So, as discussed in one of the latest Revision threads, there seems to be a lot of feats in Dressrosa that are either missed, or ignored that I think will result in considerably high values for the upper-mid to potential high tiers.

Pica Regrows His Arm

The inspiration for this blog, tbh. I'll use KE as Pica was using constant energy to move the stone through his statue and mold his arm.

The Feat (Top right panels)

Pica's arm is destroyed, but he very quickly recovers the arm. First, we must find the volume of stone, and then the distance traveled.

Luckily, I previously scaled the size of the arm from when we had the size of Dressrosa to be 43.8km, But we currently accept 18.17km as the size for Dressrosa. Time to quickly re-scale.

Original length and width = 6088.85496183m and 1590.6870229m respectively.

New length and width (using accepted scaling) = 2525.90170443m and 659.880895103m respectively

Volume (Cylinder) = 864000000m^3 Mass = 2.3328e+12kg

Since Pica did not recover his entire arm (only his upper arm, forearm, and hand, and a small piece of his shoulder), the distance traveled and mass moved would be 3/4 their normal values.

Distance: 1894.42627832m

Mass: 1.7496e+12kg

Finding the Time-frame - Now, obviously, this occurred over a short period of time, but it's unclear due to the manga being still-frames and the anime being inconsistent with many scenes, especially ones like this (and we all agreed to treat it as non-canon for debates due to this). As seen from this panel, the dust generated from Pica regrowing his arm is still dispersing outward, and having just started falling (even though some of the dust would obviously start going downward due to the bottom of the arm not having any cover to prevent this). even from his upper-arm--which is where the growth started.

  • Various examples just from demolitions of far smaller objects (skyscrapers made from stone--effectively far less volume of stone since they are buildings, and also shorter than Pica's arm is scaled to be) have shown similar dust build-up in the case of explosions. Let's just take a random example: This is a good example. Going frame by frame, starting from 1:30:91 is when the eruption starts and around 1:32:24 is when the rubble begins to slow down and fall. That's 1.33 seconds (arguably 1.7 seconds depending where you look) for something of considerably less density (due to hollowness) and less overall mass.
    • The dust around Pica's arm had not started to go downward (with exceptions around his under arm and under his thumb [which would OBVIOUSLY happen since they started dispersing downward anyways] and that's a clear sign that the feat took place in a 1-2 second time-frame. It was still spreading outward. Had it started showing rubble crumbling downward (like the first panel in the feat WAY after his arm was destroyed), I would use a slightly longer time-frame. Otherwise, 1 or 2 seconds are the most likely case here.

So, there will be 3 ends I shall use: 2 Seconds for low end, 1.33 seconds for mid end, 1 second for the high end


KE 1s (Absolute HE) = 3.13953E+18 J or 750.365678 Megatons of Tnt Mountain level+

KE 1.33s (ME) = 1.77485E+18 J or 424.2 Megatons of Tnt Mountain level - (Accepted Value)

KE 2s (LE) = 7.84882E+17 J or 187.5913 Megatons of Tnt Mountain level

This isn't even his best feat in this regard.

Pica Regrows Part of His Torso, Shoulder, and Arm

This feat has Pica perform something similar with far more stone in an arguably similar time-frame, but we'll get to that.

The feat

Volume of arm is already known: 2.3328e+12kg

The torso, we shall use about 1/4 of its volume due to him only regrowing some of his ribs and right pec + collar bone, and also because it doesn't seem quite close enough to be 1/3 of the volume.

Torso volume was originally found here, but that was with the 43.8km scaling. With the 18.17km scaling, we instead have:

Width (Shoulder-to-Shoulder) = 1426.93395779m

Thickness (Front to back) = 841.267757804m

Length = 965.785945812m

V = 1159361833.32m^3

Mass = 3.1302769e+12kg, but we're only going to use 1/4 of this, so 782569225000kg

Total mass = 782569225000kg + 2.3328e+12kg = 3.1153692e+12kg

Distance traveled = Using 1/3 the width of the torso + the entire length of the arm for obvious reasons, so total distance should be = (1426.93395779/3)+2525.90170443 = 3001.54635703m

Finding Time-Frame

Due to the dust build up being considerably larger than before, and the rubble is unquestionably falling downward, our high-end time-frame will be 1.33 seconds since that's the time it would take most cases for the rubble to fall and separate from the dust cloud, and 3 seconds will be our low end. 2s for mid-end as that's generally how long it takes for most rocks to be completely separate from the dust clouds. 3s for the low end


KE 1.33s (HE) = 7.93353E+18 J or 1.89616 Gigatons of Tnt (Large Mountain level)

KE 2s (ME) = 3.5084E+18 J or 838.527 Megatons of Tnt (Mountain level+) - (Accepted Value)

KE 3s (LE) = 1.55929E+18 J or 372.68 Megatons of Tnt (Mountain level)

Pica Standing up

We are not done. We did something like this for Zunisha, so Pica should also scale through this method of manipulating his stone.

