So I see that JoJo gets a lot of downplaying as far as speed goes. This blog post will defend our current speed rankings for JoJo, and perhaps even bring up some new FTL feats that haven't seen the light of day until now.

One thing I'd like to mention is that pretty much every time "beams of light" or "speed of light" is mentioned or involved in JoJo in any way, there is always some form of reaction going on. Calc or not, these are all very straightforward feats, which is what one should expect from this series.

Joseph, Caesar, Kars, and The Red Stone

Joseph & Caesar

"The stone is said to be able to absorb light and refract it a million times which it then emits as a laser-like beam, and in conjunction with the Stone Mask, would enable Pillar Men to unlock their full potential, removing all weaknesses, including the inability to withstand sunlight."

As mentioned in Austrian's blog, Joseph and Caesar dodged a laser that was fired from the Red Stone of Aja. These lasers are beams of light after they've been refracted who-knows-how-many times. So yes, this is a legit FTL feat, and since it practically happened at point-blank range, it's likely even higher than that.

It is a legitimate beam of light, since... it's light itself, reflected and refracted countless times within the stone, and then manifested in the form of an energy beam.


Kars was also able to put up his hands in an attempt to block Stroheim's UV rays, and at point blank range. Although his hands and face were pierced, he was still able to put his hands up before the beam of light hit, since the beam of light pierced a clean hole straight through his hand. 

This is a legitimate beam of light because it's stated to be UV rays, and comes from a scientific and realistic source of light.

Also, in that scan, the beam was right up in front of his face, and in the next panel it pierced his hands. This shows that he put up his hands in an attempt to defend himself from the laser in a ridiculous timeframe, all when the light was just a few inches away from his face. This happened in the manga, which takes precedence over the anime in canonicity, so Kars already having his hand up before the laser was fired in the anime is irrelevant.

Joseph and Caesar not only have the feat of dodging the rays of light fired by the Stone of Aja, but should scale to Kars as well, and vice versa. So JoJo #2, Caesar, and Kars all possess FTL reactions

Jotaro and Polnareff


Polnareff stated that J. Geil's stand moves at the speed of light. While he did say that he cannot perceive the speed of light and can only tag it because he knows its attack patterns, this is blatantly contradicted by what's going on. Austrian already covered the Silver Chariot feats as well, but I'm going to go over them anyways.

For starters, one cannot dodge a light emitted by a laser pointer that was being pointed at them when the button has already been pressed without having the sufficient reaction speed to boot, just because they know the path it's going to take.

When Polnareff trapped the Hanged Man in his eye, both of his eyes were open , so he cannot know which eye it's going to fly into without possessing the reaction speed to accommodate, especially when taking the width of Silver Chariot's sword into consideration, and the size of the ray of light.

Also, when Kakyoin tossed up the coin, Polnareff was able to call out Silver Chariot and have it tag the Hanged Manbefore it reached the coin. In fact, it was a mere inch away from the coin when Silver Chariot was called out. And no, the "Silver Chariot was already there beforehand" rebuttal holds no water here, as Silver Chariot was called out AFTER the Hanged Man started flying.

Notice first how in the middle panel, we see a closeup shot of HM a mere hair away from making contact with the coin. If you look closely at the bottom, you can still see the head of the guy HM came out of, but Silver Chariot isn't there. Then, in the very next panel we see Silver Chariot tagging the Hanged man.

This means Silver Chariot was summoned, flew up, and tagged the hang man, all when the hanged man was a mere inch away from the coin, and obviously AFTER the Hanged Man left the man's eye. 

That's cinematic time.
~ Actual argument made by a G+ VS Debater

Do you know what Cinematic time is...? JoJo is primarily a manga, and this counter-argument seems extremely vague to begin with. Even if it is cinematic time, what's your point? How does "Cinematic time" negate this feat?

(That was a trick question -- it doesn't.)

"Cinematic Time" refers to the length of the timeframe in which something happens (i.e., DIO's time stop being stated to last five seconds despite him being able to go on extensive monologues between each second), and in no way compensates for Silver Chariot being shown to be blatantly faster than the Hanged Man. If you're shown being immensely faster than a ray of light, then you're immensely faster than a ray of light. Period.

This further supports Polnareff having FTL reactions, as not only can he control Silver Chariot to attack in the right direction at the right time, but he can call out Silver Chariot AFTER the light is released.

And as icing on the rhetoric-flavored cake: How is Polnareff supposed to know that the Hanged Man moves at the speed of light without being able to perceive speeds around that level?

