Ishtar does a thing and wipes Uruk off the face of the earth. Gonna calc it. 

Uruk Size
Uruk hd

To figure out Uruk's size we can scale the distance between the northen wall and the the blood fort, which is stated to be 30km. Doing so gives Uruk a rough diameter of 11.5124153498871330529km. 


Taking the 11.5124153498871330529 diameter and halving it gives the radius of 5.7562076749435666703427km. 

Plugging our found radius and a depth of 2000 meters (the apparent depth of the hole) into a calvulator, treating it as a cylinder gets 2.0818660202057E+17 centimeters3 



Now given that there's zero mention of debris and falling rocks when the main character is falling or even upon landing and the fact that the after math of the destruction looks incredibly clean with only a few rocks that don't even make up 1% of the volume (and that's assuming those are even from the feat, those could be from the underworld) I'm assuming pulverization as 99% of the volume is gone with no trace.

208186602020570000cm3 x 214jcc = 44551932832401980000 joules or 10648167502.96 tons of tnt. 

10.64816750296 gigatons, 6-C. 

Edit: Assuming vaporization because it was done with a giant laser which tends to emit heat and there was zero traces (I've been told the rubble at the bottom is from the underworld not the feat itself) 208186602020570000cm3 x 25700 = 5350395671928649000000 joules or 1.2787752561971 teratons. 6-B. Don't know if this end is accurate, that'd be for the fate thread to decide if ishtar's np vaporizes.

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