Let me add the disclaimer first of all, this is not my own calc, all the credit goes to Barón and IreneBelserion69.


Scaling Las Noches from just the outside visuals is apparently said to be inconsistent (even by the characters themselves), and Nel's statement is not reliable either, so maybe the inside will do better.

{The Setting}

Here Ichigo travels towards the center of of Las Noches to get to Orihime, who is in one of the 5 Towers with Cifer.

Here Ichigo leaps towards the 5 Towers even after reaching the center circle. Not so relevant but I added it to show that there's some space compared to the Larger Towers you see pixel scaled from óther characters.

Then Ichigo fought Ulquoirra inside one of the 5 Towers I'll be measuring the pillars inside, supporting one Tower

{The Scaling}

Ulquiorra's Height: 1.69 m (33.18 px) Pillar Width: 5.3 m (104.52 px)

Pillar Width: 62.46 px (5.3 m) Pillar Gap: 62.46 px

There is 20 pillars across, and 19 gaps (20 x 5.3) + (19 x 5.3)

1 Tower's Width: 206.7 m

Tower Width: 4.11 px Tower Height: 2725 m

Las Noches Width: 29456 m Las Noches Height: 7317 m

Energy Required to Destroy Las Noches

Wall Depth:At least 6 meters

Diameter: 29,456 meters

Height: 7,317 meters

Density: 1920kg m^3(Density of Concerte)

Mass: 5.249712114100224e+16 kg

Bare minium force required to destroy Las Noches: 26 248 560 570 501 120 joule =

6.273 556 541 7 megaton [explosive]

In other words 6.2 Megatons of TNT more or less

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