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    In this episode of Phineas and Ferb, Ferb throws a papier mache boulder to the top of the mountain they created. I want to see how strong he'd need to be to do this.

    We'll need to find out the size of the boulder compared to Phineas and then the height of the mountain compared to the boulder.

    Unfortunately, Phineas's height is never explicitly stated. However, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is 5'2" and by comparing him to Phineas in this frame we find out Phineas is 78.247875 cm

    So now we know that the mountain is 1616.02249039 cm tall. A cubic meter of paper weighs 1201 kg. The boulder is virtually a sphere, and the volume of a sphere can be found with this formula.

    V = 4/3 x pi x r^3 and the radius is 39.…

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Here we see Splodyhead disperse clouds from a blizzard which was created by Slushy. The blizzard covers the entire island of Kauai.

    Splodyhead is virtually the exact same size as Stitch, who is 3 feet tall or 0.9144 meters. He is standing at the peak of Mount Waialeale which is 1569 meters. Plug 1569.9144 into this calculator and you get 141.5 km or 141500 meters. This is our radius. I think.

    Nimbostratus clouds make blizzards and are 2 km or 2000 meters. Using a frame-by-frame tool we see that it took him 3.64 seconds to clear the clouds. Cloud density is 1.003 kg/m^3

    KE = 0.5 x Density x Height x pi x (Radius^4)/(Time^2)

    KE = 0.5 x 1.003 x 2000 x pi x (141500^4)/(3.64^2) = 9.5488613x10^22 j or…

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    EVE destroys a ship

    February 12, 2018 by Arrogant Schmuck

    In this scene from WALL-E, EVE gets angry and blows up a ship. I'm going to try to find out how much destructive energy would be needed to blow up this ship.

    There are still large pieces of it left afterwards so we'll call it a fragmentation.

    We don't know how tall the ship is, so I'll compare it to EVE in this frame.

    We don't know how tall EVE is so I'll compare her to WALL-E in this frame.

    WALL-E is 3 feet and 4 inches tall with his eyes as high as they can go. In this frame he is 346px and EVE is 422px. Every 346 pixels is 3 feet 4 inches or 40 inches.

    422/346 =  1.21965317919

    1.21965317919 x 40 = 48.7861271676 inches

    In this frame from earlier, EVE is 25 px tall and the boat is 447 px tall. Eve…

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    Well here's my second attempt at a calc blog. Today we are seeing how durable and, consequently, how strong the Omnidroid from The Incredibles is.

    So first thing's first is the scene where we see the Omnidroid flying towards the city while housed in a jet. This can be seen in this gif here which is too big in file size to embed.

    Next thing to do is figure out how tall the Omnidroid is and how much it weighs. There is no official statement for either of these measurements, so I'm going to use the ones MatPat so graciously has provided. I know he's not seen as a reliable source by a lot of people but for the sake of saving myself from a massive headache, I am using his calculations. Plus …

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Pretty much everyone else in SK scale from Asuka and Homura's building destruction feat. Therefore, as one of maybe three devoted SK fans on this site, I am using my very first attempt at a calc to try to determine just how far into High 8-C these ladies are. However, as it is my very first calc, chances are high that it could be filled to the brim with errors, so try to bear with me please.

    So here is the feat in question

    I'm no expert but I'd call that a pulverization for sure. Now since there's only one frame where I can get a reasonable comparison point for the height of the building to the height of the girls, we'll be using that one.

    Here we have a good silhouette shot where there are no significant camera angling tricks. And thanks to Photo…

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