But wait, there's more!

Silver Chariot also deflected rays of light fired from Arabia Fats' stand, The Sun.

These are legitimate rays of light because:

-They reflect off of Silver Chariot's sword, like rays of light do.

-They come from a realistic and scientific source of light, the sun.

-Joseph, who has experience dealing with lasers (as mentioned above), describes them as lasers.


As for Star Platinum, it is stated in Part 6 to be capable of surpassing light speed.

Now, I've heard the argument that this is just a reference to the fact that Star Platinum can stop time, but the thing is... "FTL via time stop" isn't a thing. Stopping time isn't a boost in your speed; it's slowing everything around you down to a literal standstill while you're still able to move, so stopping time is INFINITE speed in short bursts. Why would being stated to be faster than light be a reference to stopping time, when stopping time is leagues above FTL movements?

But if Star Platinum's speed is so relevant, why isn't it mentioned directly alongside its other stats in the description
~ Actual argument from a G+ VS debater

Star Platinum's biggest trademark is its speed. It's only natural that its speed would be mentioned first. This counter-argument is nitpicking at its finest.

So they both have FTL feats/statements. And through scaling, either way you cut it, they're both FTL at least. Since Star Platinum was able to fight on par with Silver Chariot, and they matched each other blow for blow.

Also, Polnareff's leg pose is a feat in of itself.

Josuke, Koichi, and Red Hot Chili Pepper

So first up, Okuyasu fought Red Hot Chili Pepper, and ended up getting his hand cut off. Red Hot Chili Pepper grabs onto his body and takes him into the electrical wires after turning him into electricity, and makes his escape.

Josuke uses his ability to regenerate Okuyasu's body back and retrieve it before Red Hot Chili Pepper can escape.

Koichi later states that RHCP can move at the speed of light. 

The speed of light is capable of circling around the earth around seven times in a second, and yet Josuke managed to react and regenerate Okuyasu's body back before RHCP could even reach the nearest electrical tower, and this was done casually. Josuke was able to keep talking to Jotaro before even noticing that he could've brought Okuyasu back. That's a pretty solid FTL feat if you ask me.

And Koichi being able to see RHCP shows that he has FTL reactions as well, or at least Relativistic+ reactions (which should still support the FTL JoJo cause considering how common FTL feats are for JoJo). How else would he know that RHCP moves at light speed just by watching it move? 

But why would Josuke not be able to keep up with RHCP or track its movements, you ask? Well, do you remember Josuke's fight with Toyohiro inside of Superfly? Toyohiro stated that Josuke can definitely react to and deflect Superfly's energy bullets, but since he doesn't know where it's going to attack from, it makes it that much harder to play around. That's exactly what's happening in Josuke's fight with RHCP; RHCP is moving around underground and attacking Josuke from different angles, and Josuke doesn't know where it's going to come from. Thus, he had to create a tar pit trap to prevent RHCP from doing that.  

Also, Josuke stating that Crazy Diamond punches at 300km/h is another thing that's blatantly contradicted, even ignoring that he stated himself that he never actually measured it and that the 300km/h is just an estimate.

So Josuke, RHCP, and Koichi all have feats that support the FTL JoJo cause. Okuyasu might have one too, as he was able to hold his own against RHCP as well.


90% of all notable JoJo characters are to possess FTL reactions from scaling to the characters above. Joseph, Caesar, Kars, Polnareff, and Josuke all have been shown reacting to light speed rays/stands within ridiculous timeframes. All of this, backed up by Star Platinum's FTL statement, completely solidifies the existence of FTL or perhaps even MFTL JoJo characters in my book. Here are a list of supporting feat counts:

  • Joseph: 1 (Reacted to the Red Stone's laser at point blank range)
  • Caesar: 1 (Reacted to the Red Stone's laser at point blank range)
  • Kars: 1 (Reacted to a UV ray at point blank range)
  • Polnareff: 4 (Silver Chariot tagged the Hanged Man twice, deflected rays of light from the sun, can tell that the Hanged Man moves at light speed)
  • Jotaro: 1 (SP has an FTL statement)
  • Josuke: 2 (Retrieved Okuyasu's body from RHCP, CD can hold its own against RHCP, managed to catch it off guard by reforming a tire around it)
  • Koichi: 1 (Can tell that RHCP moves at light speed)
  • Okuyasu: 1 (The Hand can briefly hold its own against RHCP)

This makes 12 FTL feats, all in the first four parts of JoJo.

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