A nice little Pokémon reference just because, requested by User:Elizhaa here. Feat happens here~

Za calco!

First, since this all happen in the same frame work, we'll discover how many centimeters there is in a pixel, using the BBG's height to scale

The Vangrant

Red line is 97px tall, the average female height is 5'4, wich is around 162.56 centimeters

162.56/97 = 1.67587628866 cm/px

Next picture!

The Vangrant2

As you can see in the background, the pillars seem to be Cylinders, so i will use that logic for the thing destroyed, however, i will use the volume formula for the Cone trunk for the lower part, since it doesn't look like a normal one.

Red line is 218px, wich give us a diameter of 365.341030928cm, Radius of the bigger base is 182.670515464 cm (That part was not destroyed by the kick)

Blue line is 112px, making the diameter 187.69814433cm and the Radius of the smaller base 93.849072165 cm

Light Green line is 224px, making it 375.39628866 tall

V1 = (1/3) * π * height * (r² + r * R + R²)

V1 = 23319379.05cm^3

Now to the other part, we'll use the Cylinder volume formula

We already have the radius of it, so let's just find teh height

Green line is 296px, givin us a height of 496.059381443  centimeters

V2 = π*r^2*h

V2 = 13725984.583703cm^3

V = V1+V2

V = 13725984.583703+23319379.05

V = 37045363.633703cm^3

It can be either Frag or V. Frag, so let's do both ends

Frag = 37045363.633703*8 = 296362909.069624 joules or 0.07083243524608603958 Tons of TNT, Small Building level

V. Frag = 37045363.633703*69 = 2556130090.725507 joules or 0.61092975399749205323 Tons of TNT, Building level

It is strange that i find this disapointing?

Final Tally

Low-End: 0.07083243524608603958 Tons of TNT (Small Building level) (accepted)

High-End: 0.61092975399749205323 Tons of TNT (Building level)

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