zeus flattened gridlok's (presumably steel) head. (see feat here ) i will attempt to figure out how much force that would take.

Compressive Strength of steel - 860MPa (i used the stainless steel one)

Weight of the Skull - 14103.9482 g (this was its own calc, essentialy i found the volume of the head then subtracted out how much empty space there was using a human skull as a refrence then multiplied by density.)

Density of steel - 8000 kg/m3 = 8 g/cm3

14103.9482/8 = 1762.993525 cm3

860 MPa*1762.993525 cm^3 = 1516174.4315 J

For shear strength: 

Shear Strength of steel - 344.73786 MPa

344.73786 MPa*1762.993525 cm^3 = 607770.615002 J

using yeild strength:

yeild strength of steel - 410 J/CC or 410 MPa

410 J/CC*1762.993525 cm^3 = 722827.34525 J


compressive = 1516174.4315 J (wall level)

shear = 607770.615002 J (wall level)

using yeild strength = 722827.34525 J (wall level)

i made this in attempt to calc Atom's and zeus's ap/durability based on zeus flattening gridlock's head, but if other characters have similar feats it could be used for that.

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