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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    I sat through every movie and episode of the first generation of Care Bears because I hate myself.

    Here are some calcs.

    Key: CBS = Care Bear Stare

    The Care Bears and Cousins use the CBS to melt a forest covered in ice and snow

    Assuming the FoF is the size of a U.S. National Forest. And it should be reasonably big.

    Smallest National Forest is 45.9 km^2

    That's 4.59e+7 m^3

    Let's assume the snow is a foot (0.3048 meters) thick.

    Density of snow varies but 200 kg/m^3 seems like a reasonable middle ground.

    But that gives us 2798064000 kg of snow

    (2798064000*4181*(20-0))+(334000*2798064000) = 1.1685275e+15 joules

    Took 8 of them to do it

    (1.1685275e+15)/8 = 1.4606594e+14 joules or 34 kilotons of TNT or Town level

    If nothing else the villain states they unfroze a l…

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Chase accidentally crushes a canteen with one hand.

    I'll be using this calc as a reference point.

    First I need to find this guy's surface area.

    The actor is 172.72 cm tall

    His ideal weight would be 67.2 kg

    His surface area would be about 1.8 m^2

    The human hand is approximately 0.83% of the total surface area of the body.

    1.8*0.0083 = 0.01494 m^2

    This thing looks like it's made of lead to me. I'm quite sure I'll be told how wrong I am but for now, I'm going with that.

    Tensile strength of lead is 18 MPa (MPa = N/mm^2)

    Force = (18e+6)*0.01494 = 268920 Newtons or 27422.2084 kg of force

    He did this with one hand on accident.

    So it should be ok to multiply that by 2.

    27422.2084*2 = 54844.4168 kg or Class 100

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    I've been told there were more cloud revisions, so this needs to be recalced.

    Luckily all that really changes is the radius of the storm. In the episode it is said the storm covers all of Kauai, which has a radius of about 26.6 km.

    You can see the previous calc to find out where I got all the other numbers from

    KE = 0.5 x Density x Height x pi x (Radius^4)/(Time^2)

    KE = 0.5 x 1.003 x 2000 x pi x (26600^4)/(3.46^2) = 1.3177261e+20 joules or 31.494409655831738348 gigatons of TNT or Island level

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Here I am going to attempt to calculate another common feat.

    It would looks something like this.

    Average height of an adult male's mandible is 71.99 mm

    The bone you'd need to break to separate the jaw from the rest of the skull is called the temporomandibular joint.

    AKA this thing outlined in red.

    So using pixelscaling...

    (124/182)*0.07199 = 0.04904813186 meters

    (200/182)*0.07199 = 0.0791098901 meters

    If I treat that joint as a pyramid with a square base...

    Volume = 0.000102 m^3 or 102 cm^3

    Of course there are two of these suckers per human so that's 204 cm^3

    Bone has a shear stress strength of 51.6 MPa

    204*51.6 = 10526.4 joules or Street level+

    To make a long story short, this joint is made of tendons and cartilage, not bone.

    (18/59)*71.99 = 21.96305084…

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    The Water Queen controls all the water on this planet to make a giant water serpent named Maria

    I'm going to try and calculate it.

    Now I'm not as sure about this method as I usually am for my calcs so I won't be shocked if it's rejected. I'm going to use Darkanine's (RIP) Spongebob calc as reference.

    I'll also be using the 10 second timeframe that we usually use for feats that happen between comic panels. Given the context, it seems fairly reasonable.

    As one can see, literally everything on this planet's surface is water. I'm going to treat this planet as Earth-sized. For the low-end I'll treat it as though it's exactly like Earth if instead of its surface being 2/3 water, it's 100% water. For the high-end I'll treat it as this planet's entire…

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