A couple of Tekken feats that will do something for someone

Requested by BlackDarkness679 just about here

Calculation One

Attack Potency

Dr. Abel shoots a satellite beam at these lads on the ground. Time to do some pixel scaling!

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.22.08

Clouds tend to be found about 2000 meters from the ground. Especially as these appear to be stratus clouds, which tend to exist at this height.

The distance between the clouds and the ground is 442 pixels

2000 / 442 = 4.52 meters per pixel

The resulting explosion covers the entire screen, which is 1440 pixels wide.

4.52 x 1440 = 6516 meters diameter. Minimum.

W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

Inputting (6516/2) as R and standard overpressure of 20 psi as P

Therefore W = 7.925 x 10^7 tons of TNT or 79.25 megatons of TNT | City Level

Legit not sure if that upgrades anyone, can't find the calc that puts the Tekken 7-B's there

Jecc2000's version

The pressure is supposed to be in bars. 20 psi is 1.37895 bars, so the calculation actually goes like this:


W = 2,779,321.2962 tons = 2.779 Megatons - ACCEPTED


So I was asked to calculate the speed of the laser as well. Shouldn't take long.

Laser moved 2km according to the calculation above

Laser appeared on screen at Frame 2202 at 60 FPS. It struck the ground at Frame 2207

That's 5 frames of movement, or 1/12 seconds

v = d/t

v = 24000 m/s or Mach 70 | High Hypersonic+

Upgrades exactly nobody!

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