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Requested by DMUA, I'm just gonna post the discord messages here.

Feat here

Top 10 anime earth destructions in darkest dungeon.png

What formerly was Earth is 396 pixels or 12742000 m

distance from earth to the edge of the screen is 403 pixels

403/396 = 1.0252525252525253

1.0252525252525253 x 12742000 = 13063767.6767676773726 meters

using watchframebyframe, it starts at frame 43345

and ends at frame 43508

43508-43345 = 163 frames

6.52 seconds

Using the speed = d/t formula I get 2003645.3491974965295399 m/s or Mach 5841 as a side-note

Mass of the Earth is 5.972e24 kg

0.5 x 5.972e24 x 2003645.3491974965295399^2 = 1.1987579730487223e37 joules or 2.865 ninatons, Large Planet level