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#11: Superman VS Kryptonite Man

Spoiler:So, Superman deflects 3 rounds of kryptonite radiation waves simultaneously fired by Kryptonite Man mid-fight. Figured this would yield interesting 
Superman feat

Using 6.5 heads tall, Superman is 191 cm tall so we get a head height of 29.3846154 cm 372 / 42 = 8.85714286

8.85714286 * 29.3846154 = 260.263736 cm or 2.60263736 meters moved

The radiation couldn't move about a centimeter or so, so....

0.01 / 299792458 = 3.33564095e-11

2.60263736 / 3.33564095e-11 = 7.80251052e10 m/s or 260.263736c so yeah, yet another MFTL combat speed for Supes #12: Karate Kid VS Mon-El

Spoiler: In a feat of true badassery, Karate Kid reacts to Mon-El's charge and proceeds to toss him into another solar system to get weakened by a red sun. Fucking seriously

And yes, this is post-crisis
Karate Kid Feat scan
Karate Kid feat scan 2
Karate Kid scan 3
To lowball this, I will presume that the distance was 4.2421 light years away

Blur occured, so 0.1 seconds for our time frame should suffice

4.2421 * 365 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 10 = 1337788656c or 1.3 billion times faster than the speed of light for his swinging speed.

Final Tally:

Superman VS Kryptonite Man: 260.263736c

Karate Kid Tosses Mon-El: 1337788656c

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