Previous Calc :

I formerly Calculate the feat of the planet Nemesis but it would seem that this calc must be updated:


Method 1: GBE

I will calculate the GBE of this Planet which is Extrememely Strange

Data Required:

  • Planet Size
  • Gravity's

Sooo, The Planet at the size of the Solar System, it threatens to envelop the entire  solar system

  • I must point out that Pluto is a planet of the solar system when the manga was created so The planet has a size of about 5,906,376,272 Km

Concerning gravity, have known that this planet Absorb light, Matter and is compared to .... a black hole! I will therefore take a speed of 299,999,999 m/s for Mid End, Neutron Star 's surface gravity for High End and White Dwarf Star's surface gravity for Low End

  • Low End = 979800 = Surface Gravity of White Dwarf Star
  • Mid End = 299000000 = at the edge of the SoL
  • High End = 7E12 = Surface Gravity of a Neutron Star


  • 2,1E61 J Multi Solar System
  • 1,9E66 J Galaxy Level (Outlier)
  • 1,0E75 J Multi Galaxy Level (Outlier)

Methode 2: Like a Black Hole

during my old calc,Lina had to use the black hole hypothesis to calculate this :

(radius) = 2*(Gravitational Constant)*(Mass)/(speed of light^2)

So we will find the mass of said black hole first. For radius, we will be using the distance from the Earth to Pluto if we were to assume that Nemesis (which seems to be compared to a black hole) would have just consumed the Solar System, and was stopped when it would have absorbed the Earth.

  • Mass = (radius)*(speed of light^2)/(2*gravitational constant)
  • Mass = (7.5e12 m)*(300,000,000^2)/(2*6.67e-11) = 5.06e39 Kg.

Since we have the radius of 7.5e12m, we can find the volume of the sphere (or Nemesis)

  • GBE = U = G(Mass^2)/(radius) = (6.67e-11)*((5.06e39)^2)/(7.5e12) = 2.277e56 Joules, or 2.277 Terafoe.
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