Yo, don't feel like wasting time with introduction, OG calc here, feat happens here. I will use the same mass for it, so let's a go

The Problem that we have with reentry feats is, to quote DDM, "DonTalk has made it clear not to assume escape velocity feats just because someone falls from orbit unless there's context (Such as flying through space at great speeds before reaching the orbit or being a giant meteor). But simply jumping of an orbital space station towards and accelerated to Earth has Terminal velocity speeds".

The problem with the feat is that Hammond's pod is falling from orbit, as the video shows, he likely had negligible to zero vertical momentum, since the thing that was carrying Hammond was kinda that orbiting the planet? Anyway, we'll have 2 ends for this


Using the velocity of things catching on fire, wich is 1715 m/s, using the same mass we have

KE = 0.5*280.398822*1715^2

KE = 412358012.61799997091 joules or 0.09855593035803059 Tons of TNT, Small Building level


Using Terminal Velocity. This is based o DT's talk there, also, i commented how the catching on fire may be just an artistic choice since it happened almost immediately, but that is up to others to decide.

Using this calculator, we discovered that the Terminal Velocity of the pod is 76.350 m/s

KE = 0.5*280.398822*76.350^2

KE = 817267.581029 Joules or 0.0001953316398252868 Tons of TNT, Wall level

Final Tally

Low-End: 0.0001953316398252868 Tons of TNT (Wall level)

Mid-End: 0.09855593035803059 Tons of TNT (Small Building level)


Well, apparently, Hammond does have an official height of 40 cm, instead of the 47 cm originally calced, so we'll be using that for his height now, again, using the same Pixel Scaling of Weekly. Originally Weekly told me to use this since it would make the calc bigger, but when realized that it would make it lower he said that it was fine, however Spitting Weekly is so nice that i couldn't lose the chance here the official wiki says that he is .4 centimeters , so i don't a reason to not use it

.4/280 = 0.00142857142

0.00142857142*592 = 0.84571428571/2 = 0.42285714285 meters

Volume of a sphere = 0.31655516048 m^3 or 316555.160489 cm^3

Its a fair assumption to say this pod is made out of aluminum seeing as its a space-worthy vessel capable of surviving reentry.

Density of Aluminum = 2.71 g/cm^3

316555.160489*2.71 = 857864.484925 g or 857.864484925 kg

Its safe to say this is 80% hollow, so 171.572896985 kg

KE = 1/2m*v^2

Considering that Speed to catching fire was used

= 1/2 (171.572896985) x 1715^2

= 252317246.967 joules or 0.06030526935157744 Tons of TNT, still Small Building level, but lower

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