritual beings, souls that existed in this world and went to the underworld and interacted with humans. The understanding of the Digimon is varied depending on the interpretation of who detects them, being that in the past they would be recognized as ghosts or gods, at present its presence is described as Digimon by being seen through Digital devices.

As the Digimon can only be observed by modern digital devices they are called the Digimon, in the past they may have been observed as Youkais (妖怪) or Shikigami (式神) and the perception seems to change according to the era.
~ Kakudou

Unlike the original idea of Digimon that is simple and all the rest of lore can come from a simpler story of beginning (As adopted in Digimon Tamers) the origin of Digimon Adventure that later was used in other works needs more details to understand how things work, mainly to allow the two interpretations to coexist. The Digimon generally exists with both interpretations, but from the Adventure point of view the meaning of some terms goes deeper. Ironically, many other works later would come to have a material that complements with Digimon Adventure even with the initial goals not being the same. Now I'll talk about how Digimon works from Adventure's point of view and other works, and how to explain facts from other works that point to a different origin.


Digimon Demiurge

Digimon Demiurge

In the beginning... There was the soulles creator, Demiurge... Idea, the true figure of the world... and only shapeless chaotic souls had existed in the entire universe. Demiurge does not know of the existence that created him. Nor the existence of the soul. Nor even of Idea. The world he created was merely a shadow of the true world...
~ Digimon Adventure TRI Narrator

The initial stage of creation, as we shall understand here, is the true form of the Idea world. In its initial state this was a chaotic world because the Order had not yet manifested itself. In this chaotic state something gave birth to Demiurge, something different from the souls that did not know the world around him. Demiurge then created his own world, a shadow of Idea.

I wouldn’t call it a beastie. At the very least, according to the old scriptures, it’s known as an Idea without a material body...The Digital World as we know it wouldn’t have existed in the first place if it hadn’t rejected that Idea.
~ Gennai

This is outside my field of expertise, but there is an old legend. It says that when the Digital World was first created, two Ideas fought over what sort of world should be made. One of those Ideas won and the rules of the Digital World were established. The other Idea was cast out into the ‘Wall of Fire’…
~ Andromon

The state of chaos was the result of conflicting concepts that coexisted, they were canceled and because of this fight could not manifest. It was then that the order was established and the Idea chose which concepts would be used, those that belonged to Evolution.


In Digimon psychology is very important to understand how Idea has been divided up to be what it is now. In Digimon there are positive feelings that we know through the Crests and Digimentals related to the protagonists of Adventure and 02 as they are: Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Purity, Sincerity, Hope, Kindness and Light. (Officially there is the symbol of Miracle and Fate that is represented by Digimental, there are also Crests, but only are products that have been sold). The most different of these mental characteristics is the Light, because in fact it is not an emotional trait in itself, but something that has a completely different meaning. Light is the term used to refer to the very meaning of Evolution, Truth, Beauty and Life itself. Hope is another quality that differs from normal, being directly related to the ability to keep faith in the light even in the presence of darkness (I believe that Fate and Miracle are other qualities different from the others).

The Agents analyzed this data and discovered that certain children possessed special qualities of courage, friendship, love, knowledge, purity, sincerity, and kindness-- not as qualities that they already had or didn't have per se, but qualities that contained a hidden potential within them. However, what Hikari possessed wasn't anything like those traits; it was more like the power of "life." They (Homeostasis and the Agents) found this power to have the same meaning as "evolution" did in the digital world, as well as the meaning of "truth" and "beauty." In order to represent this power as "the source of life," they named this special quality "light."
~ pg227-234

Darkness is the opposite of this and is something that was rejected in the formation of Idea, being represented mainly as the character Apocalymon the darknesses are the anti-evolution, death and absence of light. Darkness is constantly described as being a void of non-existence, nothingness. It is important to note that while the Light is represented by feelings like love and friendship, darkness contains the negative feelings that will be explained later.

It prepares to unleash a big bang, then reconstruct a new stagnant world where it would rule as a god, worshipping only bleakness and death.
~ pg221-222


In Digimon Light and Darkness represent the two contradictory sides at the beginning of creation that were canceled making the world in a chaotic place without laws and order. When laws were established and concepts were separated, a balance needed to be maintained. When laws were established a being known as Homeostasis was created as a security system that should maintain the balance between the power of light and darkness.

