weight of a hammer

Height of average japanese male = 1.72m = red line = 586 px

1px = 0.0029351535836177 m

Now I will assume the handle approximately cancels out the hole in the hammer. It seems about right, but if someone wants to have it a lot more detailed I can also calculate them seperately. (if this should be used for KE with MHS speed it would hardly matter either way)

68 px = 0.1995904436860036 m

96 px = 0.2817747440272992 m

184 px = 0.5400682593856568 m

0.1995904436860036 * 0.2817747440272992 * 0.5400682593856568 = 0.030373193814027978201697637478121157449107772416 m^3

Density granite = 2.6*10^3 kg /m^3

2.6*10^3 * 0.030373193814027978201697637478121157449107772416 = 78.9703039164727433244138574431150093676802082816 kg

Sonic flies past stars

this scene.

I will assume the glowing balls are stars and not just glowing balls or galaxys. If someone wants to disagree he can do that.

Average distance between stars is about 5 ly.

They required 6 frames to fly past the two encircled stars (note that since stars are on average 5 ly away from each other, but not necessarily in a straight line we can not count the ones in the background or at the side as well)

video runs at 30 fps.

6/30 = 0.2 seconds

5 ly = 4.730365e+16 m

4.730365e+16 / 0.2 = 2.3651825e17 m/s = 788 939 960.591 c

So about 789 million times the speed of light. (obviously MFTL+)

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