Lancetoria uses her NP to make giant craters, calcing that.

Due to this quote we know the distance between the camelot (presumably the gate) and ozy's temple is 100km (which is to small to see on the unmarked map, but it's location is known due to the marked map).

The craters dont actually look to be true craters when you actually zoom in and get a good look (the larger ones at least, the smaller craters

seem to be true hemispheres), having seemingly flat bottoms so I'm gonna treat it as a conical frustum.
Camelot map

Utilizing that information we get the dimensions of the crater to be 7.1621621621621621757km diameter or 3.58108108108108108785km radius for the top, the bottom to be 5.1351351351351351324km diameter or 2.5675675675675675662km radius, the height of the crater we can luckily get due to the slight angle to be 0.6756756756756757km (675+ meters).

20.244318738985km3 or 20244318738984996cm3.

Gonna use two ends, pulv due to a complete lack of debris or anything and vaporization given the area where the impacts are most commonly used are burnt and scorched planes due to the blasts and the heat from it, plus the weapon is capable of vaporization and is seemingly even known for it.

20244318738984996cm3 x 214jcc = 4332284210142789144 joules or 1.0354407768 gigaton.

20244318738984996cm3 x 25700jcc 520278991591914397200 joules or 124.34966338239 gigaton.

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