At the beginning of the world, when the digital world was still in a state of chaos, the digital world decided on the concept of "evolution" upon its formation. In order to follow-up with this concept, the Homeostasis was born. But because Homeostasis is a security system without a physical body, it created independent Agents like Gennai to act as its physical laborers. Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin, and the world is at balance when light and darkness are in equilibrium. Homeostasis is a system that must maintain that balance, so when the power of darkness amplifies excessively, it must do whatever it takes to prevent it from destroying the balance of the digital world.
~ pg227-234
I serve Homeostasis. Homeostasis governs– no, more like surveys the stability of the Digital World. Will you understand if I described it as the security system? But since it has no physical form, it needs someone who can move and act as its arms and legs. That is us Agents.
~ Gennai

There are beings who maintain the balance of the world assuming a complementary role to the one of Homeostasis, like the Four Holy Beast. These are those who use their powers to maintain balance being literally pillars that sustain the world, when they weaken the harmony is lost. And this is an interesting point because lack of balance is the origin of an important event in the franchise.

The rulers of darkness wish to seal the four pillars of the world by all means to gain power.
~ — “Digimon Book of Revelations,” Chapter 8, Verse 5

Distortions arise when there is an imbalance between the balance between light and darkness. When this occurs the worlds that should exist separately begin to converge creating gaps where it is possible to transit between worlds, or in most cases, it is possible for events in a world to begin to be felt in some way in some world.


As already explained, The Digital World and the Human World are different and should not connect. As part of the balance, all worlds are separate and should continue like this. The gaps in the balance eventually cause the two worlds to come into contact, which can be perceived in various ways. The greater the imbalance, the greater the distortions. The Digimon when encountered in distortions end up moving within them and are perceived in many worlds, usually their manifestation is invisible to most people, some of which in particular are sensitive enough to be able to notice its presence. As some things are more sensitive, it is possible to notice the presence of Digimon in the distortions through electronic devices, since they are more sensitive to these distortions. When the distortions are strong enough, it is even possible that a Digimon ends up moving directly to another world.

Since ancient times some places end up being more affected by distortions than others, and the presence of these distortions have been perceived in some way since ancient times. The way these beings are perceived and how they manifest in the world end up changing through the ages, in the past in places like Kyoto the spiritual beings are perceived as Youkais, Shikigami, Tsukomogami, etc. Nowadays, because of the large number of electronic devices, spiritual beings are interpreted as digital beings, because they are visible through these electronic gadgets. Through the ages each of these beings is interpreted in some way, and the "Digimon" is just the way humans today can understand them with current knowledge.

As the Digimon can only be observed by modern digital devices they are called the Digimon, in the past they may have been observed as Youkais (妖怪) or Shikigami (式神) and the perception seems to change according to the era.
~ Source

What originally is the existence of a Digimon itself? They had existed since ancient times, and their deep-seated existence had become recognizable to people by being embodied in digital devices and thus could be visible, based on the idea of things people define as "This is what they are" for that they can understand with current knowledge as Digimon or a mysterious phenomenon, so Cyber Sleuth has its world view drawn on the work. But the perception and definition can change depending on the point of view of each person just like things that seemed to be enemies can change at a certain moment. This is because the idea is based on the principle that the perception of Digimon differs for each character in the work. The recognition and definition of "Digimon" changes because of people's growth and thus a Sci-fi story of how the world changes can be written.
~ Source

Just as the balance of Idea is the responsibility of the Four Holy Beast, so is the Physical World and all others. Since ancient times the Four Holy Beasts help to mentor the balance of the worlds and are responsible for preventing distortions occur, they were seen in ancient times by the inhabitants of Kyoto and were based on them the myths of the four animals that protect the city. In other places and at different times the same may have been observed, which explains why myths from different regions can somehow be similar, all are based on something in common.

GENNAI: To tell you the truth, the balance of all four directions in Kyoto is in connection with the Holy Beast Digimon.
KOUSHIRO: Holy Beast Digimon?
JOU: Have you ever heard about them?
GENNAI: The Holy Beast Digimon have been preoccupied with the Digital World, so they were unable to expend enough of their power to your world.
KOUSHIRO: This is the first time I’ve heard that power from the Digital World affects Kyoto in the first place…
SHUU: Long ago, it was thought that the place that was once our capital was protected by the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the Black Turtle. If the Digital World actually is involved in that, that would be a major surprise!
GENNAI: So, I asked them if they could use their powers for the real world as quickly as possible, but they said it was impossible right now.

