Okay then, here I will make up an easy list of guidelines to keep in mind when making a Digimon Files. This will not be a real long blog so don't worry.

Composites and Anime

Now most of you have notice that we have 2 WarGreymon pages. One for Tai's WarGreymon and one for a General/Composite WarGreymon. Now another thing you noticed is that his Composite file lacks anime stats. However, Digimon like Piedmon have both anime and General stats on his page. Well I have some reasons for that.

1) Due to the fact the Tai himself has a file, it would be redundant to place his stats on the WarGreymon page since these stats are on Tai's file.

2) The General WarGreymon file focuses on abilities given to him via other games and cards over the course of the series. For example. Tai's Greymon does ever use Acceleration Boost and has never been implied to ever have learned Acceleration Boost and thus we cannot assume he can do such. Acceleration Boost was a technique given to the Greymon line and many other Digimon (Such as BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon) in Digimon Story:Cyber Sleuth. This technique did not exist when Adventure was made and neither has it been acknowledged by the series. As such, Piedmon's Texture Blow can only be used by the General Piedmon but not by the Dark Master Piedmon.

Inheriting Abilities and Evolution Routes

Unlike other franchises that deal with creature growth Digimon presents a very varied evolutionary mechanics.

In theory any Digimon can evolve into any Digimon if it has a required amount of data and the correct setting. Naturally the Digital World System limits natural evolution through the Evolutionary Tree system, so automatically after a Digimon meets certain requirements it can evolve into another Digimon.

However even with the limitation of the Evolutionary Tree system a same Digimon can evolve into several Digimon. In specific characters, such as Agumon (Taichi) or Biyomon (Sora), we can be sure of the evolutionary line that these Digimon followed.

However in profiles on general members of the species it is impossible to know which evolution this Digimon followed. Because of this in relation to the profiles of the general members of the specie the evolutionary lines must follow the following pattern that the upper level includes the lower level plus the two most common Digimon evolving into it.

Despite this, the profile itself should only contain the most common evolutionary line for that Digimon. This should be done to reduce the number of Profile keys and make it more organized. In addition, all general member profiles of the species must be named based on the Ultimate/Mega form of that Digimon. This should be done because the lower the evolutionary line the greater the chances of evolution for the Digimon and doing so would end up leaving many Digimon Megas which has a common evolution not having an earlier form so this way be more common to evolve into another Digimon.

For example:

  • Piemon = Fantomon + Blue Meramon + Vamedemon
  • Fantomon = Bakemon + Devimon + Wizardmon
  • Bakemon = Pico Devimon + Shamamon + Impmon
  • Pico Devimon

In addition there is another way for Digimon to inherit some ability. This is accomplished through a complete absorption of the data of a Digimon. Naturally the Digimon absorb only a small part of the data of a Digimon because the majority returns to life thanks to the system of automatic reincarnation. But there are Digimon with the power to nulify the reincarnation system and absorb the entire Digimon dead, is the case of Digimon members of the Seven Great Demon Lords or Quartzmon. In Digimon Tamers as there is no System of Reincarnation and then all absorption of Digimon is a complete absorption in this world.

The General Rules and Guidelines will be:

  • Has been used as a major requirement at least twice. If the Digimon has like only appeared like two times, it can get away with a one time requirement.
  • Must appear to be a natural evolution at least three times.
  • Any evolution shown in the anime is automatically allowed.
  • Obvious main evolutions are naturally allowed.
  • Only valid for Digimon that we do not see evolutionary history. In the case of for example the characters of the anime or characters of the games we should consider only those that we see in history.
  • No contradictory evolutions. (Like Zeed to Barbamon or Lucemon to Daemon)

Video Games

Games as a whole will be apart of the composite. So Cyber Sleuth and other video game exclusive techniques will be ripe for a Digimon to use on those composite files. This also includes most game exclusive special effects.

For Example

Anime WarGreymon's Brave Tornado is only a powerful physical strike.

Composite WarGreymon's Brave Tornado pierces through defenses.

We will deal with certain techniques on a case-by-case basis however.


Now I will simply outline what tiers certain levels of Digimon in general are to be at.

Baby 1/Fresh/Slime - Below Average Human level

Baby 2/In-Training - Street level

Child/Rookie - Large Building level - Massively Hypersonic+

Adult/Champion - At least Large Island level - Massively Hypersonic+

Perfect/Ultimate - At least Large Star level - Relativistic

Ultimate/Mega - Galaxy level - Relativistic Movement Speed, with Relativistic+ Reaction and Combat Speed

Some Digimon like the Royal Knights or Olympos Xll may vary. However, these tiers are for the more general cases.

To know more about this scaling go here .

That's pretty much it.

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