So, since I got a lot of flag for attempting to use the curvature of the Earth for trying to find the Etherion Blast, I decided to simply measure the distance of the Satellite Square to that of the explosion of the Etherion


At first I was going to try and measure people to some of the architectual design, but when I am trying that, it turned out to be a hassle, So when I tried to find a reference to the Tower of Heaven height, I was redirected to Tower of Babel height (2484 m), so then I was looking back, and found that the lowest clouds height is 2000 meters, and there are a few images that shows the Tower breaching the clouds.

So, for the sake of argument, I will use the Tower of Babel height for reference.

  • Tower Height = 2,484 m = 1369 px Tower Width = 366.52 m = 202 px
  • Tower Width = 366.52 m = 27 px Distance to Satellite = 15583.89 m = 1148 px Satellite length = 4357.52 m = 321 px
  • Satellite Length = 404.89 px = 4.36 km Distance 514.78 px = 15583.89 m (116.04-95.86= 20.18 degrees) Angsizing Blast Diameter = 185.14 px = 5546.2 m


So with advice from AlexSovo, I did the degree calcing which gives me 20.14 degrees, so I need to find the distance from the ground pov to the Satellite, which I got 9.26428791 degrees for, I did Ang sizing, and got 26783 meters, so adding that to the distance I got before, the total would be 42366.89 meters

I used the Angsizing calc to find the size of the explosion in the image where Etherion was fired, which is 15048 meters.

So then, since it is a ground based explosion, I will be using this formula to find the result:

7524^3*((27136*1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2 = 34231968.6609 Tonnes = 34.23 MT

That would be the low end, now for the High end, if we are to assume that the "Satellite Square" has the same altitude as a regular satellite (35,786 km), which is the closest I could find when researching, then we would get a Blast Diameter of 12710 km, so the formula would be for High End:

6355000^3*((27136*1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2 = 2.0626815e+16 Tonnes = 20.63 PT

Final Results:

  • High End: 20.63 PT (Multi-Continent Level)
  • Low End: 34.23 MT (City Level)


For the High end, it would reference to this Blog by DemonGodMitchAubin which calced other countries being destroyed by Etherion to determine the energy output makes it relatively similar to that of "Cael-Um", which the blast for the Tower of Heaven is part of the same nation, etc.. So It would not be hard to believe that it can destroy any country with that size.

Plus, Etherion did fire before which has proof here as a means of deterant to the Alvarez Empire. The image above would not be some sort of illustration based on interpretation but as a visual proof of it's power. Also in a more clear image here, you can see how the mountains at the bottom of the panel have a over view appearance rather than the other mountains which have a far of distance appearance in comparison.

It even after the explosion would say that fusion density of it's contents increases and would have extreme weather conditions.

Then there is the question of it being nuclear based or not, here are a few points that should be convincing that it would be classified as nuclear based, It is Fusion Based Process And that after the explosion, the materials (Ethernanos) left behind is hazardous and contaminates the body.

(Which would apply to future or other explosion calcs)


This would likely scale to just Etherion or even possibly the other spriggans that would come close to it in the future when I make calcs for it.

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