Requested by User:Tago238 on Discord, feat happens here, at 18:47 it says when he will be dying (58 minutes), that will be our time frame since he was very close of dying by the end of the feat, he was at the edge of a nebula, and later passed through 3 more, as shown in 24:36

Za Calco

Helix Nebula's diameter is about 5.74 light years, I will be using this for all the nebulas

Distance between Helix Nebula and Earth is around 694.7 light years, again, i will be using this distance to be the distance between each Nebula

694.7*3 + 5.74*4= 2107.06 light years or 19934894660000000000 meters

Timeframe: 58 minutes, or 3480 seconds

19934894660000000000/3480 = 5728418005747126.4367816091954023 meters per second or 19107464.995820968768450998c, Massively Faster Than Light+

Ez Pz

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