Original calc here and there's another calc made here. There are some notable errors the first one as the feat came here; that initial planet obviously looks nothing like Venus, Mercury, Mars, or the Sun. Meaning it's likely lowballed. However, it is a stretch to say the planet is from another solar system unless there's proof of that. However; I will be using this to calc speed.

The Calc

  • It is a large Blue Planet with a debris field, so it's likely Neptune.
  • Google says that Neptune is 4.3 billion kilometers way from Earth.
  • Using Watch Frame by Frame, Bahamut starts to travel at the 0:06 second mark and arrives at Earth's orbit at 0:15 mark. So 9 seconds is the time frame.
  • 4.3 billion kilometers or 4.3 trillion meters / 9 seconds = 477,777,777,778 m/s or 1593.6951215 c.
  • That's a pretty decent Massively FTL+ feat, but not too far up.


Massively FTL+

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