Basically this feat. I will use PE. This is just to see how much energy it required and to also support Class T lifting for Fujitora and similarly powerful characters. I don't expect it to yield anything higher than 6-C... perhaps even less than that.

Fujitora Lifting

94px = Flower Hill, which is 4908.54m in height

~216px = height the rubble was lifted, which is 11279.1982979m (Hehehe)

Okay, He lifted the entire Pica Statue, almost the entire city itself (which spans over 43km in diameter with the exception of a small space). Time to find the weight.

Pica's Statue is 5.00742e+13kg referring to the scaling from the Pica feat. That's already Class T.

As advised, I will use 50 meters for the average height of the buildings. This spans over a 38000 meter diameter (island diameter removing the giant rocks at the rim, which each should be roughly 2~3km). I'll use 80% hollowness. I would get a 3.0618e+13kg from the volume provided.

Total weight = 3.0618e+13 + 5.00742e+13 = 8.06922e+13kg - Easily Class T Lifting Strength - (over 80 billion tons, over 50 billion when only considering the Pica Statue by itself)

PE = 8.06922e+13*9.8*11279.1982979 = 8.9194046e+18 Joules, which is about 2.132 Gigatons (Large Mountain level) - Doesn't scale to anyone, but it is another example of how strong Fujitora is on a very casual scale, and the second High 7-A feat he has displayed.

Just for reference, KE for 1 second would be 5.1328435204936E+21 Joules, or 1.227 Teratons, Small Country level. Doubt this value would be accepted :P

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