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Elizhaa Elizhaa 16 December 2020

Destroying a Continent REDONE

Basically, this calculation is relate to this blog; I somewhat remade it based on Therefir's suggestion.

[Calculation 1]: This calculation is Therefir's suggestion for destroying Australia; credit to Therefir on this calculation:

Diameter of Australia = 4000 km

Explosion radius = 2000 km or 2000000 m

W = R^3*((27136*P+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2/1000000

W is yield in megatons of TNT, R is radius in meters, and P is pressure of the shockwave in bars, the standard overpressure is 20 psi or 1.37895 bars.

W = 2000000^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2/1000000 = 642947485.59 Megatons of TNT, or 642.95 Teratons of TNT (Large Country level+)

[Calculation 2]: This calculation is for destroying Continental United States; I found that that Au…

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Elizhaa Elizhaa 8 December 2020

Genbu's Tier Approximation

Genbu's info from here

-Now we have a god who's sheer size should improve the god tier scaling; being the Treasure Island, a genbu (mythological turtle) and a divine beast.

-Said turtle is then stated to be the size of the Tokyo Dome by Kazuma, with a pseudo-confirmation of it being divine in the "is a god" sense.

Genbu will be approximated to a being a larger Chinese Box Turtle since it is one of the turtle found in China because the inspired specie is unknown: https://www.reptilefact.com/chinese-box-turtle.html

Average mass is ((0.647 +0.977)/2)kg

Size is around 19.5 cm

Field length of Tokyo Tome is taken as sqrt(112456 m^2)= 111.61 m; it seems consistent with length of larger field.

In order to find the mass of the character upscaling methods a…

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Elizhaa Elizhaa 26 September 2020

VSBW Backup Project Part 3 Main List (Forum Move Preparation)

Here is a current list:

  • 1 Wiki Management threads
    • 1.1 Rule Violation Report
    • 1.2 All-purpose request thread
    • 1.3 Profile Deletion Requests Thread
    • 1.4 Articles clean-up reports
    • 1.5 Versus Match-ups Addition Requests
    • 1.6 Versus Thread Removal Requests
    • 1.7 Unofficial Powers and Abilities Addition
    • 1.8 Profile image additions or replacements requests
    • 1.9 Image Renders Requests
    • 1.10 Calculation Evaluations
    • 1.11 Calculation Requests
    • 1.12 Others
  • 2 Staff Forum threads
    • 2.1 Additional Rules
    • 2.2 Reworking Profiles
    • 2.3 Wiki Management
    • 2.4 Verses
    • 2.5 Scaling
    • 2.6 Additions to Ability Pages
    • 2.7 Revisions for Statistic Pages
    • 2.8 Wiki Navigation Bar
    • 2.9 Versus Thread Rules
    • 2.10 Additional Wiki Pages
    • 2.11 Page Creation Rules
    • 2.12 Others
  • 3 News and Announcements board
  • 4 Calc Group Discussion
  • 5 Questions and Answers
  • 6 Ge…

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Elizhaa Elizhaa 24 May 2020


Tier: Unknown. Likely 1-A

Name: U-DO (Unus Mundus Drive Operation), God

Origin: Xenosaga

Gender: Genderless, yet manifests as a male

Age: Infinite

Classification: God, Supreme Being, Cosmic Entity

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping, Immortality, Abstract, Non-Corporeal, Omnipresence

Attack Potency: Unknown. Likely Outerverse level (Created the entire Xenosaga Universe, who's Upper Layer of Existence is beyond the Concept of Dimensions)

Speed: Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Unknown. Likely Outerversal

Durability: Unknown. Likely Outerverse level (Will survive the inevitable destruction of the whole of reality)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Unknown. Likely Outerversal

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: None


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Elizhaa Elizhaa 30 April 2020

Creating a pocket dimension containing a starry sky Redux

Credit to @Kepekley23: This point seems to be a common feat in fiction with a pocket realm having stars to such a average distance so I wanted to do the calculation

Using Kep's calculation basis for the distance between the average star distance that the human eye can see couple with the average numbers of stars which the human eye can see on a clear sky which is around 2500 along with the average star size:

  • Average star distance that human can see in starry night: (4 to 4000 light years)/2 = 2002 light years = 1.894e19 meters
  • I will be using the Gravitational Binding Energy of the sun for the average stars= 5.693e41 joules

The radius of the sun for the average star: 695510000 m

4*5.693e41*(1.894e19/695510000)^2 = 1.688e63 joules, (Multi-Solar …

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