In Star vs the forces of evil Meteora Butterfly blows up a tower with 8 large diamonds on the outside. I"m going to be calcing it.


Scan 1:
Star thing

Mewman assumed to around star's hieght: 5'2

Scan 2:

Tower width: 105.916 ft or 32.28339 m

Tower height: 46.5 ft or 14.1732 m

Values plugged into an ellipsoid calculator

The volume of 15468.744559912 meters3 or 15,468,744,559.9119968 cubic cm
Star calc pic 2

Diamond Statistics

Calc for pulverization of diamond

Pulverization of diamond is 110,000 j/cc

Energy = 15,468,744,559.9119968 x 110,000 = 1.7015619015903E+15 joules

Note: This is probably a lowball because as you see in the scene right before a mewman in proportion to meteora is abou the size of here eye there is no way the towers hieght is only 46.5ft tall

Recalculations for the actual volume:

Scan 1
Star calc pic 3

mewman height assumed to be: 5'2

Meteora ear: 5.90476190476191576 ft. 

Scan 2:

Proportionality meteroa's ear is .875/7.25 when compared to her body

Meteora's actual height when the building explodes: 42.809523809524 ft
Pic 4

Understanding that we can not see Meteora and the fact that Meteora is shown to be shorter than the pieces of building left at the bottom, the smallest piece at the bottom must be atleast Meteora's hieght

Minimum tower width: 702.07619047619 ft or 213.992822857142727 m

Minimum tower height: 308.22857142857 ft or 93.9480685714281378 m

New values plugged into ellipsoid calculator

The minimum volume of that room is 2252604.2223757 meters cubed or 2,252,604,222,375.69971 cm cubed

Let's assume that the room is 80% hollow

Volume destroyed: 450,520,844,475.14 cm cubed

Energy = 450,520,844,475.14 x 110,000 = 4.9557292892265E+16 joules

Final Tally

Durability of Mewmans = 11844477.27 Tons of TNT (High 6-C+)

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