What is happening now is that with the growing development of Digital technology, beings who were originally perceived as spirits began to be perceived as computer viruses, bugs and any other kind of thing that eventually causes an electronic device to work differently than it should. The way the Digital World is perceived through these electronic devices varies not only from their technology (the better the device, the better the visibility of the Digital World) but also the perception of people. Some people are more noticeable at this and then are able to perceive the distortions caused by the imbalance so that other people are unable to perceive. The way they will understand what they see depends on the interpretation of each person, and that is how Idea came to be perceived as the Digital World these days, and this even started to influence the Digimon itself.


Due to the original nature of Idea based on thoughts and emotions (Being the basis of reality itself) one would expect that psychology would have a great power in this world. For Idea thoughts are what shapes the world, if you remember Idea divides between the World of Light and the World of Darkness, both worlds fueled by thoughts. The World of Light is composed of the worlds from which the basis is the positive thoughts while the Dark World is composed of those whose basis is the negative thoughts. The Digital World as we know it is usually part of the World of Light, while places like Dark Ocean, Dark Area and others make up the Dark World.

Because of how important thoughts are, the World System itself is responsible for reading all thoughts, interpreting, and then deciding what can be done through those thoughts through a reorganization of the data.

This means that the experience that people have in the Digital World is the very experience they think they will have, whether consciously or subconsciously. That is, if a person is conditioned to think in some way, to expect something to happen, it will experience it because that is what it has determined, but it is also possible that it has a change of perspective and ultimately changes his desire for experience , which will eventually change the way it experiences the Digital World. For example, if a person is conditioned to believe that itself can’t breathe underwater, it’ll not breathe underwater in the Digital World. But if the person become conditioned that it’ll not drown, then when it goes underwater, it’ll not really get wet and can spend as much time as it want underwater while it is still conditioned to believe it’ll not drown. The same holds true for the Digimon itself, and that's what makes the Digimon and the Digital World change with every age.

Since thoughts are a direct part of the Idea reality, the way beings think will direct how the Idea interaction will be. Through human thoughts, the Idea history can change according to the human interpretation of Idea. In this way the Digimon question their own existence because they are conditioned throughout the history of the world by believing that this questioning given by human common sense is the norm. Because of the importance of interpretation, the collective consciousness determines its own history of Idea, if today human beings forget what was once a mythical world and come to treat as a cyber world, Idea will end up acting like this. But not only from the moment that thought arises, because as thought would define that Idea has always been so, the very history of Idea will change to correspond to that thought. And thus the Idea story is fluid, and varies according to the collective thought of all living beings. If the collective defines that something did not occur, the history will define that this did not occur, but if it defined that it occurred then this will have occurred. And it repeats itself indefinitely throughout history, and there are few beings who question their own history and can know beyond what common sense has defined through history.


Now that we have established the franchise mythology with regard to feelings, let us improve what we already understand about the Darkness. As already established, the Digital World is based on the concept of Light, Evolution, Life and the concepts of Courage, Friendship, Love and others are part of this greater concept of Light. While Darkness is composed of negative feelings, let's now see this in a more detailed way..

The connection between a Human and a Digimon can be positive as we know it, but there are negative feelings like Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Pride, etc. In the same way that the Digital World as we know it has its existence thanks to positive feelings and make up the World of Light, negative feelings make up the Dark World as the Dark Area. The same goes for places like Dark Ocean and other worlds that are based on negative feelings, which are darkness.

And of course, just as positive feelings allow some kind of power to be pulled from them (as power of courage, friendship, love, and general light) negative feelings allow us to pull a direct power from the World of Darkness, this is the power of darkness.

The power of darkness is not static, it moves. More precisely, it consumes all that is within itself into the darkness. When the power of darkness is invoked that which touches it begins to be consumed by darkness, until it becomes a part of the darkness itself, a component of hell that is the Dark Area. When a Digimon like the angels fall into the Dark Area, what happens is that they are consumed by it until they become beings of the darkness. The beings that fall in the World of Darkness can end up adapting to them, becoming beings that feed completely of this power. These beings have as main characteristic the "Dark Core" that is where all the power of the darkness of them is accumulated.

Another important point is the nature of darkness a Void. Darkness is described as the initial state of nothing, they consume and reduce everything to nothingness. Literally anything that enters the World of Darkness is consumed and has its existence extinguished. The power of "darkness" is usually used in connection with the ability to erase, delete, and reduce everything to nothing, large amounts of darkness can erase large amounts of data.

The relation is also seen with what are the Dark Digimon, beings that were consumed by the darkness and then were "erased / deleted". The power of darkness is the power of void, belonging to those who have been erased from existence and reduced to nothing.

