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Humans, Ajin, Spirits, and Demons.  A world where various races live.  Using the technique called magic that uses magical powers living in all things, the world has developed its own unique world.  The war between the human and the demonic world, Many of the powerful monsters were sealed into a different space called Makai.  However, the threat of the demons still can not be wiped out completely, people lay a barrier to the earth, making a city in it and living.  One day two years ago as such a day continued, one seal of the Makai is destroyed by someone.  From the knights of each country and each cities' Bounty Hunter, It is ordered to investigate the criminal and repair the seal, and various people start moving.

A Story Like it.

~ Wonderful World's Story.


The Wonderful World is a planet in which it's primary power is that of Magic. It's been known for having 5 Continents,  Each represent a direction on the logo's trademark compass (& a central continent.)  The verse has been known for magic running it as an ever-evolving, self developing world.  Some areas even run electricity.  & as such, could run Magic Technology. The World is filled with many kinds of beings; Humans with Magic Ability, Ajin, or Beastkin, Spirits, & Demons like Imps, Augers, Giants, Vampires, even Succubi. Demons are basically monsters that thrive in the Makai, & those that escape are seen as threats above ground. Creatures of the night in a way. All four archetypes live in harmony until Sabe Possibly broke one of six seals of the Makai, freeing all demonic life to the rest of the world. As a result, many beings from many walks of life attempt to hunt him down.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-B, likely Higher | Low 7-C, likely Higher | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown

Civilization Type: Unknown, At least Post-Industrial Civilization (The World's inhabitants can use magic by utilizing the world around them.  Some can even sense magic without assistance, like Shake Highland & Nefisca Arbanride for spirits, and Gear Forceguld as a whole), likely higher (The Magic in the Wonderful World is getting stronger & is ever evolving all the time. While The Laboratory's nature, much less, it's interior, is unknown to so many, it could be higher than the rest of the world for utilizing the masterful use of Magic & Technology...)

Name: Unknown, referred to as "The Wonderful World"

Origin: Wonderful World (Verse)

Classification: Self Developing Magic Planet

Kardashev Level: At least Type Ⅱ (While the verse has no proof of channeling the sun, it can be implied that those that run electricity as a source can do this just fine.)

Age: Unknown (Has been developing it's own magic since the creation of the verse.)

Population: Unknown (Should be comparable with Earth, which has 7 Billion+ people.)

Territory: There are 5 Continents each with many areas in the world. While not all are confirmed, here is what is confirmed: Ainefill, Rakleia, Berga, Amel, Lekseim, Cornelica, Orhan, Mehar, Iberia, Aurora, Lilitis, Filetzgandr, Alter

Technology/Abilities: Magic Mastery (The world is filled with this, so it makes sense the convential cast is all able to do this in some measure (Even Citizens could use this in their everyday lives.). Ranging from Fire, Water Earth Wind, Darkness, among many other kinds, they even include Demonic Magic of the Makai, & a mastery of both Magic & Technology intertwined. For more info, check the profiles of the verse below.), Masterful Knowledge of Magic via Ryuza Langran's Magic Research (Ryuza has traveled all around the world to find how each kind of magic works. He was even able to add to his glossary Sasari Haruha's Ki abilities, & even Duna Haizen's Electrical Discharges even though she doesn't understand it herself; both of these don't count as magic, but were put in anyways.), Blessed by the Goddess of The Wonderful World, Magic Defense via blocking & Fatal Switch (The conventional verse, outside of Citizens, are capable of this. It requires 2 Counter Gauge Blocks.), Invulnerable Counterattacks via Moment Attack (The conventional verse should be capable of using this in their own way, pushing the opponent back all the way to the other side of the screen. Requires 3 Counter Gauge Blocks.), Expert Evasion via Force Revival (A risky Maneuver, when timed right, it can do a better than normal backlash at a hefty 5 counter gauge blocks. WIP) Superhuman Physical Characteristics (The conventional verse should be able to fight each other on even ground (e.g. Aiwhen Iize, who has the lowest life can still defeat even Rosalice Hermail who currently has the record of the highest amount. Also, in terms of the Ranklist, Athha Bright, a friend of Cielo Graykiss, who is just slightly stronger than the Citizens, can defeat Sabe, who is the top of the Ranklist Hierarchy, just as easily as everyone else; at least, outside of the citizens. The Entire Wonderful World Population is capable of Magic; thus should be able to use it in some way despite being weaker than all other F-Rank Characters.), Superhuman Intelligence via Jurisou Institute (While many of the Female section of the conventional cast are childish on the outside, even mere humans were capable of education levels involving magic rivaling that of Demons; In fact, unless you aren't a citizen, you are not permitted in the Middle School level of the curiculum...), Millitary Mastery via the Wonderful World's Knight Orders (For such an army to qualify as an army in this civilization, it needs a good amount of medics focusing on healing magic, & Knights wielding Magic Weapons.), Uses relics as technology to repair Magic in weapons (Such an era called the Old Era where ancient tools with permanent Magic found in ruins are being used for this.).

