The title says it all, we're calcing a storm feat made by Elsa on Frozen, a quite obscure movie, i don't think that anyone ever heard about it, it was requested by ma boi Starter Pack on Discord, feat happens here and here. Apparently Crimson Azoth was supposed to make this, but oh well, guess that he needs a rest for all the calculations that he needs to make.

Za Calco!

Anyway, Arendel is supposed to be based on Arendal, it is quite the small Kingdom, so i guess that there is no problem in doing it. It coverede all of the Kingdom, so i'll use the area of the Town for this, wich is around 270.21 square Kilometers.

It is quite the aggressive storm, so i think that maybe comparing it to the 1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak wouldn't that much of a stretch, but i'll use 4000 for a low end.

The clouds don't seem to be that thicc, so i'll use 8000 for their thiccness

Prepare your butts because this will be disappointing

Low-End: 4000 j/kg

270.21*8000*1.003*4000 = 8672660160 joules or 2.0728155258126195 Tons of TNT, barely Large Building level

High-End: 5890 j/kg

270.21*8000*1.003*5890 = 12770492085.6 joules or 3.0522208617590822 Tons of TNT, still Large Building level

Well well, never thought that i would see the day of a storm feat not being in Tier 7, guess that we

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