Alright so, here are a bunch of feats that I decided to stop sitting on my rear end with. Here we go.

Ship exploding


Raiden is 457 pixels while the distance to sheeva's knee is 393 pixels, making a discrepancy of 0.85995623632. Raiden is 6 feet tall in the new timeline, 1.8288 meters, making Sheeva's knee distance 1.57268796499 meters

Bigness of shipness

Sheeva's kneedistance is 70 pixels, while the sail is 410 pixels, a discrepancy of 5.85714285714, making the sail 9.21145808065 meters.

I think she got the message

The sail is 19 pixels on the top panel, and the blast is 144 pixels in diameter, 72 pixels in radius, making for a discrepancy of 3.78947368421, meaning the blast is 34.9065779898 meters long

34.9065779898^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 is....

3.41827770062 Tons, Large Building level

Just incase the Kintaro feat is decisively too wack, I guess.

Kabal does the spin thing

Feat here

Kabal deflecting

Kabal's head is 23 pixels, while the screen is 538 pixels

Anglesizing is a matter of 2*atan(tan(70/2 deg)*(object height/panel height)), in this case, 2*atan(tan(70/2 deg)*(23/538)) makes for 0.0598511732 radians. To convert to degrees, it's rads*180°/π, so, 0.0598511732*180°/π makes for 3.42921962327 degrees

The average human head is about 0.5588 meters, so, putting everything into the anglesize calculator gets 9.3337 meters.

Kabal's swords are about as long as his arms, and the average human's arms are 0.7832 meters.

They spin said swords around in about a semi circle, and, motion in a circle is a matter of 2 times pi times length of what's being moved times (degrees moved/360), which in this case is 2 times pi times .7832 times .5, making for a distance moved of 2.4604953663 meters. He also moved this several times as several more bullets came at him, specifically spinning each blade 4 times by my count on watchframebyframe, meaing the distance would thereby be 9.8419814652 meters

This rifle looks somewhat like an M4 Carbine, with a muzzle velocity of 910 meters per second

So, 9.8419814652 times 910 divided by 9.3337 makes for...

959.555496034 meters per second, Mach 2.7975378893119, Supersonic+



Feat here

So, the soulnado fragmented a total of like 38 tombstones (yes I counted) and a tree via the shockwave of it exploding

A headstone is usually around 28 by 6 by 28 inches, which translates to 71.12 by 15.24 by 71.12 centimeters, which is a volume of 77084.749056 centimeters in total. Times 8 gets a value of 616677.992448 Joules per tombstone. Multiplying by 38, and adding tree destruction gets a total of...

115134223.713 Joules, 0.02751773989 Tons, Small Building level

Pretty consistent, I suppose.

Kintaro's feat with another look taken

So, this fork has been questioned due to having no accounting for inverse square law, though Kintaro was likely at the forefront of the army and thereby hit directly in the face by it. More importantly though, it uses violent frag for a blast calc. Which isn't exactly how you do blast calcs

Blast radius is 24.93 meters. 24.93^3×((27136×1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 is...

1.24523795844 Tons, Building level+

.... well I guess there's no point to throwing on Inverse Square law, is there

There's a trump joke here

Feat here

So, thanks to the magic of rotating an image, this wasn't all that bad.

Wall explosion at the tilted towers

A vaguely human shape on the wall is 9 pixels, while the wall is 29 pixels thick, 74 pixels tall, and the destroyed part is about 400 pixels wide (There's no other shot of what exactly got destroyed, so we'll have to take this estimate off it), a discrepancy of 3.22222222222, 8.22222222222, and 44.4444444444

The average man is 1.78 meters, making the wall 5.73555555556 by 14.6355555556 by 79.111111111 meters, putting that all together makes for a volume of 6640.82732073 meters, or for our purposes, 6640827320.73 centimeters

The walls aren't 100% solid, as they're bound to have some holes so people can walk around and actually man said walls. I'll assume like 80% hollowness, making the real volume 1328165464.15 centimeters.

Now, the wall split into many pretty big pieces, so times 8 is....

10625323713.2 Joules, 2.53951331577 Tons, Large Building level

Now Sonya Blade has actual feats to suggest they're in the same league as Kintaro



3.41827770062 Tons, Large Building level

Kabal spin

959.555496034 meters per second, Mach 2.7975378893119, Supersonic+


115134223.713 Joules, 0.02751773989 Tons, Small Building level

Kintaro's redux

1.24523795844 Tons, Building level+

Wall bust

10625323713.2 Joules, 2.53951331577 Tons, Large Building level

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