The darkness held within the hearts of humans and Digimon is intensified and fused with Darkness Bagramon's own fathomless power. If that power is released from the red eyes in its chest with its "Balefire-Eyes", then all of its surroundings will be transformed into nothingness.
~ DarknessBagramon DRB Profile
However, each of them committed a mortal sin and so they fell. It is said that they were deleted to the Dark Area by the Digital World System and became Demon Lords.
~ What’s the Seven Great Demon Lords
Negative emotions themselves flow out of Ordinemon's wings, and a flap of its wings will spread miasma throughout its surroundings. The endlessly overflowing miasma is capable of eventually covering the entire world, resulting in the end of all life. However, its true nature is one of kindness, a high-standing being who plans to save the world by first returning the world, which has lost its order, to nothingness.


Originally Digimon established itself as a franchise in which computer viruses that existed in the computer network were placed in special textures giving them the shape of what we know as a Digimon. This story was the basis of the franchise since its inception and was the basis of what was established in the V-Pets, the Digimon World series and the Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.

Later the development of the anime Digimon Adventure changed the structure of Digimon, treating the previous history (that in fact existed in the backstory of two personages of 02) like an interpretation of the truth behind the Digital World. Many details of the development of Digimon Adventure do not form placed in the anime, mainly after that it was decided that there would be a second and possibly third season to continue this history (being that the third one was canceled and had to be placed still within the second), in this many of these details were placed inside 02 (If you analyze, in fact most of the scans of this blog are of 02) and the connection of Adventure and 02 with this information was placed in the Drama CD "Digimon Adventure: Original Story, 2-and -a-half year break ":

Dear Dad, In my last summer vacation, when we were able to see Piyomon and the others again, I’m glad that we were useful for your research. I’d never thought of the possibility that the Digital World and our world could have had deeper connections with each other for a very long time. I’m so glad I got to talk with you about it! Piyomon may no longer be able to evolve to her Perfect form, Garudamon, but since the Digital World is at peace right now, that’s all right. More importantly, I was very surprised when I read your last letter. Who’d have thought that Jyou-senpai’s big brother would go to Kyoto and take your classes? That’s such a coincidence! Not only that, but he’ll be transferring from the medical department to your department! What kind of lectures do you hold, to have grabbed his interest, Dad? Is being a university professor really that interesting? I’m thinking that next time, I will try reading one of your books. Mom keeps them locked safely behind the shelves. There’s so many of them! I wonder if they’re still too difficult for an elementary-schooler to understand… But just by looking at the titles, I saw some that said “Youkai” and “Onmyoudou”… It seems like you’ve been doing some strange research, Dad.
~ Sora

American tribes, they have something called totems. You know about totem poles, right? Those wooden posts that have weird animal faces engraved in them, and they’re stacked on top of each other. Each of the Native American tribes have some sort of spirit that watches over them. I guess they’re similar to the shugorei in Japan.But what’s a little different is that they’re shown as animals on totem poles. Like a wolf, or a hawk. Hey, doesn’t that sound a lot like Digimon~? ♥ Digimon have developed from the computers, and they appear from digital machines as easily as I’m sending this video mail, but they might have been around longer than that! That’s what I’ve been thinking lately! ♥ Maybe not as Digital Monsters, but as Digital Totems, or Digital Shugorei! [laughs] What do you think? ♥
~ Mimi

The information that compose much of this blog is in the anime itself, what the extra information the producers give is a better understanding of what it all means. The story developed in Adventure / 02 / Novels / CD Dramas basically shows a different meaning for everything that has been developed so far, since it is impossible for everything to be true at the same time. However the Idea mythology ensures that the original lore of Digimon remains extant, but not as an absolute truth but as a gear that moves part of the lore surrounding Idea.

It is important to remember that many of the products are not built as having this idea as a basis, for example Digimon Tamers is very straightforward in what it stipulates as being its base that is the original lore of Digimon, and so it is well closed on that. The biggest challenge is that as Digimon is a multimedia franchise, the desire of some people like Konaka that each work is separate from each other and that connections are something to be ignored, as the main media of the franchise treats the story from a multiversal point of view, when we begin to work the characters having this vision the desire of each work as something excluding becomes a challenge (Even more so when the original lore is not actually defined as an absolute truth, but rather as a set of theories that still have doubts about the truth of the Digital World and that it would indeed be the duty of games, anime and manga to decide what to do about this).