Re-doing ALL of the dimensions of Pica's statue body, here is what his height and mass is:

Both Arms = 4.6656e+12kg

Both Legs = 777600000000kg

Torso = 3.1302769e+12kg

Head = 122850000000kg

Mass = 8.6963269e+12kg (8696326900 Metric Tons - Class T Lifting Strength - Just FYI)

Height = 2862.39726022m

Using a similar method for the Zunisha calc, I shall use the PE of Pica simply... standing up.

PE = 8.6963269e+12*9.8*2862.39726022 = 58.3 Megatons of Tnt = City level+

Pica was also able to reach the King's plateau from the Flower Hill rather quickly, so if someone can calculate the speed of him walking to the plateau, that'd be nice for KE.

Pica's (theoretical) Destruction of the Royal Plateau

Although this never occurs, Zoro notes that the possibility of Pica destroying the entire plateau down to rubble to be a certainty. And it's not even a reach to assume Pica could do this casually due to all of his feats throughout the last phase of the arc.

So, time to find the dimensions of the (shrunken) Royal Plateau.

Scaling image

We already have the Flower Hill Height (it's relative to the Pica statue height in chapter 777 and 778, about 2862.39726022m

107px for the Flower Hill.

King's plateau is 73 px in height. 1952.85046725m

The width varies greatly, so I shall use the median width. Max width = 78px, Min width = 53px.

We will use 65.5px. This is okay since each the max and min width occupy roughly half of the Plateau's height.


Volume, assuming a Cylinder = 4710000000m^3, but since we know there are some gaps and small corridors within the Plateau, we should assume about 20% hollowness. No more seems necessary, so 3768000000m^3

Low End 8j/cc = 7.204589 Megatons of Tnt (City level)

High End 69j/cc = 62.139579 Megatons of Tnt (City level+)

The Low End seems consistent with the next feat, but either of these can be used. Honestly, just moving the statue itself would require a lot of energy.

Elizabello's Lite King Punch Redux

Okay, so there was something ignored about Elizabello and Chinjao breaking Pica's arm. Not only did they break the arm, but they also stopped his attack.

So, this will be quick:

They destroyed most of the arm, leaving most of the shoulder intact, but visibly damaged, so it would be fair to use about 80% of the volume of the arm to determine the destruction value. 8j/cc for Fragmentation of Stone.

Arm volume = 864000000m^3. 80% of this is 691200000m^3. cm^3 is 6.912e+14.

6.912e+14*8j/cc = 5.5296e+15 J or 1.3216 Megatons of Tnt (Small City level)

Now for the arm strike, using PE as finding a time-frame is impossible.

Pica generally starts his punches from where his shoulder is. It should be fair to assume he started the attack from where his shoulder ends--about 75% of the length of his calculated arm length (as it also includes his massive shoulders), so about 1894.42627832m.

The mass of his arm is already known to be 2.3328e+12kg.

PE= 2.3328e+12*9.8*1894.42627832 = 4.3309313e+16 J or 10.351174 Megatons of Tnt (City level)

Total Value = 11.672780 Megatons of Tnt, but as Elizabello performed this alongside Chinjao, and both seemed to have applied equal power to the blow, this overall value drops to 1/2, so 5.83639 Megatons of Tnt or Small City level+

Fujitora lifts the rubble from Dressrosa

This calc was already done by me before, but with 43.8km Dressrosa

Since I already have most the values, here we go.

Dressrosa Diameter = 18.17km

Diameter without boulders = 75% of the overall diameter, so 13.6275km.

Using the same height, and similar values, we got a volume of (7290000000*.20)m^3 or 1458000000m^3 of stone rubble laying around. A mass of 3.9366e+12kg.

Add the Pica statue to this because Fujitora lifted this as well: 3.9366e+12 + 8.6963269e+12 = 1.2632927e+13kg (Class T Lifting, just FYI)

Now, the Flower Hill's height is outdated (by 2 or 3 versions, no less), but the latest 43.8km version had it at 6,900m in height. It would instead be 2862.39726022m using the accepted Dressrosa scaling.

Height the rubble was lifted is at 6577.42349158m

Ignore these values, and move onto the revised version. These are wrong

PE=1.2632927e+13*9.8*6577.42349158= 8.1430269e+17 J or 194.623 Megatons of Tnt Mountain level

For KE, since Fujitora is directly manipulating the objects and their movement, we can assume between 5 and 10 seconds due to the witnesses either being in shock, or just realizing what Fujitora had done by the time the feat was over.

