The original calc explains the situation, but I am unsatisfied with my work in this. It was one of my first calcs, so it is bound to have problems. Let's redo it a bit better.

The Calculation

She attacks relativistically, with 90% being accepted by the calc group. So let's take 90% SoL, 269813212.2 meters per second. Abigail is likely 62 kg, as the 70 kg from the previous calc being a bit of a highball for me.

Instead of using normal KE, I'll be using Relativistic KE for this one. Using our RKE Calc we can determine Abigail to be striking with energy equal to 7.184x10^18 joules. Higher than the last one, so I am glad I redid this.

Final Tally

Fast and Furious: 7.184x10^18 or 1.717 Gigatons of TNT, High 7-A, Large Mountain level

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