BH Nemesis

Good without further delay I will calculate the lifting force of sailor moon.

During arc 2, we learn the existence of planet nemesis, it has the peculiarity of absorbed light and matter (like a black hole) it therefore has a very intense gravity, sailor moon (and other people) have been able to move on the planet without problem, I will then calculate the force that it takes for this:


I was told that if I wanted to know the lifting force to move on this planet, this formula was used:

  • Radius of the Planet

Since we do not know the initial size of the planet (at the end of the arc it is large enough to envelop the solar system),I'll use the size of Nemesis, the hypothetical planet, which is either a Star a little bigger than Jupiter, or a planet 4X larger than Jupiter BUT I'll just take the size of Jupiter.

So for now:

  • M=R*6,737295 x 10^26
  • M= 69111000*6,737295 x 10^26
  • M=4,6E34 kg Stellar i think.
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