Yooooo, I will present the feat about Sailor Moon Speed Upgrade because there are many feat

Sailor Chibi Chibi Goes to the Present

Sailor Chibi Chibi AKA Sailor Cosmos comes from a very distant Futur ,She has travel through time to come to influence Sailor Moon , but it is not a Time Travel classic,  because she did not go through Local Space Time because Sailor Pluto did not feel any disturbance in space time (it feels all the changes  and all Disturbence in the space time ) and it did not pass through Space Time Door (which connects all the epochs) and she Has no Space Time Key (which allows to pass through the Space Gate Door)

This evidence was mentioned in the WikiMoon also

Conclusion: Sailor Chibi Chibi has to travel through time space without past through the conventional time space that connects

  • Black = Go to the door Which links epochs (Chibi chibi has transcended the space time)
  • Blue Line = Go through time space with the influence of the door with the help of the key

Black Lady Goes to the End Of Space Time

As the title said, Black Lady has managed to travel to the end of Space Time , Wiseman lives at the end of space Time

Sailor Senshi Vs Death Phantom

During the battle with Death Phantom, he disturb and Thorn the space time around them , as it even happens to bring down the senshi until the end of space time .

Neo Queen's Attack

During act 22, Neo Queen gives a little power to Sailor Moon who managed to repel with his Sapphire attack, The light went through the space time until its end, Death Phantom perceived the light, Even Mamoru perceived The light when it is not even in the space time

Silver Crystal Transcend Space Time

Silver Crystal does not work in the Future because it can not cohabit in the same time, it creates a distortion that prevents its functioning . In the end, it ends up working because the distortion no longer means anything for the crystal it goes against the time, it transcends the law of its universe

Sailor Moon Light Up The Space Time

The attack of Sailor Moon has passed throughout the space time and the Universe , it is a very good Feat

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto is a Sailor who has known all the Epochs, She exists in a place Between Space and Time, A friend made me Understand that Pluto is neither in a space nor in time because Something between n Is not within, it's so obvious that I feel a bit Dumb, So Pluto Infinite? Yes!

Lambda Power

The Lambda power offers us a lot of capacity such as the Reboot of the Universe ect ... Sailor Chibi Moon is going back in the 30th Century without Space Time key (the only object that allows to travel in time With Dark Crystal) and probably not by the door of space time, here there is no proof to affirm that it Did not go through the door but she was able to use the same method as Chibi Chibi who did not go through the door and without a key

Some Stuff

I looked into the thread where it was downgrade and something hit me:

"Lambda Power allows one to transfer information, consciousness, and power across spacetime and defy causality (Sailor Moon)"

This was refused as it is Time Travel's Qualifier but .... no, for Time Travel, it takes a space key time and passed by Space Time Door except that here Chibi Chibi has completely Discridity this by traveling in the present

"Cosmos Crystal gives her a limited omnipresence as her Essence is essentially the Essence of the Cosmos, and her power therefore emanates throughout existence"

This was refused because there was a Comparison with the Cosmos of Saint Seiya which is a very bad comparison, the existence of Seiya does not emanate throughout the existence, it is not the Cosmos . On the other hand, I do not know if this reason is valid because I do not understand it at all

In any case, do not hesitate to communicate me your answers on the subject, I hope to have answers for a possible upgrade (or not) Thank you for your attention.

WARNING /!\ I repeat, for the moment I do not want modification, I would just wait for Matthew Read the manga to proceed to the revision. So do not come complaining about pls

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