Attack Potency: At least Planet Level, likely Higher (While Comparable to Earth itself, the fact it has Magical Properties shows it can be stronger than Earth as a whole, even without the threat of Nuclear Genocide; The Makai only improves on this just by having a gate in Orhan that anyone can just walk in & out of.) | Low 7-C, likely Higher (Most of the conventional verse should be of this tier, with decent Hax to boot, though it is possible for an upgrade to this section at one point, or another. | Unknown via Chartette Leor's Terra Break. (This move can destroy whole arenas if it weren't for game mechanics. Despite this, Aiwhen Iize can tank this attack with only a handful of life left after even full health. | Unknown via Claudette Leor's "Deadly Blow!"/"Take this, my Deadly Fist!" (Strictly superior to Terra Break, despite it being hard to time, it can (And Will) one-shot any opponent whose life total starts at an amount lower than 780. This means, only Chartette Leor, Etielle Rose Clovertz, Claudette Leor, Ryuza Langran, Sabe, Cielo Graykiss, & even Rosalice Hermaii are the fortunate few to tank this, & live. It is stated Claudette can fight even Kaiju to a degree...) | Unknown (As the monotheistic deity of the verse, not much is known; but with Rosalice nearing completion, maybe her winquotes could give more insight on her powers.)

Power Source: For the most part, the ever evolving magic the planet itself makes since it was created.  There are, though, some areas that have used Electricity as a power source, within limits.  The Laboratory that Doesn't Belong in any Nation even uses Technology to fashion individuals into weapons.)

Industrial Capacity: The Magic Levels in this civilization are so high, if comparable to Present Day Earth, the fact it keeps evolving & developing itself would surpass Earth's Industrial Potential (Newspapers can be made as shown in The World of Darkness, Weapons can even have Magical Properties when forged, & this potential power source is only getting higher all the time.), Some places even use Electricity, but no names for areas that use this are confirmed. While not confirmed yet, Duna Haizen's Thunder Spread Finish Skill is lightning, & is considered to be able to Supply Cities with Electricity for an unknown amount of times (This is unconfirmed.)

Military Prowess: Ardore Grenflow has an army of Livestock as well as his artificially made Doll "Daughter" Abeldy, who believes everything Ardore says is correct. Each area also has an unknown amount of Knights in their respective Order. Bounty Hunters usually reside in Ainefill, but there are some exceptions. The Makai has an army of monsters, led by 4 Majin: Sabe, Friede, Heathrod, & Areyu. Millitary Town Berga even has Demon Hunters like Lynia & Aiwhen who both are part of the "Demon Hunt" Faction. Even the Laboratory can create and fashion already existing individuals into weapons.

