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Note: You can get the game HERE.

First, I'd like to apologize for what happened 6 months ago; I previously didn't know any better at such a point. But now I'm back, and I HAVE been studying up over the past 1/2 year, and you won't expect much unless I perfect such pages myself.

Game: Wonderful World

Question: Is Duna's electricity true electricity?

Anyways, let's find back my case up somehow via the wiki's rulings...

Most lightning in fiction are not real lightning. Often they are supernatural in nature and are possibly not even electricity. Therefore lightning are only accepted as such under certain circumstances.

  • Cloud-to-ground lightning are considered to be real lightning as long there is nothing suggesting otherwise.
  • Lightning bolts from electrical devices can usually be considered as real lightning, as long as the purpose of the device is not to produce lighting strikes. That may intuitively sound strange, but many lightning weapons actually just produce energy beams, while things like broken circuits usually do have proper electricity flowing. Some more realistic devices like Tesla coils can most likely be accepted as real lightning none the less.
  • Lightning directly produced by a character is only considered as real lightning if it has demonstrated some properties real lightning has. Some examples are: making muscles of hit beings contract, having an (electro)magnetic field, being shown to actually move with a speed similar to lightning, flowing through conducting materials, the character being able to manipulate real electricity or electromagnetism in general, generating ozone or causing electrolysis.

With all that in stone, let's begin:

While Duna's Lightning is the topic of this specific kind of Ruling, here's what I know: Chain Lightning starts with an electric orb Duna shoots out with the electricity surrounding her. It shoots wherever it targets via the O button, as the shot is fired down, it can be blocked, or backhopped. Due to the guiding of the electric strike, I'm guessing in that way, it's not true lightning.

The Electrical device of choice is Duna's Sword. It can absorb Duna's Lightning in some attacks via a fictional alloy core that for the most part, can store lightning, making the alloy more powerful... One move uses the lightning stored to combine a slash with a thunderbolt.

It doesn't show it in game but Duna CAN electrocute foes, thus messing with their muscles. Lightning flows around Duna, and even her sword (Which as mentioned, has an alloy core that conducts it.), The verse seems to have Lightning Fast Reaction Speed (Some characters have Massively Hypersonic Reactions.), (Chain lightning, among other attacks of hers, manipulates lightning in many ways, but can be blocked, or in some cases, evaded completely.) Duna can actually manipulate her own Lightning and change its form in combat (Feathers, and Torus' for instance.), the only thing it can't do as far as I'm concerned is that it doesn't produce ozone or cause Elecrolysis in any way.

Have you been playtesting up to this point? Good, because I now have info needed to decide if the Wonderful World verse is infact Lightning Fast.

Also, as last minute sections:

Duna's lightning states that her Discharged Electricity is singular, thus isn't magic, yet there is separate magic from it.

(Taken from "wanindex")


I can't translate the Japanese myself (Google Translate is terrible at many languages.); I'll need help there, in case anyone wants to correct me.

So, Is this lightning real, or just regular energy? I'm guessing no... The rest is up to you...

BONUS: Duna Pics:

Before we begin, I just wanted to back up my case as nobody was playing this game. this is so I can simply prove Duna's lightning is not magic. Also, to scale:

Canon Height: 158cm/5'1" Approx

In-Game px Height: 201px

With all input in... Let's begin:

There goes the electro-orb...

Duna has just deployed an electric orb that both opponents can see. That's not the end, though...

And then...

Not Cole MacGrath, but that arm must hurt!

It's currently unknown how high this bolt can go, but it can be surmised that it can be blocked, dashed out of the way, or hopped out of the way. Assuming the bolt came from the sky, and that it was activated from the ground, Not counting frame advantage, the Startup lasted 22 frames, the duration was 5 frames, and recovery was 20, it adds up to an overall amount of 47fps. Given Wonderful World runs at an unusually high 100fps, this would mean the bolt, not counting recovery, or prep-time, lasted only 5fps. In real world timing; that's 5/100ths of a second, or 5 Centiseconds. In commonspeak: 50 milliseconds. While this is MUCH slower than regular lightning, it should be noted there are no separations at the end, and the return discharge is part of the same 5 frames. Poor Duna's arm must ache by the look of her face...

Now for Duna's Height.

Height 201px

Yes the pic is TINY. Bear with me. As already stated, Duna is 158cm, or 5'1". Based on the math, AND the lines each 20px, we can assume Duna is 201px high. That's not all...


Chain Lightning 428px

This is the Chain Lightning at full force. If we use the same measuring system we did on Duna, it would be around 428px high when measuring from the ground. This means: while the lightning is higher than it appears, it's highest within visual sight is is at least twice the height of Duna, probably MUCH Higher in reality... Ow.

Duna's many "Lightning" attacks come in many forms... Such as...

Duna Slams the orb...

Duna slams an orb to the ground causing...

But it's actually...

There are actually multiple zaps.

While the zaps may seem like there's one of them, GET OUT OF THE WAY! It will keep zapping until it wears off...

But I saved the best for last... Duna's Finish Skill: Thunder Spread!

Look, there's a spark, no joke.

You might think it's a giant energy beam, but look in the black box carefully. See what's inside? Yep. It's return discharge from the move itself. This means this WHOLE move is all from Duna's harboring lighting used to its highest limit. This means I need more proof that any of this counts as lightning. Duna can form this "laser" with her discharges, and based on the volt meter: IT IS UNKNOWN WHAT AMOUNT OF VOLTS THERE ARE. This is what I meant by "Killing grown men."; Thunder Spread is that powerful...

Now I need help from the Calc team: Is any of this real lightning? Also, I want to see if Chain Lightning is dodgable by the rest of the verse. No Blocking, no Fatal Switches/Moment Attacks/or Force revivals. Just Running, and Side Hopping please.

Thank you for the time, and... Good Luck. The link to the game is on the top.

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