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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Baymax does this

    So I'll calc it.

    Go Go is 5'4 or 1.6256 meters tall.

    (36/231)*1.6256 = 0.25334025974

    The eye on the suit is 0.25334025974 meters tall

    (82/35)*0.25334025974 = 0.5935400371

    This stone vase thing is 0.5935400371 meters tall

    (24/115)*0.5935400371 = 0.12386922513 meters

    This short part of the wall is 0.12386922513 meters. Reason I'm measuring this part only is because the whole wall isn't visible in the next scan

    (79/31)*0.12386922513 = 0.315666735 meters

    (848/31)*0.12386922513 = 3.38842267452 meters

    3.38842267452/2 = 1.69421133726 meters

    Using the formula for volume of a cylinder, that gives me 2.85 m^3 or 2850000 cm^3 of broken wall.

    2850000*8 = 22800000 joules

    As for the statue, let's say it's the size of an average human. That'd give it …

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    This feat has served as Gaston's 9-B justification for a while, but is it really 9-B?

    That's what I'll find out, I hope.

    Gaston's a beefcake; I think it's fair to assume he's 6'0 (1.8288 meters) tall at least. Plus you have to be this tall to play him at Disneyland.

    234+173 = 407 px

    (387/407)*1.8288 = 1.73893267813 meters

    (165/595)*1.73893267813 = 0.48222502838

    (259/595)*1.73893267813 = 0.75694716577

    If I throw these values into Google's calculator for volume of an ellipsoid, it gives me 0.74 m^3 or 740000 cm^3

    740000*8 = 5920000 joules or Wall level

    So Gaston can indeed remain at Wall level.

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Naraku's iron flail drops and makes a crater

    I'll be calcing it.

    Naraku is 4'11 (1.4986 meters)

    This crater stretches off of the screen, but I'll keep to calcing what we can see.

    (1920/179)*1.4986 = 16.0743687151

    16.0743687151/2 = 8.03718435754 meters for the radius

    (105/179)*1.4986 = 0.8790670391 meters for the height

    Volume of this cylinder is 178.39 m^3 or 178390000 cm^3

    Fragmentation is 8 j/cc

    178390000*8 = 1427120000 joules or 0.3410898661568 tons of TNT or Building level

    This is a neat supporting feat for when SK gets hit by ice revisions.

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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    This is a common enough feat, see Avengers, Kung Fu Panda 2, RWBY, etc that it might be worth a calc.

    So here we go.

    My plan for this calc is to assume the average arrow catching feat involves the character starting with their hand and arm at resting position by their leg and catching the arrow at a distance equal to the length of the arrow away from their head.

    I'll do a calc for a compound bow and one for a crossbow.

    Average arm length of someone 177 cm tall is 73 cm

    If I use that as the radius of the half circle created by swinging one's hand from their leg to their head, that gives the hypothetical circle a circumference of 4.59 meters

    Half of which is 2.295 meters

    Compound arrows travel at 340 fps (103.632 m/s) and are 76 cm long


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  • Arrogant Schmuck

    Yang destroys th ground

    Everyone's saying this feat is only tier 9 so I'm here to prove them wrong.

    Vine is 6'6.

    That's 1.9812 meters

    (281/141)*1.9812 = 3.94834893617 meters

    (202/114)*3.94834893617 = 6.99619723777 meters

    If we assume the top layer of this ground is 1 foot or 0.3048 meter thick, then the volume of an octagonal prism gives us 72.04 m^3 or 72040000 cm^3

    Given how many piece get launched up, I'm going to call this v. fragmentation.

    72040000*69 = 4970760000 joules or 1.188040152964 tons of TNT or Building level+

    But even if we do regular frag

    72040000*8 = 576320000 joules or 0.14 tons of TNT of Small Building level+

    Yang Breaks the Ground:

    • High-End: 4970760000 joules or 1.188040152964 tons of TNT or Building level+
    • Low-End: 576320000 joules or …

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