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  • DemonGodMitchAubin

    In Fire Emblem Three Houses, the characters are able to dodge both Meteors and the Immaculate One's Light right as it is above their head, so I will find out what that results in. Everyone dodges the same distance whenever they dodge an attack, so I will use Dimitri's dodge animation to get an average distance moved. I'll also do a re-calc of dodging bolting just so we can have a Three Houses version.

    Dimitri's Height = 1.88 Meters = 949 px

    1.88 Meters/949 px = 0.00198 Meters per px

    Distance Moved = 594.12 px = 1.18 Meters

    The characters don't begin to dodge until the spell is right above the head of the person, so I'll lowball to 1 Foot, which is 0.3048 Meters

    Calculation = ((Distance the character moved in Meters)*(Speed of Attack))/(Distance…

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  • DemonGodMitchAubin

    In Fairy Tail chapter 434 to 435, Natsu destroys Ikusa-Tsunagi and splits his cloud's in the process as well. The cloud was split towards the horizon, so that means the distance is 20,000 Meters. The cloud was never specified whether or not it was split omnidirectionally, so I'll do a Low-End and High-End for both scenarios.

    Distance = 20,000 Meters

    Average height of Storm Clouds is 8000 Meters.

    Volume = pi*(viewing distance)^2*(cloud thickness)

    Volume = pi*(20,000^2)*(8000 M) = 1.0053096e+13

    So then we multiply the volume by 1.003 to get Mass

    1.0053096e+13*1.003 = 1.0083256e+13

    The Cloud Split took 1 Panel, so I'll assume a timeframe of 5 Seconds.

    20,000 Meters/5 Seconds = 4000 m/s


    KE = (1/12)*Cloud Mass*(Speed of Cloud Movement)…

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  • DemonGodMitchAubin

    Ren Tao cuts a car in half. The area cut was basically 2 rectangles, I'll also assume a 75% hollowness of the car's area, since we don't have a full shot of the car.

    Ren Tao = 1.45 Meters = 84.61 px

    1.45 Meters/84.61 px = 0.017 Meters per px

    Length of Car Back = 184.53 px = 3.14 Meters

    Height of Car Back = 119.52 px = 2.03 Meters

    Area of Car Back = 6.3742 Meters^2

    Length of Car Front = 54.15 px = 0.92 Meters

    Height of Car Front = 71.25 px = 1.21 Meters

    Area of Car Front = 1.11 Meters^2

    Full Area of Area Cut = 7.4874 Meters^2

    Assuming 75% Hollowness, the are we'll use is 1.87 Meters^2

    The formula is (Compresive Strength*Area*Width of the blade)

    Area = 1.87 Meters^2

    The width of weapon blades is 0.1 Millimeters wide.

    The average compresive strength of all…

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  • DemonGodMitchAubin

    I was asked to calc some feats for Dragon Quest 11, so let's do them.

    Krystalinda creates a winter storm that covers the entirety of Sniflheim

    Photo 1:

    Ship Height = 4.58 Meters = 301.01 px

    4.58 Meters/301.01 px = 0.015 Meters per px

    Distance Moved = 1252 px = 19 Meters

    The time it moved this distance was 0.4 Seconds

    Velocity = 19 Meters/0.4 Seconds = 47.5 m/s

    KE = 0.5*Mass*Velocity^2

    KE = 0.5*(107002.5 Kg)*(47.5 m/s)^2 = 0.02 Tons (Small Building level)

    This calc is pretty janky and hella lowballed, but I was asked to try it.

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  • DemonGodMitchAubin

    This is a revision of Mael's Cloud feat, where he disperses the Original Demon's clouds omnidirectionally. This is based on M3X's version of the calc, and he asked me to make a new blog for the revision, but I'm still gonna give him most of the credit.

    Using this calc for the size of the Country, we know the distance is 900km. Thats the diameter, now we need to find the distance where the storm went.

    Red Line = 900 km = 400 px

    900 km/400 px = 2.25 km per px

    Blue Line = 187 px = 420.75 km

    This is our radius

    The clouds height's are 9.9 km

    Mass = 5.5196816e+15 kg

    We will use 30 Seconds like with before

    Velocity = 420750 m/30 s = 14025 m/s

    KE = (1/12)*Cloud Mass*(Speed of Cloud Movement)^2

    KE = (1/12)*5.5196816e+15*(14025)^2 = 21.6 Teratons (Country leve…

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