So we have the destruction values for the human body, and the average volume of one is a short Google search away, yet it still hasn't been put on a blog anywhere that I can find. Thus, I will remedy said situation in a short, sweet manner.


Volume of the human body is 62000 cm^3


62000*4.4 = 272800 joules or Wall level

Violent Fragmentation

62000*7.533 = 467046 joules or Wall level


62000*12.9 = 799800 joules or Wall level


62000*72416.33 = 4489812460 joules or 1.07 tons of TNT or Building level+

Atomic Destruction

Uh the number on this is in j/kg instead of j/cc like everything else. Weight of average human is 62 kg.

62*(1.114e+13) = 6.9068e+14 joules or 165 kilotons of TNT or Large Town level


  • Human Fragmentation: Wall level
  • Human V. Fragmentation: Wall level
  • Human Pulverization: Wall level
  • Human Atomization: Building level+
  • Human Atomic Destruction: Large Town level
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