Bubsy breaks a wall with the sheer force of his face. Requested by Jacky.

Feat is:


Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 13.08.39

A quick google search tells me that the body of an adult bobcat is 69 cm. Bubsy is 80 pixels from the top of his legs to the top of his head, so 1 pixel = 0.8625 cm.

The rock is 320 pixels tall, and 222 pixels wide. That translates into 276 cm tall, and 191.475 cm wide.

I'm gonna have to assume that I'm dealing with a rectangular prism here, and that the rock is the same width in both directions, as there is no way to scale the other edge. But looking at the rock, that should be a reasonably accurate assumption.

276 x 191.475 x 191.475 = 1.01e+7 cm^3

As the rock remained in reasonably large chunks, I believe we have fragmentation.

1.01e+7 x 8 = 80,800,000 joules or 0.019 tons of TNT | Small Building level

Noice. Solid upgrade, and 3.8x baseline

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