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When ZephyrosOmega tried to calculate the power of this feat, he used vaporization for the crater. I totally disagree with that. Also, I do not agree with what size he got when calculating the size of the crater. The method is terrible. Therefore, I will recalc it. Let's start.

Angel's head + neck

Энджел рост.png

Alastor is 213.36 centimeters.

2.1336 / 211.3 × 233.2 = 2.35473506862 meters Angel. In fact, I don't know why I was looking for Angel's height, because we only need the height of his head + neck. At least we now know his height. Interesting.

2.1336 / 211.3 × 48 = 0.484679602461 meters head + neck Angel.

As it turns out, Angel is a "8 or 9 feet". Let's take an average of 8.5 feet. It is 259.08 centimeters.

2.5908 / 233.2 × 48 = 0.53326929674 meters head + neck Angel.

Sir Pentius Head + Neck


0.53326929674 / 144 × 192.9 = 0.71435866209 meters head + neck of Sir Pentius.

Egg Height


0.71435866209 / 97.9 × 98.1 = 0.71581802605 meters Egg height.

Crater volume


Now, the hardest part. The main problem with this scene is that the Egg is in front and we no longer have objects, through some you can find the dimensions of the crater. So I'll do the following. As you can see, on the right side of the crater, there is a blue line. Its height is 15 pixels. I dared to assume that this is exactly the height the Egg would have if it stood there. I think this is pretty realistic. Most likely, the size of the crater will come out even smaller than it actually is.

So it should be perfectly legal.

I need to find the distance from the frame to the eggs.

Nearest egg:

2 × atg (tg (70/2) × (33.2 / 720)) = 3.69857263437 degrees

Distance to the first egg is 11.085 meters.

Far Egg:

2 × atg (tg (70/2) × (15/720)) = 1.67150380498 degrees.

The distance to the second egg is 24.535 meters.

24,535 − 11,085 = 13,45 meters first cathetus.

0.71581802605 / 15 × 364 = 17.3705174321 meters second cathetus

Now, by two cathetus, we can find the hypotenuse.

The hypotenuse is 21.9690094419 meters. This is the diagonal between them. But we need to know the distance to the middle of the crater in order to then find the distance to the top edge of the crater. And then, find the depth of the crater.

Let's imagine a new triangle. The first cathetus is equal to the distance to the center of the crater. The second is 328 pixels (I selected it in the screenshot). The hypotenuse remains the same.

0.71581802605 / 15 × 328 = 15.6525541696 meters second cathetus.

By knowing the length of one cathetus and the hypotenuse, we can know the length of the second cathetus.

Well, the unknown cathetus is 15.4154118928 meters.

This means that the second diameter of the crater is 30.8308237856 meters.

Now, let's find the first diameter.

0.71581802605 / 15 × 934.5 = 44.5954630229 meters second diameter.

Now, let's find the depth of the crater. 30.8308237856 + 11.085 = 41.9158237856 meters is the distance from the frame to the farthest edge of the crater.

2 × atg (tg (70/2) × (1/720)) = 0.111144145576 degrees angular size of one pixel.

Knowing the angular size of one pixel and the distance to this pixel, we can find the size of this pixel.

The size of one pixel is 0.08131 meters.

0.073898 × 231 = 18.78261 meters crater depth.

The crater area can be found using the oval area formula. The area of this oval is 1079.8556076021557 square meters.

The volume of the crater is 1,079.8556076021557 × 18.78261 = 20,282.5067339 cubic meters.

Explosion power

The remains of the rock are completely invisible. I would take 214 joules for this. But as the low-end, I will use 69 joules as well.


20,282.5067339 × 1,000,000 × 69 / 4,184,000,000 = 334.486846233 Tons of TNT, Multi-City Block Level.


20,282.5067339 × 1,000,000 × 214 / 4,184,000,000,000 = 1.03739398687 Kilotons of TNT, Small Town Level.

Downgrade. But this is much better. As I said, it is preferable to take 214 joules.


  • Low-End = 334.4 Tons of TNT (Multi-City Block Level)
  • High-End = 1.03 Kilotons of TNT (Small Town Level)

Given that Alastor is now Large Star Level, the demons of the same level as Sir Pentious should scale from this, since he withstood this explosion.


Initially, I looked for sizes through Charlie's height. But as it turned out, her height is not 1.9 meters, but 1.73. Then I noticed that Alastor was shorter than Angel and was over 2 meters tall. Also, I noticed that I got the wrong cathetus at the end, too small. Initially, the responses were equal to City Block Level+ and Multi-City Block. Now, I redid everything.

Update X2

It turns out that Angel's height was indicated by Vivzi. Low-End got a little bigger, High-End became Low 7-C.