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All credit to Zombie Shields.


At 1:07:35 to 1:09:19, we got a laser firing contest going on here! Mr.Satellite floating up there fires a blue laser.

Let's calculate the speed of blue laser.

  • It starts at 1:05:24.987, as this is the moment just before the laser is fired.
  • It reaches Earth's atmosphere (particularly the clouds) at 1:05:27.757, meaning the laser mostly arrived at Earth at that point.
    • Time difference = 27.757 - 24.987 = 2.77 seconds
    • Diameter of Earth = 1335px = 12742km
    • Size of Earth shown = 543.6px = 5188.43km (scaling image)
    • Panel height = 360px
    • Angsizing = 2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size = 543.6px/panel height = 360px)) = 1.242 rads, or 71.164 deg
    • Distance = 3626km
    • Speed = Distance/Time = 3626km/2.77s = 1309km/s, or Mach 3846.68

Let's calculate the speed of yellow laser. The moment Kazuya fires his laser, that is...

So it took about 5.839 seconds for Kazuya's beam to leave the Earth's atmosphere, but then look what happens here...

It took about 0.701 seconds for said laser to reach the satellite from just outside of Earth? Looks like we have an inconsistency when it comes to laser speeds.

The second timeframe needs to be used because it directly shows us the moment when said laser leaves Earth, and hits the satellite.

  • Distance = 3626km (We will use the distance from Earth to POV in the 1st calc since the position of satellite remained the same.)
  • Speed = 3626km/0.701 seconds = 5172.61km/s, or Mach 15200

Let's see what can be done here.

Clouds being puffy while being stretched out across the sky, they look like Stratocumulus clouds?

  • Cloud height = 2400m (should be around there) = 291px
  • Beam width = 7px = 57.73m
  • Angsizing = 2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size = 7px/panel height = 480px)) = 0.01382 rads, or 0.7918 deg
  • Size = Beam width
  • Distance to POV = 4177.4m. This would be the radius of the explosion.
  • Explosion speed crossed in like 1/4 of a second?
  • Explosion yield (near total fatalities) = ~3.7 megatonsSmall City level.
  • Speed of laser = (Cloud height/Time)
  • Going to note that it took only 1 frame for said laser to reach from cloud height to ground, so the equation is basically (2400m)/(0.0333) = 72072 m/s, Mach 211.8, Massively Hypersonic

That explosion covered the entire screen with white, and kept expanding. Applying fireball radius seems reasonable for this calculation, although minimum should be used since the explosion happened directly on the ground and not on the air and stuff.

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