Baymax does this

So I'll calc it.



Go Go is 5'4 or 1.6256 meters tall.

(36/231)*1.6256 = 0.25334025974

The eye on the suit is 0.25334025974 meters tall


(82/35)*0.25334025974 = 0.5935400371

This stone vase thing is 0.5935400371 meters tall


(24/115)*0.5935400371 = 0.12386922513 meters

This short part of the wall is 0.12386922513 meters. Reason I'm measuring this part only is because the whole wall isn't visible in the next scan


(79/31)*0.12386922513 = 0.315666735 meters

(848/31)*0.12386922513 = 3.38842267452 meters

3.38842267452/2 = 1.69421133726 meters

Using the formula for volume of a cylinder, that gives me 2.85 m^3 or 2850000 cm^3 of broken wall.

2850000*8 = 22800000 joules

As for the statue, let's say it's the size of an average human. That'd give it a volume of 62000 cm^3

I'm going to assume the statue is made of granite. Someone can feel free to correct me, but it looks like granite to me.

This calc puts the fragmentation of granite at 16 j/cc

62000*16 = 992000 joules


992000 + 22800000 = 23792000 joules or Small Building level

Not any higher than the current 9-A calc for Baymax, so I suppose it's a nice supporting feat for him.

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