Feat can be seen here:

Both Chase McCain and Rex Fury are knocked out of orbit and fall back to Earth. While Chase didn't fall all the way through, reaching a falling rocket ship and pulling the emergency breaks a little bit below cloud level, Rex was the one to tank the landing. As Chase shows to be capable of dodging falling debris during the fall, we are gonna calc his Reaction Time and Rex's Durability.

Chase's Reaction Time

This one is pretty straight forward. He fell for 3 minutes until he could reach the space ship.




Vp=1800m/s or 6480km/h = Mach 5.2

Reacting and dodging debris while falling at this speed = Hypersonic

Rex Durability

Calc done by Firephoenixearl. The video doesn't show Rex falling nor the moment of the crash, but he's knocked out in the same altitude as Chase and is mentioned of crashing head-first through someone's roof.

We're assuming it took him 200 seconds since it was a bit more than 3 minutes for someone who dropped from the same altitude to arrive a bit below cloud level.

Vp= g*t

Vp= 10m/s/s*200s

Vp= 2000m/s

We'll take his weight as 70 kilograms.

Ke= (m*v*v)/2

Ke= (70kg*2000m/s*2000m/s)/2

Ke= 140 000 000 Joules or Small Building level

And even if we were to calculate the Potential Energy (which would negate air friction) it would still be:

Ep= m*g*h

Ep= 70kg*10N/k*480'000m

Ep= 336 000 000 Joules which is still Small Building level.