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  • I live in Dark Star
  • My occupation is Design Gráfico.
  • I am Masculino
  • DarkLordofShadows


    January 20, 2018 by DarkLordofShadows
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  • DarkLordofShadows

    Self-Explanatory. Since some monster stats have variation, I'll opt for the bigger stats ('cause usually that's when a monster's willing to fight, with some smaller exceptions, like Undyne, for example).


    Beings like Flowey/God Flowey or Gaster have never shown their stats, or at least have the "stat" option,  i n - g a m e. So I won't put them bellow. 

    • Toriel is the strongest monster in the Ruins.
    • Papyrus is the strongest monster in Snowdin.
    • Undyne is the strongest monster in Waterfall.
    • Muffet is the strongest monster in Hotland.
    • Mettaton EX is the strongest monster in the Core.
    • Both Asgore and Toriel are superior to most monsters.
    • Asriel is the strongest being in the Underground via stats.
    • Most monsters are glass cannons.
    • Undyne's DEF in …

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  • DarkLordofShadows

    Huge Render Pack

    August 16, 2017 by DarkLordofShadows

    I lost every render my computer had, because it rebooted, so yeah, no more...

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