You know, I was going to do a compelation of a bunch of different recalculations but, you know what?

A majority of storms are basically the exact same ordeals

They have a height of 8,000 to 11,800 meters

They are at least 20 KM in radius

They don't use KE

And they just generally aren't special at all

So, I'll give to you, literally every storm ever (usually), using all the forms of CAPE, of which you'll only really use 2.5 and 4 kj/kg because otherwise you'll either just get higher results from condensation or you're wanking the storm lol

Anyways, here's the penultimate generic storm

I'll just stick to the low end for height, so, it's π×8,000×20,000^2, which equals 10053096491487 meters cubed

Times 1.003 is 10083255780961 Kilograms

Now, applying each and every type of CAPE gets us

Weaksauce boi: 1.008325578096E16 Joules, 2.40995597059316 Megatons, Small City level

Moderate storm which isn't quite completely blasting the place but isn't literally just grey clouds: 2.520813945240E16 Joules, 6.02488992648291 Megatons, Small City level+

Stronkboi who's going thundery thundery: 4.033302312384E16 Joules, 9.63982388237265 Megatons, City level

If it's literally a tornado boi acting like it's 1999: 5.939037654986E16 Joules, 14.1946406667937 Megatons, City level

Literally the worst storm ever: 8.066604624769E16 Joules, 19.2796477647453 Megatons, City level

There, I don't have to make any more forking storm calculatio-

Remembers that inFAMOUS' storm not only covers the horizon, but covers it on both sides of the city which is like, the size of New York

On one hand, upgrades

On the other, fork

.... Wait hang on that's just to say that the Diameter would be 4800+4800+17,417=27017, half of which is 13508.5 meters, which is self evidently less then 20,000

So yeah, inFAMOUS too falls under this


Well, yes, I did indeed say that if the storm was a weaksauce boi, you're better off using condensation. So I will show you condensation!

So, a storm is generally 1-3 grams per meter. I'll use 1 gram for this, so, it's 10053096491487 Grams, 10053096491.487 Kilograms

Now, for condensation, the value is 2264705 j/kg, so, put that with the above and it's

22767297889753066.335 Joules, 5.44151479200599 Megatons, Small City level+

See? Even weaksauce Bois have their merits.

Doubleu bonusu: What if KE counts?

Now, KE is a bit reliant on a specific timeframe, however in this case, the standard assumption is a minute. However, if it takes less then a minute, then you can make your own calc, assuming the storm qualifies for KE Standards

So, we use the same mass as with CAPE, 10083255780961 Kilograms.

It crossed about 40000 meters, the diameter of the storm.

That divided by 60 is 666.666666666666 meters per second.

Now, .5×10083255780961×666.666666666666^2 is....

2.240723506880e+18 Joules, 535.545771242881 Megatons, Mountain level


Problem is, the standard assumption is that everyone folds into the center, and wouldn't have to completely cross the diameter. Not that that's told anywhere on the Cloud Calculations page....

Of course, if the storm is specifically coming from one direction, it's usable.

Anyways, 20,000/60 is 333.333333333333 meters per second.

Now, .5×10083255780961×333.333333333333^2 is....

5.601808767200e+17 Joules, 133.886442810720 Megatons, Mountain level

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