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Alright, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here we go.

There's no good way to scale except.... Angsizing.

Hole is 347 pixels

Screen is 478 pixels

I get 31.5365781856378499 degrees.

Angsizing calculator, since this is up to the storm clouds I will be putting 2000 meters as said on the Lightning Dodging Feats page.

This gives me 1129.5 meters or 564.75 meters for the radius.

Height of storm clouds are 12 km so....

pi*564.75^2*12000 = 12023851335 meters cubed.

Density of clouds are 1.003 kg/m3, which would give us 12059922889.005 kg.

Using Watchframebyframe, the clouds start moving at 470 frames and end at 490 frames

20/25 = 0.8

564.75/0.8 = 705.9375 m/s

0.5*705.9375^2*12059922889.005 = 3.0050177420091076e15 joules or 718.2 kilotons, Large Town level+


Side calc of the speed of the ball.

Starts at frame 389, ends at frame 454.

That nets me 2.6 seconds.

Travelling to the clouds (2000 meters) in that time is 76.9 m/s or Subsonic

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