Due to the most recent games (Cyber Sleuth, Survive, etc) have their base in the mystic lore of Digimon and this still include the other lore inside, for the purpose of this Wikia to index the characters consistently and that one hour we will have to dealing with this side of the franchise, which currently forms a large part of it, I think it's fair to put this blog with this information for when we need to use it.

For other people outside of Wikia and not looking for what I said, treat this as extra information to better understand some points that exist within the franchise for some products, but that should not be taken literally for when you go analyze some products separately (Like Tamers). This becomes even more noticeable through the explanations of some seasons being contradictory, but making sense within the narrative. FFor example, in Digimon Tamers the appearance of the Four Holy Beasts is explained as a hypocrisy of them because they tried to distance themselves from the humans who created them while attempting to take a form similar to the beings that humans worshiped in the past, is something that is totally coherent with the story that is trying to be told in Digimon Tamers. Meanwhile, the mythical chronology of Digimon leaves this as a lie, in fact the Four Holy Beast would be even the deities of the past who have taken a new form due to the current interaction of a mystical world as Digital World due to the current interpretation of humanity about that and sometimes they end up adopting human ideas as truth because of a strange feedback of information that changes the chronology itself due to the nature of what is known as the Digital World. So if you want to better understand the messages given in many of Digimon's works, analyze it separately and just look for connections in the works that actually work with that like Xros Wars (Manga), after all this is the way the writers of many of these works created. Here we have to maintain a coherence in the analysis, and as Digimon is officially a multimedia franchise and despite the desires of many of these writers is that each work is indifferent to each other, this is not taken directly by Bandai / Toei and some others (and officially, companies and games are the ones that have the most power over Digimon and so the authors end up only accepting, while criticizing, the adoption of this through the franchise), this is the reason for the connections being adopted here as well as the more mystical lore, for this being able to explain both sides of the franchise. Of course, the original Digimon lore will not be ignored and as soon as possible blogs explaining this more scientific lore of Digimon (And anyway, because many jobs are very clear in adopting this lore, many characters will simply have profiles that will be written based on this lore, at least as much as possible).

This blog is just the first of new blogs to come in order to improve the current state of the Digimon pages within the franchise, which need to improve its quality. With this blog already finalized, I will start to establish the next blogs that will be more direct in what will be proposed in the changes of the franchise within this Wikia.

Now let's start the explanations. In the original form the Digital World, the Dark Area, Dark Ocean and all these other worlds were originally parts of a perfect and primordial world, Idea ~The True Form of the World. As a primordial world in Idea there were only souls and the contradictory concepts that existed preventing the laws of the world from taking form. (Meanwhile, the Demiurge was created and also created the physical world.) At some point the Order was manifested and the world was divided into two, Light and Darkness.

What we know as Light is actually a term for the concept of Life / Evolution, a more general concept that covers all others relating to positive emotions. The greater the amount of positive feelings, the greater the power with respect to light and this power can lead to evolution. Darkness is the opposite, a rejected concept that represents Death/Non-evolution. It contains negative feelings, such as hatred and anger. Darkness also represents nothingness, the primordial void from which all that exists arises. Light and Darkness feed on the feelings, the greater the feelings of someone more powerful the light and the darkness can be and this allows these people to take power from light and darkness, such as the Digisoul and Dark Digisoul.

The Worlds exist divided thanks to the balance between light and darkness that is guaranteed by forces that seek to maintain the balance, like Homeostasis and the Four Holy Beast. When there is an imbalance between the two forces, the division of worlds begins to become more tenuous which causes the worlds to begin to merge, at the point of imbalance all worlds would collapse, reducing all the darkness from nothing. The points in which the worlds connect are known as distortions, in the weakest forms of distortions their perception is almost nil, being noticed only by objects or people who are very sensitive about it. However when the distortion is strong enough, this can cause things to wander between worlds.

In the past the beings of other worlds were seen according to the idea of ​​the people of the past, which led to different interpretations of what beings would appear from the distortions. Some cultures called them gods, spirits, hauntings, and various other terms. This has reached the point where there are some who have become worshiped as the Four Holy Beasts who protect harmony and have been interpreted as sacred animals by humans. In the present times electronic devices are very sensitive to distortions, so they end up being the best way to perceive beings from the upper world. Because they were seen on electronic devices, they were called the Digimon. Due to the functioning of Idea as a world where thoughts and information take shape, the interpretation of the human being is absorbed by the world as it adapts to become consistent with the present interpretation. Consequently, the Digimon themselves are moldable by the world becoming beings who adapt the common sense of humans to themselves, which ends up limiting them in some respects as long as they do not question what humans think is right or not.

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