So, as this thread noted, the Sentinel can spin their staff to deflect lasers from just about point blank range, before they kinda just back off.

For Projectile Dodging Feats, it's (Distance the character moved in meters) x (Speed of projectile in meters/s) / (Distance the projectile was away from the character when he/she started to move in meters)

The staff is a bit smaller than them, but they're already taller than most people. I'll say it's 1.8 meters long

For movement in a circle, it's 2 times pi times length of what's being moved (or in this case, radius since he isn't holding the staff by the very end) times (degrees moved/360). In this case, they can spin it around halfway to block a laser, 180 degrees. so, 2 times pi times .9 times .5 is 2.8274333882308 meters

They can deflect from nearly point blank range, so, about a 3 meter distance at most

(2.8274333882308) times 299790000 divided by 3 is a speed of...

282545418.486 meters per second, 0.9424777960772, Relativistic+

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