All 3 calculations that resulted in 7-A characters are inaccurate as they scale to the size of the King's Plateau before Pica created the Flower Hill. AKA, before it shrunk

I'm going to fix that now. The results will range from low to high City level.

Edit: got a better scaling image, upgrade time <_<.

Pica creating the Flower Hill - 6-C

"Ugh, kill me now.

Scaling Images (can't upload properly):

Landmarks of Dressrosa

Flower Hill Layers

Pica Scaling image 1

Pica scaling image 2

New scaling image =-=, and sadly this is the best perspective AFTER the flower hill was created.

Landmarks of Dressrosa Image:

The center of Dressrosa AFTER the Flower hill was constructed is in between both the FH and King's Plateau.

495px = Radius of Dressrosa (21901.5m scaling to the accepted diameter)

155px = Flower Hill (6857.88888889m), but the issue here is that the view of Dressrosa is still off vertically. I will round up to 6,900m for now.

Now that I've got this, time to re-scale everything... good thing I still got the px measurements, so this will go by quickly.

Layers of Dressrosa Image

Flower Hill = 130px (6,900m subject to change)

Making each layer (1/4 the height) = 1725m

Volume assuming each is a Cylinder, ofc.

Base width = 187px (9925.38461538m) V = 1.33×10^11

2nd layer = 136px (7218.46153846m) V = 7.06×10^10

3rd layer = 92px (4883.07692308m) V = 3.23×10^10

4th layer = 54px (2866.15384615m) V = 1.11×10^10

Total = 247000000000m^3

Pica scaling image 1 (and 2 for Torso)

We have to factor in the Statue to the Flower Hill since this scaling image takes place after Pica separated the large statue from the Flower Hill:

For the Pica Statue, he's very close to the height of the Flower Hill, and nearly double the height of the King's plateau, so I'll use 6,900m for it as well.

Height = 6900m (655px)

Arm: (Green)

Median width = 151px (1590.6870229m)

height = 578px (6088.85496183m)

Volume, assuming a cylinder = 1.21×10^10 (*2 for other arm)

Leg: (Orange)

Median Width = 80px (842.748091603m)

Height = 344.4445px (3628.49931298m)

Volume, again cylinder = 2.02×10^9 (*2 for other leg)

Torso: (Yellow - Also using 2nd image) Assuming it's a rectangular prism

Width (Image 1 only) = 326.524118558px (3439.71972221m)

Height (Image 1) = 221px (2328.09160305m)

Height (Image 2) = 2328.09160305m (87.8px)

Thickness (Image 2) = 76.48px (2027.93218451m)

Volume, assuming a rectangular prism = 16239645651.8 m^3

Head w/ neck: (Blue)

Height = 103px (1068.72180451m)

Width = 84.012px (871.703458647m)

Volume, assuming a cylinder = 6.38×10^8 m^3

Total volume of Statue = 45117645651.8 m^3

Now factoring in the Statue with the Flower Hill, we got:

247000000000 + 45117645651.8 = 292117645652m^3

Mass (2700kg/m^3) = 7.8871764e+14kg


I wont use an assumed time-frame now since there's no way to know for sure how long it took Pica to make the Flower Hill. There's no implication for how long this took as it could be anywhere between a couple seconds or a minute, so just gonna use PE.

PE = 7.8871764e+14*9.8*6900 = 5.3333087e+19 Joules = 12.747 Gigatons of Tnt (Island level)

Elizabello King Punch - High 7-A

I'm skipping to the Elizabello feat because Zoro's feat will be pitifully low (7-A status).

Landmarks of Dressrosa Image (Very top)

I can actually find the exact horizontal distance of how far Elizabello punched the Pica Statue to the first scaling image above.

Red = 109px (Radius of Dressrosa is 495px aka 21901.5m), so 4597.50495868m - impressive for some lower tier trash :3.

Mass of the Pica Statue sent flying = Torso + Head + Arms (already calc'd above)... the legs remained in their original position, so I will remove their volume. 45117645651.8 m^3 - (2.02×10^9 *2) = 41077645651.8 m^3

Mass = 41077645651.8*2700 = 1.1090964e+14kg

So we can already find PE.

PE = 1.1090964e+14*9.8*4822.75454545 = 5.2419217e+18 Joules or 1.253 Gigatons of tnt (Small Island level/Large Mountain level)

Zoro's Daisen Sekkai - 7-A

Decided to add this after-all since people think I'm just refusing to prove that Zoro is less than 6-C feat-wise.

Zoro sent the top half of Pica statue flying upwards... the mass is going to be taken from Elizabello's punch since both of them attacked it back-to-back.

As scaled above, Pica's Leg is 3628.49931298m.

Scaling image for the slash

85px = Pica's leg

Scaling to the center of the object, 50px is how far Zoro shot it up (2041.61086661m)

So Mass = 1.1090964e+14kg and Distance = 2134.41136055m

PE = 1.1090964e+14*9.8*2134.41136055 = 2.3199226e+18 Joules, or 554.475 Megatons of tnt (Mountain level+)

But Zoro scales to Pica anyways, so he's either High 7-A or 6-C regardless.


These calcs are very consistent seeing as how Fujitora made casual 7-A and High 7-A feats during the arc, so this isn't strange for the mid tiers to pull off with extreme effort.

7-As will scale to either High 7-A or 6-C depending on who scales to which feat."

Btw, here are the feats in the chapters:

Pica 12.747 Gigatons (6-C)

Elizabello = 1.23 Gigatons (High 7-A)

Zoro = 554.475 Megatons (7-A+)

(BONUS) Elizabello's Lite King Punch - 7-B

Feat, Result

This feat scales to Elizabello's normal attacks, as he did this without warming up for more than a couple moments, and thus will scale to the lower-mid tiers of the verse.

Basically, Elizabello and Chinjao strike the Pica Statue's arm, Fragmenting it, causing it to crumble into pieces. This statue is basically the same as the one calculated above. Don't believe me? Look at the arm in comparison to the King's Plateau and Flower Hill... It's the same statue, just before Pica emerges with his legs to go after King Riku.

So for this feat, we can use the Volume of one of Pica's arms from his calculation at the very top, which is "1.21×10^10" m^3.

Converted to cm^3, it is instead 1.21e+16 cm^3.

Fragmentation of Stone = 8(j/cc) = 9.68e+16 Joules or 23.136 Megatons of tnt (City level)

However, Elizabello only applied half of this with his punch, so instead applied 11.568 Megatons of tnt, which is still City level

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