KE (5s) = 1.09306E+19 J or 2.6124761 Gigatons of Tnt (Large Mountain level+)

KE (10s) = 2.73266E+18 J or 653.121415 Megatons of Tnt (Mountain level+)

Fujitora's Feat Revised

I forgot to note that all of the rubble gathers towards the eastern side of the island, which implies that a majority of the rubble had traveled further than just the vertical distance, but rather a diagonal path.

I will make a diagram and see how far the rubble would have needed to travel. Assuming the linked scan is a perspective viewing from the East, that implies that the Pica Statue (Bottom Half) was towards the East, but closer towards the center. I will deal with that bit later. The Top half towards the South (after Elizabello's punch).

I also forgot about the Giant bridge that went from North/West to South/East on the island, so I must include that as well

Fujitora lifts the rubble

Yellow = Dressrosa Width (232.432785983px for 18.17km)

Blue = Bridge Width (5px = 391m) As for the Bridge Height Image 2 is the only good scale despite it being slightly out of perspective for the bridge. 68px = 2052.28482808m (Royal Plateau width, which is already scaled in other calcs), Bridge = 45px (1358.12966564m). The Bridge spans across the diameter of Dressrosa (Excluding boulders), so 13.6275km - the Plateau diameter (as there's a massive gap here) = 11.5752151719km or 11575.2151719m

Volume of Bridge (Assuming 30% hollowing for the arcs and small gaps) = 6150000000m^3 (Haven't hollowed yet), which assuming it is made from Stone (We never see this bridge in the flashback, so I assume Pica constructed it at some point) weighs 70% of 1.6605e+13kg, or 1.16235e+13kg.

Half of this was already in the East, so half will have only gone vertical, the other half diagonal (as it was in the west).

So, now that we have that. Time for finding the horizontal distance moved. The Big Red X and square indicate where we see most of the Rubble for the feat. Back to Image 1.

Green (West) = 89.888820217px or 7.02689104911km

Orange (South--specifically the Pica Statue top half, as that's the mass we desperately want) = 68px or 5.31577330958km. This will work for the North side of the island.

As the path is diagonal, basic math here = C = Sqrt(a^2 + b^2) = 9.62km from West to East, or 8.46km from South/North to East.

Top half of the statue traveled 8.46km according to this, and the top half weighs about 7.9187269e+12kg (without legs). Including 1/2 of the Rubble (1.9683e+12kg from North and South overall). Total = 9.8870269e+12kg

(PE = 8.1971363e+17 J - KE(10s) = 3.53815E+18 J - KE(5s) = 1.41526E+19 J)

half of the bridge (5.81175e+12kg), 1/4 of the rubble (984150000000kg) and arguably the lower half of the Pica statue (777600000000kg) lie in the East region, so they would have traveled almost entirely vertically, so they will stay the same (6577.42349158m). Total = 7.5735e+12kg

(PE = 4.8817834e+17 J - KE(10s) = 1.63824E+18 J - KE(5s) = 6.55297E+18 J)

Simply 1/4 of the rubble from the West (984150000000kg) and half of the bridge (5.81175e+12kg) traveled 9.62km. Total = 6.7959e+12kg

(PE = 6.4069027e+17 J - KE(10s) = 3.14461E+18 J - KE(5s) = 1.25784E+19 J)

Total Final Values

Total PE = 1.9485822e+18 J or 465.722323 Megatons of Tnt (Mountain level) - This is Fujitora's CONSTANT energy output as he keeps the rubble suspended through the air, which he maintains from the middle of Chapter 798 to the end of 800. At least several minutes with no strain (disregarding his fight with Luffy).

Total KE (10s) = 8.321e+18 J or 1.98876673 Gigatons of Tnt (Large Mountain level) - Accepted

Total KE (5s) = 3.328397e+19 J or 7.955 Gigatons of Tnt (Island level)

Overall Results

Pica's Arm regrowth seems to be anywhere between Low End 7-A to 7-A+

Pica's Torso and Arm regrowth seems to be anywhere between 7-A to possibly High 7-A

Pica simply standing up with his Statue requires a minimum of 7-B+ energies. Energy for movement is unknown, but should be safe to say that this would be around 7-A anyways.

Pica throwing a punch generates PE of 7-B levels, but the potential destruction of the Royal Plateau also sees him generating 7-B+ AP.

Elizabello, and the Coliseum Fighters all seem to be around Low 7-B+ from this new result.

Fujitora's casual lifting is at the very least 7-A, with a possibility of even being High 7-A+


Lower Mid tiers (Coliseum Fighters, Nami, Usopp, Donquixote Executives) would be Low 7-B+

Upper Mid tiers (Top Executives, Kyros, Zoro, Sanji) would be around 7-A.

Gear 3rd Luffy and Fujitora would each casually be in the middle of 7-A to possibly High 7-A+. By extention, Doflamingo would scale above Gear 3rd Luffy.

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