I feel like it's often enough in fiction, especially verses set in an arctic or otherwise extremely cold climate, that a character will get hit by an avalanche.

AFAIK avalanches usually consist of snow and ice, setting them apart from a landslide which consists of rock.

Large avalanches release 230000 cubic meters of snow on average

Settled snow has a density of 200 kg/m^3

230000*200 = 46000000 kg

Avalanches can reach a speed of 80 mph (~36 m/s)

KE = (M*0.5)*(V^2)

(46000000*0.5)*(36^2) = 29808000000 joules or 7.1 tons of TNT or Large Building level

I can already hear people telling me that AoE affects this, but frankly Idk how to factor that in (i.e. the numbers and the formula, etc) so if you know then please feel free to tell me in the comments

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