Here we see Splodyhead disperse clouds from a blizzard which was created by Slushy. The blizzard covers the entire island of Kauai.

Splodyhead is virtually the exact same size as Stitch, who is 3 feet tall or 0.9144 meters. He is standing at the peak of Mount Waialeale which is 1569 meters. Plug 1569.9144 into this calculator and you get 141.5 km or 141500 meters. This is our radius. I think.

Nimbostratus clouds make blizzards and are 2 km or 2000 meters. Using a frame-by-frame tool we see that it took him 3.64 seconds to clear the clouds. Cloud density is 1.003 kg/m^3

KE = 0.5 x Density x Height x pi x (Radius^4)/(Time^2)

KE = 0.5 x 1.003 x 2000 x pi x (141500^4)/(3.64^2) = 9.5488613x10^22 j or ~23 teratons of TNT or Country level or 6-B

This would be the AP and likely the durability or all the experiments, and Stitch should be superior to all the rest.

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