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    This cloud dispersal happens in the OP of the second game

    I'll be calcing that bad boy.

    Standard storm radius is 20 km, and standard cumulonimbus height is 8 km.

    Cloud density is 1.003 kg/m^3

    As you can see, it takes almost exactly 1 second for this dispersal to take place

    KE = 0.5 x 1.003 x 8000 x pi x (20000^4)/(1^2) = 2.0166512e+21 joules or 481.991 gigatons of TNT or Large Island level

    SK Cloud Dispersal: 2.0166512e+21 joules or 481.991 gigatons of TNT or Large Island level

    Now the beam that does the dispersal in the video is white with a red outline, quite similar to the color scheme of Kagura's attacks seen during instances such as this. I think this might imply she is capable of doing this, so I think a likely or possibly could be added to her …

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    In the third Magnificent 12 book, it says that the golem is able to fire off dodgeballs at supersonic speeds.

    This should be a fairly simple calc.

    Dodgeballs weigh 0.095 kg.

    I'll do the bottom of supersonic (Mach 1.1) for the low-end and the top (Mach 2.5) for the high-end.

    (0.095*0.5)*(377.3^2) = 6761.876275 joules or Street level

    Idk if that's with a + or not

    (0.095*0.5)*(857.5^2) = 34927.046875 joules or Wall level


    • Low End: 6761.876275 joules or Street level
    • High End: 34927.046875 joules or Wall level

    Seems like average kids at this school can survive this, so it should at least scale to Stefan Marr who is supposed to be the strongest.

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Axe Cop swings the Biggest Axe Ever into Mr. Tree-Face, who eats planets like apples.

    Imma calc this sucka.

    Now the planet I'm using to scale Tree-Face's eye to isn't Earth, but for now, I'll act under the assumption that it's the same size as Earth.

    Earth's radius is 12742 km

    (90/86)*12742 = 13334.6511628 km

    That's how wide Mr. Tree-Face's eyes are.

    These images can help with scaling the blade of the axe.

    (219/273)*13334.6511628 = 10697.0278559 km

    (55/273)*13334.6511628 = 2686.46818298 km

    (163/141)*13334.6511628 = 15415.2350322 km

    15415.2350322*2686.46818298*10697.0278559 = 442991077353 km^3

    That's equal to 4.42991077353e+17 cm^3

    Density of copper is 8960 kg/m^3

    ((4.42991077353e+21)*8960)) = 3.9692001e+25 kg

    Let's say Axey can swing this thing at the s…

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    So we have the destruction values for the human body, and the average volume of one is a short Google search away, yet it still hasn't been put on a blog anywhere that I can find. Thus, I will remedy said situation in a short, sweet manner.

    Volume of the human body is 62000 cm^3

    62000*4.4 = 272800 joules or Wall level

    62000*7.533 = 467046 joules or Wall level

    62000*12.9 = 799800 joules or Wall level

    62000*72416.33 = 4489812460 joules or 1.07 tons of TNT or Building level+

    Uh the number on this is in j/kg instead of j/cc like everything else. Weight of average human is 62 kg.

    62*(1.114e+13) = 6.9068e+14 joules or 165 kilotons of TNT or Large Town level

    • Human Fragmentation: Wall level
    • Human V. Fragmentation: Wall level
    • Human Pulverization: Wall level
    • Human Ato…

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Roger impersonates the Kool-Aid Man

    Calc time!

    Bob Hoskins was 5'6 (1.6764 meters)

    (119/983)*1.6764 = 0.20294160732 meters

    (528/73)*0.20294160732 = 1.46785162555

    (524/73)*0.20294160732 = 1.45673153748

    Walls are 4.5 inches (0.1143 meters) thick

    0.1143*1.46785162555*1.45673153748 = 0.24440377582 m^3 or 244403.77582 cm^3

    244403.77582*8 = 1955230.20656 joules or Wall level

    244403.77582*69 = 16863860.5316 joules or Wall level+

    • Roger Rabbit's AP/Durability
      • Low-End: 1955230.20656 joules or Wall level
      • High-End: 16863860.5316 joules or Wall level+
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