Order of Amel

Order of Rakleia

Aurora Citizens

  • Ardore Grenflow (Formerly)
  • Abeldy Grenflow (Formerly)
  • Felmina Phoenix
  • Uruca Cordelia

Military Town Berga

Order of Lekseim

Bounty Hunters

Laboratory that Does Not Belong in any Nation



Notable Individuals: 

  • Chartette Leor (An Ajin that is capable of a weapon no human body structured being should lift; was able to lift it since age ~7; and is a weapon only Giants should use properly.
  • Claudette Leor (Twin Sister of Chartette that is capable of fighting Kaiju dozens of meter in size.
  • Wolfes Galgani (The Highest ranked Bounty Hunter in the world & a former knight of Filetz Gantt before its destruction. As he became a Bounty Hunter, he is indeed rich. Those who fought him stated either their World Perspective, or the dimension itself is different...)
  • Sabe (The Sword of the Majin, & Ruler of the Makai. The Main Antagonist of the Verse, Sabe is capable of destroying whole villages without a second thought.  Surmised to be killed by Lynia Soul in the end.
  • Heathrod (The Armor of the Majin as well as the heaviest of the verse. A Golem that has a House of his own outside of the Makai Castle where it is soundproof, and he can channel his power even further. It was mentioned in the OMAKE he has overwhelming power...)
  • Areyu (The Claw of the Majin, & as most females of the verse would put it; a sensual maniac. She is infamous among Demonic Life as a dominatrix, and her ability to erode magic.
  • Ryuza Langran (The Headmaster of the Amel Order, and one who has a whole glossary of Magic Research in his Repertoire. Despite this, Lemius Langran has been known for an immodest BrotherXSister love pairing.
  • Rescana Almadia (Headmaster of the Lekseim Order, and love interest of Rosalice Hermail. A much more highly trained & experienced Headmaster, she is serious about her rank, and is a believer of Religious Faith, even though she is aware of Rosalice Hermail's crush on her.
  • Felmina "Fefe" Phoenix (A Court Magician of Magic City Aurora who is not confident in her power; though as A Majo Shoujo, while Gameplay won't show it, can destroy a country given there are multiple targets. 
  • Fuga Hertzwell (A member of the Laboratory who is stated to oppose it. Her Ototo (Younger Brother) is being held hostage in exchange for Fuga's support. 
  • Friede (The Fang of the Majin (The oldest character of the verse; & the only one to have seen wars as far as being a child in Man Years.  She is considered the brains of the Majin, having over 5 centuries of combat her entire life.
  • Lynia Soul (What is assumed, based on Sabe's Arcade Mode as his Murderer. Initially married to a childhood friend named Garruk, he was murdered by the time the Gate to the Makai in Lynia's childhood town of Ohran broke open. Sabe became Lynia's number one target.
  • Semnia Eubaints (2 years before going through an operation to outfitted a Rune Demon Sword as part of her body. She has no memory before 2 years ago; it would be surmised, though that she lived an elegant life based on her lovely attire. But she is anything but. Her sword counts as 7, and they have demonic properties. It was most likely the Laboratory that was experimenting with Demon Magic at the time that operated on her. She is not interested in relationships, and wished the world ended. She is capable of creating Abyss Vortexes that forces one into the Abyss, killing them in seconds upon entry. She is Lethargic though; just wanting to have an Afternoon Nap. All she wanted was to go back home after 2 years of amnesia. Her Heterochromia could even be a result of the operation; now having a red iris.

Weaknesses: Global scale Magic Removal forces the civilization back to the Stone Age, & if the change is permanent, they will be completely defenseless (Towns that run electricity need magic to power their technology.) | Heavily Dependent on the character themselves; Citizens tend to have Human Weaknesses even when using magic. | Doesn't want to fight her sister, hates Lightning, & is weaker than her sister anyway. | Reckless, Doesn't want to fight her sister as doing so with her raw power will kill her, hates lightning, Her "Deadly Blow!"/"Take this, my Deadly Fist!" can actually miss, but when it hits, it can one shot most of the verse anyway. | Unknown (Little to nothing is known about the Goddess of the Wonderful World.)

Key: The Wonderful World as a Planet | Most of the verse | Chartette Leor | Claudette Leor | Goddess of the Wonderful World

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