Requested by User:Tago238 in Discord, i don't know the context, but feat happens here~

Za Calco!

Red dwarf4

According to this, Chris Barrie (The guy who interprets this character) is 180.3 cm tall

Red line is 386 px, wich give us 0.46709844559 centimeters per pixel

Bluish line is 30 px, or 14.0129533679 cm


Yellow line is 31 px, wich give us 0.4520307538 cm/px

Red line is 58px, or 26.2177837205

Door's height = 26.2177837205 + 180.3 = 206.517783721 cm

Orange line is 168 px, giving us 75.9411666384 meters for the length

Blue line is 10 px, giving us 4.520307538 cm for the width, Volume time!

V = 4.520307538*75.9411666384*206.517783721

V = 70892.893632 cc

Assuming that the door is made of Titanium and that was vaporized, according to this, the vaporization vallue of Titanium is 49079.7 J/cc

70892.893632*49079.7 = 3479401951.59 joules or 0.8315970247586042 Tons of TNT, Building level

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